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Shanghai Tested 40 Sports Underwear 13 Men'S Samples Without Moisture Absorption Function.

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With summer coming, sports underwear has become an essential equipment for fashion athletes. Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee carried out a comparative test on sports underwear products. The results showed that the fastness and bacteriostasis of the 40 samples were tested. However, the permeability and stability of the samples were significantly different from those of men's samples in terms of ductility, air permeability and moisture absorption and quick drying.

This comparative experiment has purchased 40 sports underwear products through brand stores, electrical products and other channels, involving sports brands such as Adidas, NIKE, traditional underwear brands such as ancient and modern, and so on, as well as fast fashion brands such as H&M and UNIQLO. Among them, women's sports underwear (Wen Xiong) 25, men's sports vest, T-shirt, knitted sweater and other sports jacket 15. The price ranges from 39 yuan to 595 yuan.

This comparative test focuses on the comfort, durability and functionality of consumers when choosing sports underwear. First, referring to the relevant national standards, the fiber content, color fastness to light and sweat, color fastness to soaping and bacteriostatic effect were tested. The two is the uniform detection method, aiming at the structural characteristics of men's and women's sports underwear, respectively, the permeability and stability of the women's sample (bottom pressure, shoulder strap elongation, shoulder strap width) and the permeability, ductility (stretch elastic elongation) and moisture absorption and quick drying performance of men's samples were tested and evaluated. Three, taking into account the characteristics of consumers' use, the appearance loss, bottom pressure and stretch elasticity loss rate after washing 10 times were tested.

1 samples of fiber content and nominal deviation slightly.

According to the relevant standard requirements, the fiber content, light fastness, color fastness to soaping and bacteriostatic effect were tested. The results showed that all samples were tested by color fastness and bacteriostatic test. The inhibition rate of 7 samples was over 90%, and the bacteriostatic effect was excellent.

In addition, the fiber content and the label were tested in this experiment. On the fiber content, the 39 samples all performed well, and only 1 samples, that is, the fiber content of the Arthur women's high strength brassiere, which was sold and sold by Arthur (China) commerce and Trade Co., was identified as "74% polyester fiber 26% nylon". The actual detection result was 73.5% polyester fiber 26.5% spandex.

4 samples of CALVIN KLEIN, SKECHERS and other samples have better stability.

Excessive chest shaking during exercise can cause chest pain. In the market, many women's sports underwear (Wen Xiong) products claim "shock absorption", "prevent sloshing" and "strong support". The stability of goods is related to the bottom stability (bottom pressure), the stability of shoulder girdle (shoulder strap force elongation) and the width of shoulder strap. Comprehensive evaluation, the nominal trademark is Arthur, NetEase Yan Xuan, CALVIN KLEIN, SKECHERS and other 4 samples of star rating can reach 5 stars, the stability is better.

The wider the shoulder strap, the smaller the pressure on the shoulders of the human body. The test results showed that the most wide shoulder strap reached 54 millimeters, the narrowest was only 9 millimeters. Among them, 11 samples are above 30 millimeters, 7 samples are between 20-30 millimeters, 5 samples are between 10-20 millimeters, 2 samples are FOREVER, which is produced by the forever twenty-one commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The width of the 21 straps is only 9 millimeters. It is close to the width of the bra's shoulder strap. It is more sexy in appearance, but it is not recommended to wear in strenuous exercise, so as not to cause excessive shoulder burden.

The elongation of the shoulder strap reflects the elongation of the shoulder strap after being stressed. The smaller the elongation, the better the effect of shock absorption support. In the samples tested, the elongation of the shoulder strap was only 4.9%, and the highest reached 55.5%, of which 5 samples were less than 10%, 12 samples were between 10-30% and 8 samples exceeded 30%. The bottom pressure should be greater than 7.5N (opening charge) /8.5N. If the pressure is too small, the underwear and the body may be relatively slippery, which can not play an effective protective role. The test results showed that the bottom pressure of the 25 samples met the standard requirements, the highest value was 54.8N, the lowest was 19.0N, of which 14 samples were above 30N, and the undergarment sports underwear (Wen Xiong) was more suitable for wearing high intensity sports such as running and ball games.

Sports underwear (Wen Xiong) cup parts often add a thick inner pad, consumers are particularly concerned about the permeability of products when shopping. The test results showed that the highest permeability of the 25 samples was 243mm/s, the lowest was only 33mm/s, of which 4 samples were above 200mm/s, 5 stars were breathable and 9 samples were 75-200. Between mm/s, the air permeability of the 12 samples is below 75mm/s, and the air permeability rating is only 3 stars. The samples with poor permeability often choose thick inner pads or multi-layer fabrics on the use of cup fabrics, and consumers are prone to feel hot and uncomfortable when they are wearing sports.

Adidas male sample has been awarded 5 stars for its ductility.

Men's athletic underwear covers a larger area of the body and requires more ductility to enable them to stretch freely in sports and get a better sports experience. The results showed that there were significant differences in stretch elastic elongation of 15 types of men's sports underwear samples. The lateral elongation reached 121.4%, the lowest was 43.7%, and the maximum elongation reached 94.7%, the lowest was only 11.4%. The overall rating of the adidas brand long sleeve top made by Adidas sports (China) Limited is 5 stars.

The main factors affecting the air permeability of men's sportswear are the thickness of fabric and the degree of weave. The test results showed that the maximum permeability of the 15 samples reached 2040mm/s, the lowest was 140mm/s, of which 3 samples were above 1000mm/s, 6 samples were between 500-1000 mm/s, and 6 samples were below 500mm/s.

5 men's samples are not worthy of the name.

According to the survey, 47.1% of respondents chose to buy sports underwear to choose products that had the function of hygroscopic and quick drying. According to the requirements of relevant national standards, the evaluation indexes of clothing moisture absorption and quick drying mainly include 3 functions: hygroscopicity, quick drying and sweat perspiration.

It was found that the 1 brands of knitted CALVIN KLEIN knitted sport clothing, which was sold by Peng Wei Qi business (Shanghai) Limited, had the best moisture absorption and quick drying performance. Most of the other samples could perspire, but they did not have hygroscopic or dry drying properties at the same time.

The 8 samples mark "hygroscopicity, quick drying, sweat perspiration" and other similar functions in their packaging or selling shop and platform publicity. After testing, the 5 trademarks of Arthur, lululemon, VAUDE, YEATION and Decathlon have no corresponding properties. Among them, 1 samples, that is, the lululemon brand men's knitted sportswear, which is sold by Lulu Le Meng Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has only the function of moisture absorption, does not have the declared quick drying, and consumers are prone to feel stuffy after sweating.

In addition, from the consumer survey, it is found that there is a disagreement between consumers' understanding of some samples and their interpretation. For example, some samples promote "dry and dry, away from the sticky feeling of sweating", "excellent sweating function and refreshing feeling", "moisture absorption and sweat perspiration, can make moisture transport rapidly to the surface of the clothes along the fiber". The survey shows that 62.7% of the respondents believe that these 3 advertisements claim that these commercial products have the function of hygroscopic and quick drying, but in the confirmation of the relevant enterprises, the enterprises argue that the goods are not sucked. The declaration of wet quick drying.

1 samples were washed out after 10 washings.

The loss rate of appearance, bottom pressure and stretch elasticity after washing 10 times were tested. The results showed that the printing area of the new balance male knitted jacket produced by new billon Trading (China) Co., Ltd. was washed off after 10 washings. The bottom pressure of the 5 samples is less than 5%, 6 samples are between 5-15%, and 4 samples are over 15%. The bottom of a sports undergarment is usually made up of elastic bands. After repeated washing, the pressure changes due to the change of the elastic band, and the pressure at the bottom of the undergarment becomes larger. It may make underwear feel uncomfortable and wear less when it is dressed. The elastic loss of the 8 samples is less than 5%, and the elastic loss of the 7 samples is more than 5%. The samples often tend to relax after washing, which does not fit the body and affect the service life.

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