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2019 Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition Successfully Concluded. In The Two Quarter Of 2020, Double Exhibition Linkage Will Start A New Era Of Fashion.

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July 6th, for three days. 2019 fashion Shenzhen Exhibition At the end of the curtain, more than 1800 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. They held various fashion shows, forums, parties, parties and other fashion events. There were more than 100 fashion events. There were nearly 600 professional trade visitors. There were nearly 140 thousand professional spectators visiting, negotiating, participating in the trend publishing, fashion shows, seminars and related activities.

The number of continuous rising figures is the spectacular growth of online and offline integrated exhibition models represented by independent brands, original designers and innovative supply chains, which fully demonstrates the strong resilience, deep potential and surging vitality of China's apparel industry, showing that China is still the largest growth market in the world.

Harmony and diversity, 1800 brands express fashion attitude

The exhibition has an exhibition area of 110 thousand square meters, and the 9 exhibition pavilions are full of firepower. Many famous brands in China, including Jesse, bang, Miao, Jesse, bang Bao, Zi Yi, see flowers, Bei Ling Ge and C Shi Mia, have spread their own brand culture with super cool booth.

Lang d'ai International Pavilion "living life luminous body" is enveloped under the transparent white yarn, with a dreamy and soft hazy feeling, to express the hope that every woman can make life's luminous body. The 2019FSZS best booth design prize exhibition hall space design takes the Jiangnan garden as the spiritual feeling, sets up the white powder wall, the moon hole window, the mountain stone, the bamboo repair, the screen, the wood carving many elements to display the courtyard scenery and the static beauty, displays the Zen elegant and elegant life and the slow fashion in the Zen sense and exquisite; the movie "independent spirit" has collected the British central Saint Martin Art Institute, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts and other universities and colleges and so on Freshmen design strength initiates the artistic re creation. In the space of simplicity and freedom, the works show the new generation's imagination of the future fashions.

"Original design and commercial landing" is also a highlight of this exhibition. NEXT SHOWROOM, DICTION butterfly news fashion ecology Pavilion, YOSAR fashion creative hall, poly independent designer platform, Italian style IN fashion, fashion fashion, TTCITY upper city and other designer platforms have assembled more than 800 original designers, joining the innovative business mode of online and offline integration, that is to say, ordering the trading platform, becoming the holy land of fashionable buyers.

For example, the YOSAR "explore the future" Pavilion launched many factories including cloud factory + brain cave base, creating incubation, YOSHOW, business negotiation area, etc., and gathered the original design power of Han faction and deep school; invited industry media, network red big coffee live broadcast, rich interactive forms and immersive examination space to display the original brand service trade ecological chain business in all dimensions.

In addition, the Italian Italian fashion ladies' mansion "Italian IN fashion" is also one of the most attractive booths of this exhibition with the popularity of Hangzhou. Every day, the 11 brand new product release show attracts many visitors and attracts more professional buyers to contact buyers. In July 5th, "Jinhui day", led by the South Oil fashion center, led the 5 THE RUNWAY of the pavilion, the 7 big show of the whole day.

40 fashion shows, 20 forums, YINGER PRIZ women's dress competition, Futian fashion fashion festival, Jizhong fashion night and other major activities, including art, design, technology, life, culture and many other elements, with cross-border, sharing and diverse new posture, this fashion Shenzhen exhibition will create a new fashion experience. The integration and collision between garment industry and related industries opens up a new pattern of fashion concept, creative development and business mode, and opens up a new fashion lifestyle for people.

Win win cooperation, fashion industry chain to join hands in the future industry

Constantly enrich the exhibition extension, mining fashion consumption crowd, developing new economy and new pattern contacts. Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition The fashion industry chain has been completed, and has become a very important platform for many fashion industry chain clusters.

The "fashion Hebei Pavilion" consisting of more than 100 enterprises has been featured in the biggest exhibition area of the exhibition. In the fashionable Hebei Pavilion, a number of Hebei characteristic industrial clusters, such as the hot new Xiong new area, Qinghe cashmere, Xinji leather, Suning and the big camp fur, have been attacking together, playing the fame and influence of "fashion Hebei" regional brand at home and abroad. It is this vitality that promotes the Hebei garment industry to move towards a higher transformation goal.

"Big wave fashion town creative Museum" also combined with the development orientation of the big wave "characteristic fashion town" in Longhua district. The "big wave fashion town creative Museum" has joined many famous brands and original designers in the park. The Longhua district government has also released the plan of "two districts, three centers" and "hundred famous stores" on the opening ceremony, focusing on the construction of world-class fashion industry clusters, and constructing the creative heights of the big bay area in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

China fashion women's clothing manufacturing base, Yudu, Jiangxi once again launched the "Yudu fashion Pavilion" series with the theme of "new Long March and new fashion". With the horizontal connection with Shenzhen's apparel industry chain, Yudu county has implemented the strategy of "three products" in depth, and has built "cloud platform + designer" industrial design center, actively developing new kinetic energy, new format and new mode, realizing the transformation from low-end processing OEM value chain to high-end value chain with independent brand. Private custom, network promotion, flexible manufacturing and other new industries are emerging. Yudu will further build 100 billion textile and garment industrial clusters.

In addition, the largest production base of the world's famous high-end glasses brand, Henggang spectacles also appeared again, and the exhibition and the fashion industry linked to promote the transformation and upgrading of Henggang's spectacle industry. The fashion Henggang eyeglasses exhibition area first used the new media network red live broadcast, broke through 200 thousand people's browsing volume, and raised a modern spectacle trend on the network.

The coming two seasons, one year and two seasons, will lead to a new era of fashion.

It has been meticulously built in 19. Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition It has become one of the most influential and influential fashion events in the Asia Pacific region. Facing the overwhelming transformation of garment industry and the change of consumption concept, the fashion Shenzhen exhibition is constantly innovating and changing, ushering in a major change.

In 2020, the fashion Shenzhen exhibition officially opened a new pattern of two seasons, double exhibition linkage. The fashion Shenzhen exhibition AW20/21 autumn winter series will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian District) from March 31, 2020 to April 2nd. The fashion Shenzhen exhibition SS21 spring summer series will be held from October 28, 2020 to October 30th at the newly completed Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan District). The total annual exhibition area will exceed 220 thousand square meters, and more than 4000 exhibitors are expected. The new fashion Shenzhen exhibition will further integrate the international fashion, gather the advantages of the industry, integrate the global resources, look forward to the development trend of the industry, deeply serve the exhibition brand, boost the brand value reconstruction, and help the Chinese garment industry to compose a new chapter of the times.

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