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Yudu Pavilion Reproduces Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition: "New Long March, New Fashion, New Yudu"

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July 4th -6, 2019 fashion Shenzhen Exhibition At the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the pavilion of "Yudu fashion hall", which is nearly 600 square meters, is booming again in the 1 Pavilion. The new textile and garment industry will once again add momentum to the new round of development of the industry.

Yudu county is located in the southern part of Jiangxi and the eastern part of Ganzhou. In 1957, it was renamed "Yudu" because of its name "Yushan". Yudu is a large county with a million population, with a total population of 1 million 135 thousand, of whom nearly 300 thousand of textile and garment workers are employed. In recent years, Yudu county has established textile and apparel as the leading industry, with rapid industrial development and prominent cluster benefits. At present, the county's textile and garment enterprises above Designated Size 65 families Industry wide output value 40 billion RMB, and enterprises above designated size can be realized by the end of 2019. 100 families Above.

It is understood that the Yudu County Organization Ten home Participation of independent brand enterprises Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition In order to " New Long March New fashion New Yudu " The theme will pass. One Field show show Five Field show shows Yudu's new round of growth

Q: what is the basis and background of the textile and garment industry? Why does the county government regard the textile and garment industry as the leading industry?

Y: textile and clothing are traditional industries in Yudu county. According to county records, there were sewing machines in 1920. There were 16 cooperatives and four or five people specializing in sewing in New China. After the reform and opening up, most of the migrant workers were engaged in the textile and garment industry. After 2000, with the advanced technology and management experience learned from coastal areas, some people returned home to start their own businesses, forming a preliminary foundation for industrial development. Up to now, there are all kinds of textile and garment enterprises in Yudu county. More than 2200 Employees in the county reach 80 thousand person Accounting for industrial enterprises in the whole county 52% Abundant clothing labor force and good industrial foundation are the biggest advantages.

At the beginning of 2016, the county Party committee and the county government complied with the trend of the coastal industry transferring to the mainland. Based on the requirements of Li Bingjun, the Deputy Secretary of the Jiangxi provincial Party committee and the Secretary of the Ganzhou municipal Party committee, to make the first industry bigger and stronger, combining the local textile and garment industry development foundation and the poverty alleviation and employment poverty alleviation needs, the textile and garment industry was positioned as the first industry. On the basis of the development ideas, the textile and garment industry in the county was transformed into intelligent transformation according to the requirements of the high quality development of the manufacturing industry, so as to enhance the "two integration" level of the industry.

Q: the textile and garment industry in Yudu has doubled since 2016. What is the most important factor?

Y: 1. top level design and high driving. We have hired the expert group of China clothing association to compile the industrial development plan. We have clear ideas and objectives from the top level design and long-term planning, and have promoted the leading position of the whole society to care for the first industry, attach importance to the first industry and participate in the first industry through the leading position of the county Party committee and county government.

2. choose the right direction and go the right way. Taking the road of industrial cluster development, we have made clear that textile and clothing are the leading industries, and put forward the train of thought of "setting up platforms, attracting investment, providing excellent services and improving innovation", thus stepping out of a new road of textile and clothing innovation and development in Yudu.

3., go deep into the industry and make good policies. On the basis of investigating the major textile and garment industrial clusters in the country, we have issued supporting policies that meet the industry's characteristics and have comparative advantages, laying the foundation for attracting investment and attracting a high level of popularity.

4., check the gaps and build platforms. We should increase government input and create an industrial public platform, and create a good environment for the growth of textile and garment enterprises by optimizing industrial matching, reducing comprehensive costs and increasing the core competitiveness of the industry.

5. take the initiative and invest accurately. 39 professional investment teams have been set up to identify personnel, make clear funds, clarify investment areas, achieve precise docking with other regional industrial clusters, complement each other's development, and promote industrial transfer, transformation and upgrading.

Q: the theme of this exhibition is "new Long March, new fashion and new Yudu". What's the special meaning?

Y: this exhibition is based on the theme of "new Long March, new fashion and new Yudu". "New Long March" means Yudu is the starting point for the long march. We must carry forward the spirit of long march in the new era, overcome the pressure of economic downfall and trade war, and take the long march road. High quality development of textile and clothing New road; "new fashion" means that our county is positioning the textile and garment industry as the first industry and building Yudu into a target of "technology industry, fashion industry and green industry". "China's famous brand clothing intelligent manufacturing city" "New Yudu" means that in the new era, it will further stabilize employment and benefit people's livelihood in the process of industrial development. Promoting the integration of production and city development To lead the whole county to keep pace with the whole nation.

For many years, Yudu county has helped and Shenzhen Clothing The horizontal linkage of industry chain has been continuously seeking development. In recent years, it has been thoroughly implemented. " Three products " Strategy, construction " Cloud platform + Designer " The industrial design center has actively developed new kinetic energy, new format and new mode to realize the transformation from low-end processing OEM value chain to high-end value chain with independent brand. Private custom, net red promotion, flexible manufacturing and other new industries are constantly emerging. The blueprint of Yudu's 100 billion level textile and garment industry cluster is already beginning to show.

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