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Keqiao Textile Index: Output Small Rise, Sales Growth: August Entered The Business Cycle

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"China Keqiao textile index" in August 2019, the total prosperity index closed at 1249.64 points, a rise of 0.62%, an increase of 2.93% compared with the beginning of the year, down 3.45% compared with the same period last year.


Circulation link is smooth


Prosperity index rises


In August, the total market circulation index closed at 1184.28 points, rising by 0.34%. In August, the textile market entered a boom cycle, and the market of textile circulation was partly smooth.


In August 19th, the 2019 Shenzhen Shaoxing weekly series "Silk Road Keqiao is full of the world" into Shenzhen activities held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the scene, Keqiao China Light Textile City and Shenzhen garment industry association also signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the framework of industrial cluster cooperation, the industrial cluster cooperation framework for textile resources of Keqiao China Textile City and Shenzhen's rich fashion clothing industry resources will be set up.


In August 1st, 2019 Keqiao China Textile City curtain fabric exhibition (Autumn) was held at the International Exhibition Center of China Textile City. The exhibition area of this curtain art exhibition area reached 18 thousand square meters, with 1006 booths. There are a total of 228 exhibitors. The exhibition covers curtains, window screens, wall coverings, window decorations and related accessories; home textile raw materials and home textile accessory equipment; cloth art Internet supporting platform and software.


On line, Keqiao takes cross-border electric business as the starting point to further expand its foreign trade channels. Relying on Ali international, Amazon, eBay and other platforms, through the development of "Zhou Zhou training, month and month theme" cultivation project, Keqiao guide traditional enterprises to cross border development. Enterprises that focus on product innovation and deep tillage subdivision are more likely to feel "organic in danger" in the industry reshuffle, and develop long-term confidence with high quality development.


As the downstream demand has risen, the traditional marketing of textile city has increased locally, and the spot products in summer have been on the increase. The autumn product orders and shipments have increased by the same time. In the beginning of winter, the order of fabrics has been increased, the market has been partially promoted, and there are fashion elements.


The scale of circulation increased exponentially. In August, the market circulation index closed at 1111.64 points, rising by 1.13%. Because of the increase in the traditional market quotation, the number of innovative color fabrics has increased and the scale of traditional marketing has increased. The new products in the summer have been on the rise, and the spot products of the new products in the autumn have been increasing. In the beginning of winter, the Department of creative clothing orders has increased. The number of innovative fabrics, such as reactive dyeing, digital printing and colorful jacquard, colorful embroidery, and art woven yarn dyed fabrics, has increased by a margin. The spot business and order delivery have increased locally. The demand for domestic textile market in the textile city has been increasing, and the foreign trade market orders have been rising, because the turnover of the new style products has increased, and the circulation scale index has increased in August.


Circulation turnover index rose. In August, the market turnover index closed at 1127.50 points, rising by 0.59%. Because of the new style of reactive dyeing, the demand for digital printing products increased, the turnover of innovative products in the circulation market increased, and the fashion elements and creative products increased. The profit margin of new style products increased with the increase of sales volume, which led to an increase in circulation volume index in August.


Circulation sales index rose. In August, the market sales volume index closed at 1101.07 points, a rise of 1.50%. Because of the traditional market quotation, the number of new style fabrics has been increased. The number of cloth companies and scale business outlets has been increasing in the two tier market of autumn fabrics. The number of buyers from north and South and clothing manufacturers has increased, which has led to an increase in the index volume ratio of circulation sales in August.


Circulation confidence index fell slightly. In August, the confidence index of the circulation market closed at 981.88 points, down 0.03%. The market demand index is rising: in August, the market demand index closed at 953.91 points, rising by 0.17%. Circulation business outlook index index fell: in August, the circulation market to our business position judgement index closed at 1008.87 points, down 0.29%.


Increase in enterprise orders


Production chain rose slightly


In August, the total business climate index closed at 1275.53 points, rising by 0.65%. In August, the rate of start up of textile printing and dyeing enterprises increased partially, output increased by ring, and the output of some enterprises in Binhai printing and dyeing gathering area increased. The production boom index rose slightly.


Nowadays, the fashion trend of Keqiao textile enterprises is becoming more and more fashionable, and the cooperation and interaction with the fashion industry are becoming more frequent. "Silk Road Keqiao is full of the world" into the Shenzhen activity site. Some of the company's show shows come from the famous women dress designers in the country, and some even cooperate with Milan fashion week designers to launch new fashion design works such as the new suede fabric.


Based on the industrial foundation and scale advantages of the "international textile capital", Keqiao has built up its competitiveness in recent years based on its own industry and long-term vision. With the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry and upgrading of the traditional industries, the two Zhejiang provincial pilot projects have been put into practice. The printing and dyeing enterprises in Keqiao have been shut down and assembled, and all of them have been concentrated in the blue print fashion town. At present, the popularization rate of high-end equipment in Keqiao is over 60%, which obviously reduces production costs.


The output of innovative products has increased and the scale index has risen. In August, the size index of manufacturing enterprises closed at 1684.13 points, rising by 1.90%. The demand for foreign trade in textile and dyeing enterprises is higher than that in the textile industry, and the order of innovative fabrics is increasing. Because the downstream demand of new style products is rising, the production scale is expanding, and the inventory rate is decreasing. In the autumn, grey fabrics and new style reactive dyed fabrics, digital printing clothing fabrics and creative home textiles, clothing accessories products have been increasing in orders, and the new style products orders in the early winter have been boosted up.


Orders for production enterprises increased and sales revenue index increased. In August, the sales revenue index of manufacturing enterprises closed at 1664.53 points, rising by 2.06%, weaving and dyeing enterprises' domestic demand and foreign trade orders increased, the new style fabric orders increased, and the output of jet weaving, knitting and warp knitted fabrics increased. Cotton, hemp, polyester, other chemical fiber materials and natural fiber grey fabrics and cotton, polyester, polyester, wool, polyester, viscose, polyester, nylon, nylon, nylon and cotton fabric orders have been rising unequal volume. Orders for garments, accessories and accessories have been on a slight upward trend, sales revenue has risen, and inventory rate has decreased.


Corporate confidence index is rising. The confidence index in production boom closed at 846.12 points, rising 0.16%. Among them, the production enterprise's ability to evaluate the variety profit index closed at 870.57 points, up 2.24%.

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