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Focusing On One Yarn For Decades -- Hao Ye Displays Fashion And Creativity In The Twenty-First Jiangsu International Fashion Festival.

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Recently, held in Nanjing The twenty-first Jiangsu International Fashion Festival and China Jiangsu international clothing, home textiles and fabrics Expo After the opening ceremony, 2020/2021 autumn and winter men's / women's wear international trend forecast was held. The event is sponsored by Jiangsu clothing association and Jiangsu Clothing Designers Association. Jiangsu Hao Ye Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. Co sponsored Creative Placements Asia Ltd. to give strong support.

Xu Yaoqin, chairman of Jiangsu Hao Ye Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

Co Organizer Jiangsu Hao Ye Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. Xu Yaoqin, chairman of the board, said that fashion trends represented fashion, and wool knitting originated from yarn, and good yarn combined with fashionable design concept could produce fashionable products.

With the rapid development of the times, people's demand for beautiful things is getting higher and higher. Fashion industry is the only way for the transformation and upgrading of traditional textile industry. Hao Ye is committed to practicing internal strength, R & D innovation, and become a fashion leader in the yarn industry. As a weathervane of the yarn industry, Hao Ye has always been keen on fashion insight and forward-looking fashion creativity, and has become one of the development directions of wool knitting yarn new product development. Hao Ye, through the innovation of yarn source, studies popular colors, develops knitted flowers, presents fashionable knitted fabrics and garments, and interprets ho Ye's interpretation of yarn fashion and creativity. Hao Ye participated in the Shanghai international popular yarn Exhibition (SPINEXPO) for 15 consecutive years. She went abroad for 5 years. In the international exhibitions such as New York, Paris and France, she exhibited the fashion and creativity of Hao Ye, and received the unanimous approval and praise from the industry. It was called "wool yarn expert".

In Hao Ye's exhibition area, Xu Yaoqin briefed reporters about Hao Ye's related situation. Since its establishment, Hao Ye focuses on the research and production of wool worsted yarns, pays attention to brand culture and influence, and applies lifelong learning, focusing on one yarn for decades, loving and caring for it, and doing its utmost. From 2006 to now, Hao Ye has been a designated supplier of UNIQLO. The TEC wool developed in 10 years has been a great success, providing fine yarn for international brands such as Martha, loth, GAPP and other international brands, and cooperation with CABBEEN, Europe, and other domestic brands. In terms of corporate responsibility, in 2006, we began to use advanced ERP system management, and conscientiously fulfilled our social responsibilities in the spirit of self interest and self interest. Since 2016, it has been working with universities and designers to set up a product research and development center, researching popular colors, developing knitted flowers, presenting fashionable knitted fabrics and garments, etc., so that we have a more direct visual effect on the yarn of Hao Ye, and let Hao industry go to a new stage. With the concept of sustainable development and innovation, Hao Ye has established a set of spot sales system and popular color card system for knitting wool yarn fashion products through analyzing the market research and analyzing the consumption behavior of terminal customers, so as to better satisfy the customers' demand for quick response.

Xu Yaoqin, chairman of Jiangsu Hao Ye Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., interviewed by the media.

Xu Yaoqin said that since the establishment of the product research and development center from Hao Ye, it has gradually become mature through 4 years of trial. Hao Ye is growing up with the guidance and support of industry associations and customers. Under the new situation, people in Ho industry will pay more attention to providing quality products and services to customers. Hao Ye aims at the market to concentrate on spinning technology and technology, perfect the combination of wool and functional textile materials, uphold the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development, and produce more fashionable knitted, woven and round yarn, giving customers the deep enlightenment, which is also the ultimate goal of Hao Ye transformation upgrading.

In today's market, as the first link in the industrial chain, the yarn industry believes that the role of guiding the fashion trend from the source has not yet been brought into full play. In fact, the fashion trend released by yarn traders can provide more inspiration for brand designers, thus promoting better operation of the production chain. Hao Ye's colored snow hemp nitrile yarn, innovative spinning technology, break the Convention, research color, since its launch, has given many brands and designers inspiration, application and hat, scarf, fabric, clothing and so on.

To this end, Hao Ye has a long way to go. If we can better play the role of the yarn source and better bring the fashion designers' creativity into play, we will be more eager to establish closer exchanges and cooperation with the downstream brands so as to jointly promote the market development and further optimize the industrial chain so as to truly achieve a win-win situation. (reporter Jiao Yanling)

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