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2019 Shenzhen Futian Clothing Fashion Consumption Festival Hot Start, Fashion New Consumer Line Online Carnival Attack

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On the evening of July 4th, 2019 fashion Shenzhen Exhibition The opening ceremony and the launching ceremony of the Futian clothing fashion consumption festival in Shenzhen, YINGER PRIZE, the opening ceremony of the global Invitational dress designer invitational tournament were unveiled at Shangri-La hotel in Futian District. On the basis of the previous session, Futian clothing fashion consumption Festival has increased more activities and more fashion products. From the end of July 4th to the end of August, in addition to the 2019 fashion Shenzhen exhibition, which brought together 1800 brands and designers, more than 60 shows, evening galas, fashion parties and forum activities, a large number of YINGER PRIZE women's fashion designers invitational tournament, 2020 fashion trend release forum, fortune fun fashion shopping Carnival and POP-UPX net live broadcast were launched. Fashion activities In the same period, the consumers will fully feel the pleasant surprise and convenience brought by Futian's business model innovation, strong international characteristics and gradual growth of the consumer economy.

This event is supported by the Futian District people's Government of Shenzhen and supported by Futian District industrial and Information Bureau, Shenzhen. Garment industry Jointly sponsored by the association, the film fashion group, the academic support of the Art Design Committee of the Chinese Artists Association, the leaders of the urban area, the representatives of the enterprises, the representatives of the outstanding brand designers, the fashion big coffee and the relevant media and spectators attended the more than 600 events. Li Zhuowen, director of the Promotion Office of the design capital of Shenzhen, Zheng Xuan, deputy inspector of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Zhu Weihua, deputy director of the Futian District government, Zhou Bin of the Shenzhen newspaper group, Li Dianyu of China National Information Center, consultant of China Fashion Association, professor of Shenzhen University, Professor of doctoral tutor, chairman of Hongkong Fashion Designers Association, chairman of Macao Fashion Designers Association, director of Roger, Tredre PRADA, director general of women's clothing purchasing department of former French department store, PRADA Serge Miu Miu brand global operation director Serge Garreira, President of the clothing industry association of Shenzhen, President of film fashion group, etc. Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen municipal government

That night, YINGER PRIZE global women's fashion designer Invitational finals, 40 outstanding domestic and foreign designers compete for gold, silver and bronze awards. Unlike other design competitions, the competition pays more attention to the integration of independent designers and businesses. The 6 major brands of the film group will open the online and offline sales platform, and jointly develop the most popular capsule series (joint name) with the best designers to sell in a limited way. The collision between designers and the design of mature commercial brands often brings forth new sparks.

In addition to the competition, the fashion group also unveiled the exhibition hall No. 2 hall with the exhibition of "independent spirit". The depth of more than 800 square meters focuses on the interpretation of "independence and integration" between the new designers, the new generation of art colleges and the commercial brands, which brings more advanced visual aesthetic enjoyment.

This 2019 Shenzhen Futian clothing fashion festival will also provide more and more fashionable consumption experience for fashion lovers and citizens. Including the 2020 popular trend release forum held in July 5th to invite the trend of development, the authoritative body will interpret the trend of Frontier fashion, consumer attitudes and lifestyles, and release the latest international trend for designers and enterprises, and understand the trend and proposition of wardrobe return and fashion consumption. The "fun" fashion shopping carnival is organized by the most representative brand in Futian District. It is linked with more than 10 Futian high-end shopping malls to organize new releases, fashion V theme sharing sessions, universal network red overlord trials, fashion street pads, etc., and at the same time, there are interactive areas such as fashion experience area, card punching point, flash shop, POP-UPX network live broadcast, art exhibition and so on, so that more consumers can experience the popular fashion in the most fashionable and direct way. Consumers will see the most creative and design exclusive limited products, and at the most affordable price to buy the coveted fashion trends, so that consumers can truly feel the quality of service and comfortable quality consumer experience.

According to the introduction, Futian District's fashion industry and fashion consumption development index rank the top in the country. There are more than 300 fashion brands in the region, and the scale and output value of Shenzhen is 40%. In 2018, the total amount of social nulling was 182 billion 500 million yuan, and the scale continued for 14 consecutive years, ranking first in the city. In order to further promote the development of clothing fashion consumption, Futian District combines 1000 brand, business super and chain enterprises to carry out intensive activities such as "Huaqiang North 2018 New Year Carnival", Shenzhen Fashion Week "National Fashion Week", "Futian clothing fashion consumption Festival" and "year-end happy season".

Next, Futian District also firmly grasp the national strategic opportunities of the big bay area of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau and the favorable opportunity for Shenzhen to build an international consumption center city. Through the implementation of the eight actions, we constantly cultivate new formats, enhance smart services, increase high-end supply, enhance business publicity and optimize the environment of consumer spending, so as to enhance the richness, fashion, sense of experience and comfort of real business consumption.

Futian District leadership said that the construction of international consumption centers can not be separated from the upgrading and upgrading of Shenzhen's local consumption level and consumption ability. In order to encourage the consumption of the public to return to the floor and fully stimulate Shenzhen's local consumption potential and meet the consumption needs of the people, 2019 Shenzhen Futian clothing fashion consumption Festival, through the operation mode of urban linkage, government enterprise linkage, sector linkage and industry linkage, creates a comprehensive and three-dimensional consumption pattern of government setting up, corporate singing, media promotion and market operation, stimulating Shenzhen's local consumption demand, stimulating consumption potential, and helping Shenzhen to build an international consumption center city.

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