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After The Scorching Summer, The Most Beautiful Dress Appeared In The Early Autumn.

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In The Early AutumnWe Should Wear The GridMatch With The GridAnd Match The Trend.

This year, the summer in the south of the Yangtze River is a little early. At the end of 8, it feels cool and cool.

In the early autumn of literature and art, Mr. Zi liked it very much. Compared with the scorching summer days, he was somewhat quiet and gentle.

The early autumn look of fashion designers also started arranging early, cowboy, knitted, and woolen fabrics.

These durable products still occupy a place in the fashion circle, and are loved by many fashion designers.

But what is love to convince Zi Jun? It must be exquisite, delicate and unpublicized grid.

The summer grid is a sweet and sweet girl, a small lattice flowing between square lines, full of pastoral flavor.

The grid of autumn is a gentle and gentle fan, with the charm of retro filters, elegant and graceful.

If you don't say much, let's take a look. How do the tide makers play with the grid elements?

The simple base shirt is once known as the "local flavor" symbol of Engineering men.

But in fact, as long as the edition is bigger, the cuffs are rolled up and the clothes are stuffed and stuffed, the fairies can wear it out of fashion.

Untie the neckline buttons to create a slim V collar, which can stretch the neck line and inject little sexy into look.

A fairy with a perfect waist, quickly grabs the little tail of summer and reveals another. The unique design with long, short rear can help to avoid weaknesses.

The blouse with its own waist line is a little bit good, and the small wrinkles can be concealed by the clothes. It matches the retro jeans and the modern girl is you!

This year's big hot rope rope wind single product, can adjust the waist line with the sex, create a thin and three-dimensional sense, until the beginning of autumn is still hot.

The blouse with a doll collar can help to modify the shoulder line. The cuff candy sleeves can easily cover your butterfly arm, and the fat fairy will wear it bravely.

Stacking through the big way, sweater + lattice shirt, early autumn look the correct way to open, with the trend of small white trousers + Muller shoes, simple and easy but not lose the bright spot.

The last year's popular pattern suit is still not outdated this autumn. It's a small sling with a proper body.

Generally, we should pay attention to two points: the appropriate loose and simple color matching.

Dense grid, it is easy to produce a sense of expansion, the body style of the upper body is easy to leg meat, the original small leg will be visually enlarged.

Loose straight pattern pants are not easy to make mistakes. With the material of the pendant, they cover the meat and thin. With the hip-hop printing T, the chic girl who follows the street is you.

Changing into a white shirt, it's another kind of casual style. With two loose products, you must remember to plug your waist line so that you can wear a tall and good figure.

If you want to get the fashionable color out of fashion, you must choose a simple base color so that you can neutralize Zhang Yanggan and create a fashionable sense of quality.

High waist straight skirt, gentle accessories and early autumn fried chicken match.

The choice of blouse and sweater is very nice. The cat and heels of light ripening wind, lady Fan Shizu.

The pear shaped fairy can try the lattice MIDI skirt, and the tiny skirt can perfectly cover the crotch and thigh of the meat.

It doesn't take much thought to go out in the morning. It's easy and simple to save the whole time by fixing a whole set of look.

Large area of the upper body will also produce visual expansion, such as loose waist dress without waist line, it is difficult to wear a good shape.

In addition to paying attention to the waist line, it is necessary to make use of proper skin to show thin.

Like this "full package" long skirt, it is easy to get fat, overlay the cake skirt with lotus leaf edges, and make the lower part of the body look overstaffed. The fattest fairy must be careful.

The weather in the South has not yet reached the end of the autumn. The smart and sweet checked vest skirt is arranged quickly, and the waist belt is used to emphasize the waistline.

There is nothing that can prevent fashionable wear of skirt, medium and long style checked suit, and use the same color belt to pull out the waist line. It is a short skirt with an intellectual and lazy coexistence.

The grid coat + lattice straps skirt, the length above the knee just shows the charming leg line.

The whole suit is cool and sash. The heels of high heels are straight, and the air field is straight upup. If the crop top fits inside, it will be more elegant and elegant.

If you worry that you can not control the grid in large area, small area accessories are a good choice.

The British beret, the youth and sweetness, and the gentle knitted sweater match add a lot of sense to the whole look.

The red style hat is a little bit more English, and the shoulder bag is full of blessings, and the academy is full of wind, with a cute double horsetail.

Scotland trellis's tote bag, durable and durable, with a clean linen suit, simple but not lost temperament, commuter elite full score.

Well, today's "grid" is here. Do the fairies like it?

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