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Twelve Years In The Spring And Autumn Period, The Future Of Empowerment.

2019/9/15 18:05:00 13

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Warm congratulations on the successful online operation of the world clothing shoes and hats net 12th anniversary

In September 15, 2019, the world clothing shoes and hats net has ushered in its 12 year old birthday! In the past 12 years, she has recorded several cyclical ups and downs, and fixed numerous commemorative highlights. For 12 years, her colleagues in the industry witnessed her steady growth and expected her to embrace the world with grace.

    Twelve years, we will not forget our hearts and move on.

The world clothing shoes and hats net is a bridge for China's textile and footwear brand to walk into the world confidently and gracefully, and integrate into the global framework.

Always stand in the perspective of industry and people's livelihood.

Record the development of textile, clothing and footwear industry faithfully.

Actively gathering excellent resources in different fields.

The growth, transformation and development of empowerment enterprises.

We uphold the feelings of developing Chinese shoes and clothing culture and disseminating advanced knowledge and technology.

The activation of industrial cell energy is expected.

Using advanced network technology as media to smooth channels and build platforms.

Let industry participants Unicom more convenient.

Online, offline, production, supply and marketing of efficient integration of integrated solutions.

More traditional industries to expand a new world!

   Twelve years, we diligently study, struggle not only!

With countless research, thinking and practice,

Explore the best entry mode of Internet + shoes and clothing.

Services are refined one by one and extended to various terminals of the industry.

Technology keeps improving and pursues the best user experience.

Dozens of member services.

Hundreds of independent research and development technologies.

Thousands of exhibition resources.

Tens of millions of industries have first-hand information.

We use focus, specialization and professionally, day after day.

Create an encyclopedia industry portal platform.

   Twelve years, we know each other, thank you!

Trust and choice of 2 million 100 thousand members.

It is our most valuable asset.

We care about every evaluation and suggestion.

Constantly improving and striving for excellence.

Ren Ao's global push platform was successfully launched online plus wings.

No matter which link you are on the industrial chain,

We all strive to provide you with a menu based precise service.

With the help of 5G, we will help you to get up!


In twelve years, we are young.

We grew up in an exciting era.

Long way ahead, seize the day!

Hard work and hard work!

We are the world clothing shoes and hats net.

We are always on the road.

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