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How Does "Cotton Spinning Capital" Seek New Heights? Full Analysis Of Binzhou High Efficiency Eco Textile Industry Promotion Association

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On the morning of July 22nd, the Binzhou high efficiency eco textile industry promotion Beijing promotion conference was held in Beijing Guangxi building. The conference held a roadshow to promote the efficient eco textile industry in Binzhou, focusing on the general situation of Binzhou, the advantages of textile industry, the direction of cooperative investment, and the protection of industrial policies.

This seminar will be hosted by the Binzhou Municipal People's government. The Binzhou high efficiency eco textile industry will be guided by the "double recruitment and double lead" special class, and the China Textile Industry Federation and China Quality Wanli Promotion Association. The promotion conference is aimed at "taking the initiative and undertaking the mission" with the actual action, and accurately implementing the "double recruitment and double lead" deployment of the provinces and cities, and vigorously promoting the high quality development of Binzhou's textile industry, and actively helping to build the "prosperous and strong Binzhou".

Li Lingshen, chairman of the association, vice president of the China Textile Industry Federation, Yang Zhaohua, President of the China Household Textile Industry Association, Dong Chunxing, vice chairman of the China Textile and textile industry association, the head of the supervision department of the China fiber quality monitoring center, the head of the association of quality promotion, Meng Xiangzhen, and other related industry associations of China; the party secretary and director of the Binzhou Municipal Bureau of market supervision, Sun Wenli, the director of the Liaison Office of the Binzhou Municipal People's Government in Beijing, the head of the Binzhou municipal government and other relevant departments of the Binzhou municipal government, as well as the representatives from the Far East credit rating Corporation, Tianxiang group, Qingdao Weida Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Sichuan yegel Textile Co., Ltd., and the media represented hundreds of people at the conference. Vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and China's industrial textiles industry

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the Binzhou Municipal Bureau of market supervision and the new business researcher.

In his speech, Hao Jihu said that since the beginning of this year, Binzhou has been focusing on building a "prosperous and strong Binzhou" and "six questions". The layout of the "Eight Strategies" has accelerated the pace of transformation of new and old energy, and the development of high quality economy and society has taken full swing. Today, we are organizing the investment promotion activities of Binzhou's high efficiency eco textile industry. The purpose is to let everyone have a deeper understanding of Binzhou's entrepreneurial environment, policy environment, industrial characteristics and willingness to cooperate, and jointly tap the tremendous business opportunities of Binzhou's textile industry and create a beautiful future together.

Binzhou enjoys the reputation of "the capital of China's Cotton Textile City". It is "the base of China's textile industry base". It has a number of well-known international textile enterprises, such as Wei Qiao group, Yaguang towel, cheerful home textile, China Textile share, Oriental carpet and so on. The textile industry is a traditional pillar industry in Binzhou. As early as 2015, it was included in the strategic goal of the "five hundred billion level industrial cluster" by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. It plans to realize the output value of 150 billion yuan at the end of 13th Five-Year. Next, Binzhou will focus on promoting the terminal, high-end, green and brand internationalization of textile industry, highlighting the eco creative design, green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing of textile products in the whole life cycle. We will carry out digital and intelligent chemical plant pilot demonstration, and strive to build the national ecological textile technology innovation center and the national high efficiency ecological textile industrial base, and further enhance the level of industrial development.

"The world textile sees China, the Chinese textile looks at Binzhou", Binzhou will further open the cooperation and the opening door, provides the enterprise to be more comprehensive, the high efficiency, the high quality service, formulating the project landing more flexible, practical, preferential policy, comprehensively creates the internationalization, the rule of law, the convenience business environment, lets the entrepreneur in Binzhou to feel relieved, builds the worry, the movement is satisfactory, lives comfortably.

In his speech, Li Lingshen said that developing a highly efficient eco textile industry is a strategic choice for practicing new textile positioning and developing high-end manufacturing industries. It is also an inevitable direction for the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, or a reflection of social responsibility in the industry's values and morality. It has become an important yardstick for measuring the maturity and sustainability of the industry. The promotion event held in Beijing today is not only a sincere move for Binzhou to seek business partners, but also a useful platform for all enterprises to find opportunities for cooperation. The scale and form of activities fully reflect the urgent hope and confidence of Binzhou in implementing the new and old energy conversion, constructing the whole industry chain green manufacturing system and pursuing high quality development.

In the entire textile industry, Binzhou, Shandong enjoys a high reputation. Binzhou is the "capital of China's cotton textile industry" and "China's textile industry base city". It has a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including Wei Qiao venture group, Yaguang towel, cheerful home textiles, Huafang shares, Oriental carpet and so on. Some of these companies are invisible champions in the industry and are in the lead position of the industry. Binzhou textile industry has a lot of advantages, such as large volume, subdivided market and perfect industrial chain, but there are also contradictions in the whole industry chain from the perspective of unbalanced and unbalanced industry chain. It is urgent to solve the problem of "extension chain, supplement chain and strong chain". It needs to make strategic positioning of intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and civil military integration, to help the high quality development of the industry, and to realize the value chain reconstruction of stock optimization and incremental reinforcement. The introduction of investment promotion industry today has a strong practical significance.

The Binzhou municipal Party committee and the municipal government have always attached great importance to the work of "double recruitment and double citation". As a "Project No. 1", they have issued a series of new policies and measures. The Federation of China textile industry is full of expectations for the future development of Binzhou's textile industry. We believe that Binzhou's strong textile industry advantages and first-class business environment and first-class entrepreneurial environment will provide strong support for the transformation and development of Binzhou's textile industry. We will also play the resources advantages of the association, and will provide necessary help and support for Binzhou's efficient eco textile industry development in terms of policies, technologies, and "double recruitment and double lead". At the same time, we will organize international and domestic related industry associations and leading enterprises to carry out precise docking with Binzhou so as to provide support for Binzhou textile industry to create brilliant future, and promote Binzhou's textile industry to go to the global high-end of the industrial chain and value chain.

When introducing investment promotion, Sun Wenli introduced the general situation of Binzhou and the five advantages of Binzhou's textile industry development: first, the rapid development of industrial clusters. The two is the strong drive of leading enterprises. The three is the strong protection of the industrial team. The four is the strong R & D capability. Five, traffic is fast and convenient.

In view of the future direction of cooperative investment, Sun Wenli said that the textile industry in Binzhou has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, and the next step will highlight the high-efficiency ecological characteristics. It will extend the chain of new textile materials, industrial new products and high level printing and dyeing; make up chains around brand clothing, creative design and professional market; and strengthen the chain of high-end home textiles, tooling production and intelligent manufacturing, so as to extend the textile industry to the high-end value chain.

In the textile industry chain extension: first, we should focus on developing cotton fine denier viscose staple fiber, high strength cotton viscose staple fiber, high whiteness viscose staple fiber, antibacterial bamboo fiber, flame retardant fiber and other functional fibers; focus on developing bio based long-lasting antibacterial new materials, nano carbon far-infrared fiber new materials and other home textile new health materials. Two, we should focus on developing high-end products such as protective network, transportation network, medical and health net, and devotes themselves to the research and development of new structures, new materials and new technologies for flame retardant and anti-aging safety nets. Three, we should focus on developing the design and manufacturing technology of high quality printing and dyeing products, developing functional textile dyeing and finishing technology, multi component textile dyeing and finishing technology, high color fastness textile dyeing and finishing technology, new fiber dyeing and finishing technology, and promoting the printing and dyeing industry to move towards the middle and high end.

In the textile industry, we should focus on the famous clothing brands at home and abroad and introduce garment manufacturers. Two is to focus on the introduction of domestic and foreign textile and garment creative design institutions, design as a starting point, the use of its rich industry resources, the Internet and original design + fabric combined to enhance the overall level of Binzhou textile industry creative design. The three is to actively accept the entry of high quality merchants at home and abroad. The main products are bed products, towel quilt, cloth art, carpet and home textiles. E-commerce, product display, logistics transportation and Exhibition release are the main functions, forming a home textile professional market with moderate scale, rich product types, significant brand effect and obvious differentiation.

In terms of strong links in the textile industry, one is to focus on the construction of the first class home textile industrial cluster in the world, and actively introduce high-end home textile brand enterprises at home and abroad. Two is to promote the textile industry from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and accelerate the construction of intelligent manufacturing units, intelligent production lines, intelligent workshops and intelligent factories from the aspects of intelligent product design, intelligent key processes, and optimization of supply chain management and control.

In view of the protection of industrial policy that the guests were generally concerned about, Sun Wenli said that in 2019, the "six questions and strategies" and "eight strategic layout" of the municipal Party committee made clear the development path of Binzhou, and promoted investment as a "Project No. 1" to promote the high quality development of the city's economy, and formulated a series of preferential policies for attracting investment.

In the construction of textile industrial parks, in 2019, each county (city or district) built a standardized factory building of 100 thousand square meters, and it should be built at least 500 thousand square meters in 3 years.

On the award of investment enterprises, the municipal government promulgated the incentive measures for attracting investment in Binzhou. For investment projects with investment of 50 million yuan or more, 3 years from the date of commencement of domestic projects, enterprises were rewarded in accordance with 5 per cent of the actual investment amount of foreign investment in real projects, and foreign-funded projects were rewarded by enterprises in accordance with the 5% of the actual amount of foreign investment.

In the field of talent introduction and training, the Binzhou talent work leading group issued the "Implementation Opinions on the work of 10000 college students entering Binzhou and 100 Shuo doctors into public institutions". They gave 5000 yuan, 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan of living and rent subsidies to the full-time doctors, masters, and undergraduate students who came to Binzhou for the first time in Binzhou and started their own business in Binzhou. The newly recruited college students take part in pre job skills training, giving subsidies to enterprise skills training according to the standard of 1000 yuan per worker, 1100 yuan per worker, and 1200 yuan per worker.

In supporting the "high-end brand" of enterprises, the textile enterprises with the Chinese quality award and the governor's quality award will be rewarded by 50% of the provincial financial reward standard. For the textile enterprises that won the nomination award of the China Quality Award and the governor's quality award, the municipal finance was rewarded 2 million yuan and 500 thousand yuan respectively.

In broadening the financing channels for enterprises, we should build a docking platform for banks and enterprises, and promote the credit supply of textile enterprises such as banks and other financial institutions, and encourage qualified textile enterprises to finance through equity financing, bond financing and asset securitization. To help textile enterprises declare "Shandong direct debt financing guidance incentive fund" and study Binzhou's policy of supporting bond financing.

In support of intelligent upgrading and transformation of textile enterprises, we integrate the production data, product data and operational data of textile enterprises to achieve precise marketing, lean customer service and flexible production. It supports the new generation of core technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of things, to infiltrate and integrate into the textile industry, and strive to cultivate new formats and new modes of the textile industry, forming several new industrial chains.

In optimizing business environment services, Binzhou continuously strengthens the concept of "professionalism + shop assistant" service, and carries out activities of "delivering policy to site precise docking" to fully serve the development of enterprises. The implementation of approval matters "one hall through the office", city and county level two government service matters online rate can reach more than 80%. The implementation of the "land to start" approval and "standard" "standard factory building" mode of supply, 1 hours to complete the enterprise registration, 3 business days to complete the establishment of enterprises, 40 working days to complete the project approval, to achieve approval matters "run at most." We should speed up the process of electronic registration and facilitation, create a service environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and truly let the government be responsible for the growth of the sun and rain.

Ma Shuhua, a member of the Standing Committee of Bincheng District and the United Front Work Department of Binzhou, has introduced the project of Bincheng District, and introduced in detail the situation of Bincheng District, the advantages of textile industry development, the direction of future cooperative investment, and the construction of industrial park. She said that Bincheng District took the project of "double recruitment and double lead" as the first project, focusing on the industrial layout of "four zones and multi parks", and actively constructing the "double recruitment and double lead" platform and carrier. I hope that through this promotion conference, we can help you further understand and understand our investment environment, find more business opportunities, deepen cooperation and achieve win-win results on the basis of building and sharing.

At the meeting, relevant cooperation projects were also signed at the scene.



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