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Behind The Carnival Of "Fried Shoes": When The Wind And Rain Come, The Leek Should Be Cut.

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Fried Shoes

In a group called "stir frying shoes", a new man is drying his own AJ1 picture of orange. There was an uproar in the group, followed by a denunciation: "so expensive shoes are you wearing on your feet?"

This exchange group has added people in various fields such as finance, currency circle, sports shoes shop owner and so on. Their common topic is "fried shoes".

"What are we going to fire tonight?" It's a daily greeting. A wave of people is asking East and west to try to familiarize themselves with this emerging market quickly.

"Yeezy 350, 10 thousand sale, attached to the bitcoin earning secrets, great value-added. "A circle of people drying out the loot just arrived.

Some people even get the bitcoin balance when they fail to respond. "Do I get enough of 100 bitcoins to get out?"

"If you do not understand the shoes, enter this circle hastily, no matter how smooth it is in the currency circle, it will eventually become a leek." Sneakers big V Kaka told zinc finance.

In 2019, a narrow circle of shoes suddenly became a capital carnival. "Like a group of investors sitting on the exchange to see the K-line chart, every day the K-line is rising. At the beginning, many people may remain calm, but the number of people who will enter the office soon will be more and more." Kaka mentioned.

The threshold of the shoe market is lower and anyone can become a yellow bull. Once Sneaker (sports shoes collectors hobby) culture fans became profit driven speculators, in order to grab a limited amount of money, the establishment of a friendship in the queues is no longer there, more new shoemakers will only fill their wallets, staring at the K-line, waiting for their release.

Before August 20th, the price of all platform shoes rose sharply. A NIKE SB DUNK purple lobster price, which was not popular, surged to 8000 yuan +. Shoes, yellow cattle, sneakers, electricity suppliers and new players from all circles can become the market's spoiler.

The story of sports shoes continues, "a pair of sneakers have changed hands, the price is higher and higher, but it has not been worn on the feet, which is not normal." the big V Zettaranc (also known as Z elder brother) has sighed for zinc finance and economics, "the shoe market will collapse, sooner or later."

  Barbarian Invasion

Zhao Zhao, a veteran shoe dog, now runs a ball shoe store in Zibo. He told the zinc finance shop that the monthly water flow can reach 40-50 yuan.

Many people will come to him to consult with him about his fried shoes. He will say no advice or "you like it."

Zhao Zhao sometimes sets up a quiz to store his valuable collection of three hundred tens of thousands of shoes in the most prominent position in the store. In some cases, he can tell whether the consultant is "shoes aware".

"They must have seen Kobe's signature (zoom kobe 181 points off the field double sign), but some people have not looked at it. Kobe doesn't know which shoe to stir up." Zhao Zhao mentioned.

The old players of sports shoes do not resent rational "fried shoes". They think this is "shoes with shoes". The sale price of a pair of sneakers has exceeded 1000 yuan, so that they can sell enough money to buy new shoes. "This is something that every athlete has experienced." Han Fei, a sports shoe enthusiast, said.

"Ten years ago, my salary wasn't enough to support my idea of buying two pairs of shoes a month." He said, "I will go to the field to queue up to buy shoes (at the original price to get the sneakers), even if it is not my favorite color matching, if it can resell after making 500 yuan more, for my favorite shoes, it is worth it."

In the poison, NICE and other professional shoes platform has not yet appeared, the transaction of sports shoes is only a small range of activities under the line, the premium of sneakers is also in the right range, in many cases, the object of the transaction is friends in the circle.

A lot of people know each other because of their shoes, and wait for the whole night to wait for their shoes to sell, eat supper, chat, and become good friends. NICE shoes platform big V Wei Li remember, a year of winter AJ1 top3 black gold released, "everyone wearing their favorite AJ shoes to queue up, like a girl wearing their favorite clothes to go out to a tea party, the scene super cool."

Now, there are green minors in the queue, there are also employed to queue up uncle aunt.

From the fans themselves to buy the collection of shoes, to be used by businesses to "stir", the emergence of this change, Han Fei think is derived from well-known singer, designer Kanye Omari West away from Nike, began to cooperate with Adidas.

"This is a demarcation point. After the cancellation of cooperation between Mr. Kan and Nike, the original Nike red coconut was raised by twelve thousand from the limit, and then jumped to twenty-five thousand at once." The huge profits of a single shoe make many people see the opportunity for capital to operate sneakers.

The influx of different players into this circle has pushed the price of sneakers to a new height.

"For real gamers, the biggest enemy is cattle." This is the consensus between Han Fei and Zhao Zhao. The competition for shoes is getting more and more intense. There are more conflicts between individuals and cattle, cattle and cattle. "Originally a good environment, everyone can get what they like, even if the price is not raised so much, it is now hyped up by cattle." Han Fei said.

Because cattle interfered with the market, there was once a lot of disputes. Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places, because the shoes draw line queues, cattle ignore rules to take shoes often clash.

Han Fei met with such a thing. He met a friend at a sports shoe draw spot. Han Fei queued to the door of the Nike shop. The clerk said that the shoes were not sold, because he sold them all. He found that there were yellow cattle to pick up the goods and asked them, "there were seven or eight yellow cattle, and almost dried up." Han Fei recalls. Finally, the sale was re drawn, but a lot of shoes were still taken away by the cattle.

As line queuing shoes are becoming more and more difficult, most players choose to buy sneakers at Taobao. The price of Taobao shoes is relatively transparent, because the competition between the shoes shop, buying shoes is more convenient, the original online sneakers market to Taobao.

However, the group and studio of fried shoes joined the competition for online shoes. Kaka, who has more than ten million fans on a shoe platform, remembers the first time he saw the studio coming out.

"In the summer of 2017, there was a YEEZY 350 V2 zebra on sale. After the announcement, a group of people suddenly appeared, buying all the 38.5 yards of the big Taobao stores, resulting in no inventory on the whole platform, and all Taobao stores were seeking goods." Kaka said.

This is the first time that he has gone through a monopoly because the price of shoes has taken off.

He soon discovered that monopolistic prices were not a difficult task.

"Take the frantic shoes of the first two weeks, AJ5 ice blue, the total flux of the market is about seven thousand pairs, excluding the upper feet and personal collections, there are probably four to five thousand pairs. At that time, the price is about 10 thousand, five thousand five thousand, 10 thousand, fifty million. There are still a few points in the number of shoes. If you buy a few yards, the market will judge that the shoes are very popular. The price of the shoes will soar, and the price will be controlled by tens of millions. Kaka explains.

  A price record

It is the usual trick of Nike to create explosive funds. Prior to this, Nike Air Mag relied on the "return to the future 2" movie, charity auction, automatic shoe technology, and the world's 13 double Limited four rate publicity, in Hongkong 810 thousand yuan in the sky.

Z believes that China is already the world's top market for shoes, which means that although Nike and other companies are using limited edition to raise prices, more factors are still artificial speculation and control.

At first, the shoe sellers were relatively simple, and they could get more limited money by buying stores directly, buying more people, or buying overseas, and then returning home to raise their prices.

"Like reverse hooks. The market is hot, the public enjoys a high degree, the volume is relatively small, and the price is easy to carry up. Many people will stare at these shoes, even if they buy only a dozen pairs of shoes, they will affect the price. Kaka told zinc finance.

At the end of August, Fan Jin Fan and his friend Liu Yuan made a bet. In nearly 10 pairs of popular sneakers, choose a joint limited amount of AJ 1 Retro high Off-White Chicago The Ten 1, if the gold code (42.5 yards) of these shoes can be more than 70 thousand in a week, Fan Jin can win a pair of high barbs in Liu Yuan's hands and a pair of silk black toe.

If the price fails to exceed 70 thousand within a week, its friends can get AJ 1 Retro high Off-White Chicago The Ten 1 on fan. "Look, Liu Yuan's lost. He's too conservative." One of their friends said.

The bet has just been gambling for the next three days, and the joint AJ1 has completed a jump from fifteen thousand yuan to seventy thousand yuan.

"Can you imagine something that can rise by twenty thousand a day? It's just a pair of shoes! " Liu Yuan was annoyed. His upstart was up to twenty thousand yuan, and the black toe of silk rose to fifteen thousand. However, he could easily change his hands to Fan Jin's hands before he could cover up his heat. "Pain, even friends, can not be forgiven." Liu Yuan said half jokingly.

Fan Jin was also very excited to get such a good mark. He bought the lottery in London and bought 150 ow pounds at the original price, and presented a pair of limited edition ow socks. In this way, Fan Jin now gains at least sixty-nine thousand yuan because of these shoes.

"I know this pair of shoes will go up, but I didn't expect to go up so fast." Fan Jin said with a smile, "I like this pair of shoes very much, originally intended to collect them first, and so on, so that they can get their clothes on their own feet, but if they rise to 90 thousand, I will sell them at once."

Fan Jin and Liu Yuan are very clear that they love shoes, but this love is a price, Fan Jin's love for these shoes, the price tag is 90 thousand yuan.

Under such a huge price change, the mainstream of shoe market has changed from "shoe down" to "fried shoes".

There are many stories circulating in the shoes circle. Some people drop out of school to line up to buy shoes. Some people borrow small loans on campus to store shoes and stir fry shoes. Some people buy a suite in Shanghai with their fried shoes. Higher and higher prices are telling them to rush.

  As a platform for athletes to be referees

Electric shoe business is the key role in the market of second-hand shoes.

Beginning in 2018, a lot of shoes electric business came into the Bureau or transformed from comprehensive electric business, including APP, NICE, goods, bullfighting, etc., attracting many fans fans, and also reducing the threshold of shoes trading.

At the beginning of 2019, poison APP got the famous VC DST's A+ round of financing, after the investment value was as high as 1 billion US dollars, jumped into the unicorn. This also enabled the capital to see the power of the shoes circle.

On the one hand, the emergence of the platform has standardized the market order which is frequent under the online and Taobao chaos, and provided a more equitable environment. On the other hand, its identification and sharing links have also solved the pain points of fans.

Poison APP stands out because of the perfect identification system. It first launched the "first identification, re delivery" shopping process.

Originally known as the "Chinese version of Instagram" NICE, it was originally a trend content platform. After gaining many fans in the content community, he began to concentrate on sneakers in 2018.

In Kaka's view, the most fundamental reason for the vertical platform breaking Taobao monopoly is the friendship with retail investors. As long as they have a pair of shoes, no need for qualification and margin, they can buy and sell on the platform and settle them immediately after the sale. If you want to do business on Taobao, it will take time to run a crown shop to get customers.

"In the first two years, ordinary consumers signed their own products and bought shoes. They did not know who they should sell to, but they could only sell them to yellow cattle. Now he can take it home and sell it on the platform, or he can choose to sell it after a revaluation. " Kaka believes that the platform gives users more room to choose.

Compared with the traditional electronic business platform, the shoe electric business is closer to the users in many details. For example, in the "poison", the platform acts as an identification and guarantee at the same time, reducing the risk of the two sides' transactions. NICE chief also said in an interview with the media that sometimes the price of the sneakers is soaring after the buyer has placed the order, and some Taobao sellers will choose not to deliver the goods, but on the NICE platform, they will be forced to deliver the goods.

The exit of Taobao shoes is not too much lost. Many Taobao shopkeepers mentioned that many models of stock have been sold out recently, "because there are many people who do not know how to buy the unsalable ones."

But for the shoe business, many old shoes and dogs are skeptical. On the one hand, they are questioning the ability of the platform to sell genuine products, and on the other hand, they are disgusted with the Commission of the platform.

On social platforms such as micro-blog, most of the posts on drugs and NICE platforms are attacking counterfeit products. In the manuscript of a new Putian high imitation sneaker in the Beijing News, many businesses will sell a set of printed APP identification books, anti-theft buckles, printed APP labels and other items while selling shoes, and only need a few yuan to win the majority of buyers.

Fake is a metaphysics. There is no reason to buy fake products on the platform, because you go to identify, the platform will be true. Z brother mentioned.

He was disgusted with the platform including poison, and at the same time, he also sold his own official price, which was still higher than the market price. "The platform is not only a competitor but also a referee, and also makes a difference as a middleman."

Z elder brother calculated a rise, a pair of 1000 shoes, to poison App 9.5% service fees plus sent to headquarters identification and sent to the buyer's postage, before and after a premium of at least 150 yuan, for buyers and sellers is very worthless.

In Z's view, the root cause is supply and demand. "The number of shoes on the market is clear. If there are more, it must be someone selling fake goods. Recently, on micro-blog, it was mentioned that Yeezy 350 is the world's limit of 5000 pairs, but the sale of poison shows that it sells 5658 pairs.

The head of a marketing department at NICE said that the platform is facing a lot of pressure from public opinion, and it will not give voice in general. Although the platform wants to make the shoe market healthy, more people can buy shoes on the platform, rather than malicious fried shoes. But on the other hand, they also want to maintain and discuss the heat.

"In fact, it is very contradictory. But once we find that the signs are wrong, the price will rise too fast, or we will come out to speak. " Mentioned above.

At present, in the rapidly changing market of sports shoes, the change of platform policy is likely to trigger an earthquake. For example, the new golden shoe platform bullfight first opened the guarantee pre-sale system. When the shoes were not sold, they could reserve the required sneakers on the platform, while the platform guaranteed the type, price, quantity and obtaining the handling fee, and broke away from the conventional physical transactions, which triggered a centralized purchase. At the same time, there are platforms with ingenuity, and the function of depositing and flash buying is also promoted, in order to promote the market of fried shoes and maximize the value of sports shoes.

   "Fried shoes" money management

Among the many shoemaker, the financial circle is an important force.

Initially, the concept of "sports shoes exchange" originated from the world's most famous sneaker platform StockX. Similar to securities trading, they designed a rolling screen to display price fluctuations of all kinds of limited edition or collectable sports shoes, and updated prices after each new transaction.

This model has not been adopted by most domestic shoe business operators at the beginning. "We are more like a secondary transfer station in the Buddhist system." NICE mentioned above.

However, with the soaring of the sports shoes index, many financial circles who are very sensitive to capital are eager to move. The golf shoes K line began to become a popular topic in all sides. There are "fried shoes" APP launched the quotations and real-time quote function. There are even shoe selling platforms, based on 24 hours of trading volume, to prepare three major indexes of "fried shoes": AJ index, Nike index and Adidas index.

Sneakers can even be used as token money. In early September, the "55 exchange" on the digital money exchange launched the ATO certification project, marking the token symbols and Certification Rules for AJ1 Off-White White, AJ1 NFR Varsity Red and other models. And COINEX, BBX, ZB and so on are ready to open digital currency and deal with many popular sports shoes such as AJ1 barrow, yeezy, black sky and so on.

Wei Li believes that many people treat shoes as a financial product. "There is a possibility of making profits. Many people say that speculation is not as good as fried shoes."

Wei Li mentioned that when some people saw news or provocative public articles, they came in and grabbed shoes. After seeing that some shoes began to rise in price, they began to "rush", then catch up and put a pair of shoes up so high that the price of these shoes had completely surpassed its value.

In 2019, Z, who had more than 400 pairs of collections, found that some of the market prices of sneakers were too high to afford. He began boycotting the fried shoes and recommended more fans for fans.

According to Z, China has become a phenomenal market, and a casual pair of shoes can fry the world's highest price in the hands of domestic dealers.

The market is confusing and the footsteps of the "incoming" are hesitant.

Wang Ming has been running a block chain media, and he has been calling for a week in the "fried shoes" group. "I'm ready to rush Sacai (the joint name of Nike and Japanese brand Sacai). Is anyone rushing together?" No response has been made so far, and he has not made any moves.

When Wang Ming saw the heat of sneakers in July, he began planning to invest in shoes. He registered each platform's account number, planned to study the circle in a week, and then according to some platform's sneakers index to predict the burst money and start buying.

Kaka believes that the threshold is much lower than before. "More people are guided into the shoes circle, and they don't understand anything. He can take a pair of shoes now, then look at the price of the platform, listen to others, chat in the group, and then look at the small articles, so you will know what price the shoes are in."

However, after a period of groping, Wang Ming said it was not so easy as it was.

His original idea was to spend some money first to store up goods and wait for the price to rise and sell. But he did not want to imitate the practice of traditional cattle. He bought a few pairs of shoes by himself.

Han Fei remembered that he had been pulled into a group of financial frying shoes. A man suddenly shows off his wealth in the group. He watches the sun and orders the sun. He said he hoarding a lot of shoes. How much he gives. " Han Fei then asked him what the most hoarding model was, and the other replied to 350 pure white coconut.

Han Fei mentioned that coconut shoes were worth a lot of money in the world. Sellers have no bargaining power, and stockpiling is meaningless.

"These people don't know shoes at all, and deserve to be cut." Han Fei sighed.

Source: zinc finance Author: Liu Jinyuan, Ma Cheng

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