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British And American Z Generation Consumer Survey: Commodity Quality And Price Are More Important Than Moral And Environmental Factors.

2019/7/19 11:39:00 5

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Recently, in order to investigate the consumption attitude of British and American Z generation (people born between 1995 and 2010), UNiDAYS, a British investigative agency, conducted a sample survey of 14500 us Z generation consumers and 3000 British Z generation consumers.

According to the survey report, although the Z generation can accept and embrace all the new things in the Internet world, the moral and environmental factors are not the primary considerations for young consumers of Z generation in Britain and America when they consume and shop. Of the 12 industries surveyed, only 1 of the industry ranked the top three in terms of eco environmental factors.

In contrast, young consumers of Z generation in Britain and America have strong pragmatism tendencies when shopping, and are more willing to consider some practical factors, such as the quality, price and style of goods.

According to the survey, for the Z generation consumers in the UK, the most influential factor is the beauty industry. For the Z generation consumers in the US, the moral factor is the largest number of banks. In terms of fashion industry, Z generation consumers in Britain and the United States believe that, compared to "environmental protection" and "morality", fashion brands produce "fashionable" and "high quality" costumes, which are more important in every season.

However, moral and environmental factors are still important for Z generation consumers. According to the survey report, in the 12 industries surveyed, moral and environmental factors all rank the top ten of the industry's affinity drivers.

Alex Gallagher, chief strategist at UNiDAYS, said: "moral factors are still important for Z generation. They are a complex consumer group like previous generations, so there are many factors to consider their shopping. We should not limit ourselves to their stereotypes. As the younger generation of consumers gradually enter the labor market, their purchasing power is also increasing. Only by grasping the psychological needs of Z generation consumers, can companies and brands succeed and win their favor.

The five most popular brands in the survey are Nike (Nike), Netflix, Instagram, YouTube and Adidas (Adidas). Among them, Nike and Adidas, the two largest sports giants in the world, have been committed to improving and innovating product performance while promoting environmental sustainability and application of new materials.


UNiDAYS was founded in 2011 by Josh Rathour, headquartered in Nottingham, UK, with offices in London, New York and Sydney. UNiDAYS is committed to building a leading student affinity network, linking the brand to about 10000000 Z generation students around the world, so that the Z generation can reflect their value and strength. UNiDAYS's marketing platform provides student verification technology and integrated marketing solutions for world famous brands such as apple, Nike and Samsung.

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