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The 70Th Anniversary China Textile Industry Has Made Great Contributions To The Realization Of A Well-Off Society For All.

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Textile Industry

Editor's note:

In the 70th anniversary and 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2019, China's textile industry has been developing from a weak to a strong and has achieved all-round and pioneering development. Profound and fundamental changes have taken place. As the mother industry, the pioneer of opening to the outside world and the forerunner of economic system reform, the textile industry has made China the largest producer, consumer and exporter of textiles and clothing in the world.

In order to comprehensively review the historical process of China's textile industry in the past 70 years, we show the great changes in the textile industry from different angles, and record the story of the textile industry's courage to explore and forge ahead. The China Textile Industry Federation magazine "textile and clothing weekly" set up a column of "I and my motherland" to write articles to the enterprises, institutions, schools, groups and individuals in the industry, and to express their love for the party, the motherland and the good life through the praise of the brilliant achievements of the industry, and further show the textile industry's determination to win the dream of building a well-off society in an all round way and realize the great dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The textile industry has made great contributions to the realization of a well-off society for all.

Seventy years, in the long history of human history, it can be said to be a flick of a finger, but in the land of our motherland, great changes have taken place. Brilliant achievements and tremendous changes are obvious to all. In the past seventy years, under the guidance of the correct line of the party, China's textile industry has entered a new stage of development after the recovery stage, and has made great contributions to the national economic construction, the improvement of people's lives and the realization of a well-off society.

The achievements of the industry are obvious to all.

The development of China's textile industry has experienced a stage of recovery, development and contribution. The recovery stage refers to the early resumption of existing enterprise production in the early stage of the war of liberation in the early stage of liberation. The development stage refers to the gradual development and expansion of production capacity from the first "Five Year Plan" to solve the problem of little clothing, and the abolition of the supply of cotton yarn and cotton cloth plans to the distribution of tickets. Over the past few years, the net earning of textile and garment exports has been at the top of all sectors in the country.

Under the guiding ideology of "grasping both ends, promoting the middle and laying the foundation", the textile industry has been developed in an all-round way. To seize the two ends, one is to develop raw materials for the textile industry, not to make bricks without straw, while vigorously developing the chemical fiber industry while developing natural fibers. The other way is to grasp the means of production, develop the textile machinery industry and upgrade their own equipment manufacturing capability. The so-called foundation is to grasp scientific research and education.

Natural fiber production depends on policy and nature. Chemical fibers are widely distributed and are developing step by step. Start with artificial fibers and gradually develop synthetic fibers. With the raw materials, the means of production, and the foundation of scientific research and education, China's textile industry has been developing rapidly.

After several generations of arduous struggle, we finally abolished the implementation of thirty years of cloth ticket supply. You know, it is not a trivial matter to cancel the ticket collection. In a period of time, only a few tickets are allocated to each person every year. Beijing is the capital city. One person has only 4.5 feet in a year. Shanghai workers' "Eight Diagrams" clothes are famous. The factory workers' work clothes are changed once in three years.

Nowadays, people are wearing beautiful textiles, forming a culture and a fashion. All kinds of accessories are available. Textiles can be seen everywhere in the sky, on the ground and in the water, underground, geotextiles, buildings, filters, health, police, military and other fields.

In 2018, the total amount of fiber processing in China reached about 50000000 tons, and textile and garment exports amounted to about 260000000000 US dollars. The output of many varieties ranked first in the world and became a major textile production, export and consumption country.

Only by comparison can there be differentiation. Today's happiness is the foundation laid down by predecessors. The tree planted by others, the well excavated and today's happiness come from struggle.

Textile machinery has become the technical rear of textile industry.

The development of the textile industry must have its own equipment manufacturing capabilities, and must have its own means of production. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, there was no textile machinery manufacturing industry in China. China's textile machinery industry has gradually developed on the basis of self-reliance and independent innovation.

In the past seventy years, the textile machinery industry has carried out specialized production and socialized cooperation in accordance with the development policy of "unified planning, rational division of labor, professional production and complete sets of the whole country". Through the implementation of these guidelines and the guidance of national policies, China's textile machinery industry has built a relatively complete industrial system. At present, China's textile machinery enterprises can produce thousands of main engines and auxiliaries, testing instruments and special basic parts, which can provide complete sets of industrial technology and equipment for the textile industry.

The whole process technology and equipment; polyvinyl alcohol fiber from raw material polymerization, filament, short filament spinning and post-processing has a complete set of equipment; polyester fiber from polymerization to direct spinning, slicing spinning with a variety of process technology and equipment; the main part of the cotton spinning part of the process to achieve connectivity, so that the number of traditional spinning spindles decreased from more than 300 to 30 people, weaving parts, shuttleless looms replaced by shuttle looms; possession of hot air technology, hot rolling technology, bonding technology and other non-woven sets of process technology and equipment; and also has been neglected and now become the focus of urban treatment of waste polyester and waste fiber regeneration technology and equipment. Man made fibers from pulp to filament, short filament spinning and post treatment have been recovered and disposed of waste liquid. On the basis of the complete set of supply, China's textile machinery industry has achieved a complete set of single machine, process line and engineering package until the solution of the project.

Textile machinery formed its own set of advantages from the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China. During the early years of the founding of the people's Republic of China, it became one of the key products of China's key foreign aid exports, and has produced complete sets of textile industrial equipment for Southeast Asia and dozens of African countries. After the reform and opening up, foreign aid was converted to foreign trade. Now the textile machinery industry has import and export. In 2018, the export of textile machinery reached 3 billion 666 million US dollars.

It can be proud to say that no country in the world can produce textile machinery such as various categories, specifications and specifications as well as China. Of course, we must also admit that there is still a gap between basic research and technological level.

At present, China's textile machinery industry is carrying out structural reform and high quality development on the supply side, advancing towards a large textile machinery manufacturing country.

Facing four key tasks

China has entered a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the new era, we must have new ideas, new ideas and new initiatives, maintain strategic determination, focus on development and create new achievements. China's economic development is a whole, and the textile and textile machinery industry is a cell in the whole economy. The development of industry, enterprise and national economy can be likened to the relationship between the whole and the cell, interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

Now, the internal structure of the textile industry has also changed. It has entered the high-tech material industry, entered the processing industry of high and new technology materials, and entered the high-tech equipment manufacturing industry system. Correspondingly, I think the textile industry and the textile machinery industry are faced with four key tasks.

First, stock technology will be upgraded as soon as possible. China's textile industry has a large stock base, and the technical structure of the stock is uneven. It is urgent to carry out technological transformation to achieve technological progress. The two is to accelerate the development of high-tech materials, including carbon fiber, aramid fiber, PVC fiber, bio based fiber, etc. three, we need further processing of high and new technology materials, and after the formation of high and new technology materials, we will use civilian products, military products and police products to form finished products. No matter it is nonwoven forming technology, weaving process technology or the realization of composite process technology, there must be new development. Four, the self upgrading of high-tech equipment, textile machinery enterprises must adapt to the situation and upgrade the technological level of products, so as to make the textile industry realize mechanization, automation, electrification and intelligentization as soon as possible, and improve the technological level of hi-tech equipment industry as soon as possible.

If a worker wants to do good, he must first use his tools. From the traditional manufacturing means to the development of high and new technology, the textile industry should shift from increasing output to high quality development, and insist on innovation drive and science and technology support.

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