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Release Of Billionaire Boys Club 2019 Autumn Series

2019/7/19 11:35:00 23


Before this, we introduced the brand new spring and summer series of American street brand Billionaire Boys Club in 2019. Near the tail of summer, the 2019 autumn and winter series of Billionaire Boys Club have been put on the agenda.

Recently, Billionaire Boys Club has exposed some of its 2019 FW series of products, including sports vest, shorts, sweater and T-shirt, and a series of American street style single products. The design of this series is based on the illusive jungle style, with a series of elements such as vines and branches as its main design. It makes people feel like they are in the mysterious primitive jungle. In addition, the series also used the bleaching technology with strong visual impact in the modeling of the clothes, and it is also the other area of the series. It is reported that the series of single products have been officially launched on Billionaire Boys Club official website and flagship store. Interested friends, please do not miss it.

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