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Invitation Letter Of China Fashion Sunset Supermodel And Fashion Show Competition

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ExhibitionContestInvitation Letter

Fashion models Association, model training organization, cheongsam culture organization, cheongsam club,

Clothing design and production enterprises, model training institutions, middle and old age model art groups and individuals:

In order to "praise the great motherland 70th anniversary, carry forward the red classics of Chinese clothing culture, select the rodshow TV Spring Festival evening show and set up a fashion model exhibition platform", the Republic comes from here. The Twelfth National Super Model and costume show competition is scheduled to be held in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi province and Ruijin, the capital of red in from October 17 to 22, 2019. Welcome to work together to create a sharing! Welcome all the fashion models and cheongsam organizations, clothing design and production and other related enterprises and model art teams, individuals, as well as the elderly clubs and Ka Lok club members all over the world to sign up for this event.

1. The full name of the activity: 2019 China (Jiangxi) Red Tourism Expo's cultural tourism project "the national middle and old age talent show".

Chinese beautiful sunset

The Twelfth National Super Model (costume show) competition

Two. Guidance unit: national culture and Tourism Department, Jiangxi Provincial People's government, healthy China Wanli organizing committee

2019 China Jiangxi Red Tourism Expo Organizing Committee

Three, support units: Jiangxi provincial culture and Tourism Department, China Tourism Association, Ruijin Municipal Committee, Ruijin Municipal People's government, Ganzhou culture, radio and television news and Tourism Bureau, International Federation of Arts and culture, Asia Pacific elderly Committee, China geriatrics and gerontology society, elderly tourism branch, Chinese beautiful sunset art experts Committee, international model Olympic Committee, Shanghai New Oriental International Model Research Center, Beijing red capital clothing design and production Co., Ltd., China Fu old Fu 2020 national middle and old age TV Spring Festival Gala organizing committee

Four. Co organised: the office of the Organizing Committee of the national middle and old age talent show, the China Elderly foundation, the elderly health fund management committee, the China health care industry development committee of the China strategic and Management Institute, the geriatric and Geriatric Society of China, the elderly tourism branch of Beijing, the international model culture center of Jiangxi, the China aging network, and the Hong Kong Research Culture Industry Co., Ltd.

Five. Joint undertaking: Beijing Qiao sunset international model culture center Jiangxi Xing Yan Si Culture Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Everbright International Travel Agency International Model Olympiad (Beijing) teaching and research base

Six, the purpose of the activity: laying a fashion model exhibition platform, praises the great motherland 70th anniversary.

Select the ROC TV Spring Festival evening show to promote the red classic of the Chinese dress culture.

Promoting the Red River's Westward Journey and increasing the diversity of the red Fair

Promoting the development of Kang Yang Wen's travel industry to show the sunset of healthy China

Seven, campaign slogan: go to the Red Tourism Expo T platform, He Guoqing in the red capital of Ruijin City Golden Autumn expression of passion

A large gathering of Chinese middle-aged and old model elites shows the big stage of China's beautiful sunset.

Eight, competition content: 1. super model competition: according to the international model competition requirements and selection rules, it has a certain professional.

Horizontal competition. Including group, group and individual matches (single and full events).

2. fashion show competition: group competition is a combination of middle and old age show shows, shows or shows.

Nine, highlights of the competition: 1. authoritative and reliable cultural activities!

The Twelfth National Super Model (costumes exhibition) competition is one of the cultural projects of the 2019 China Jiangxi Red Tourism Exposition. Its guiding units are highly supported; the supporting units have the strength; the co organizers have experience; the undertakers speak credibility; they are authoritative and reliable cultural activities.

2. high level professional events!

This activity is carried out by the agencies that have been engaged in international professional model competitions for several decades and held the 11 national middle and old age fashion model conference. It is a middle-aged and elderly fashion model competition with complete professional rules and regulations.

3. celebrities and celebrities! The leaders of the leading bodies of the national guidance organs and supporting units are present at the grand event.

The international model and Chinese fashion experts will meet with you. The Chinese beautiful sunset star team and the Tangshan beautiful sunset dance team, which won the highest award in CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 06, will present the latest original and wonderful program. The famous female painter and famous general calligraphy artist of the central celebrity Academy of painting and calligraphy will give a presentation and give ink to the scene.

4. rare learning opportunities!

Before the A. competition, experts will conduct one to one pre competition guidance or counselling to group programs and individual competitions.

B. a group of model professional judges trained by the China sunset Fair will hold on-site reviews with experts.

The eleven stars, champion cheongsam queen, will be gathered in the C. competition.

D. the expert committee of Chinese beautiful sunset art will give each team a presentation of model performance director materials.

The founder of the E. international model Olympiad and the new model Olympiad will introduce the "new model of international model Olympiad" at the conference, and will organize the training course of "mould new technology" in Nanchang on the afternoon of 22.

5. a good opportunity for cooperation between enterprises and enterprises! Participants of the team or individual can also invite love enterprises to participate. The organizing committee will give various advertising promotion and product promotion to enterprises, introduce enterprises to enter the aging industry sales network, and recommend the products of enterprises to be selected in December 1st, "the 2019 China senior industry expo and the China senior industry cooperation summit forum", which provides a good opportunity for the enterprise products to go to the world in Yiwu. This helps the team get financial support and promote team development.

6. the classic combination of Wen and Lu, a classic tour of the four cities in Jiangxi, which was inspected and developed by the authority and the prestige of the aging tourism authority. It is a classic of six days and five nights. Pure play, food, everyday, super value, low price, six days, five nights, no shopping!

The 7. annual competition will be selected for the 2020 national middle aged and elderly TV Spring Festival Gala. The program will be invited to participate in the January 2020 CCTV film base in Beijing.

8., media publicity is strong! CCTV, Jiangxi radio and TV station, Ganzhou radio and TV station, Ruijin radio and TV station, Xinhua net, people's network, China government network, Dajiang network, phoenix net, labor daily, Jiangxi daily, Jiangnan Metropolis Daily, Tencent, Youku, potato and many other media will publicize the contest, and will make special reports on excellent teams and individuals.

The programs and parties recorded in the rat Spring Festival gala will be broadcast by Yunnan satellite TV, Xinjiang Construction Corps satellite TV, the central digital TV channel for the elderly, the old man Fu channel live platform, the Shanxi Internet TV and Youku, Tencent, potatoes and other videos. China aging network and Zhonghua Xi Yang net video will be broadcast during the 2020 Spring Festival.

Ten, the entry notes: 1.: what's more, first class clothing, top-notch design or choreography, first-class model display skills.

2. how to compare: A. super model team competition: each team of 12 people (+ 1 people) clothing 2 sets (including 2 sets) time 9 minutes (+ 30) clothing / props / music self provided.

B. super model competition: combined A:2-4 people (limited time 3 minutes); combined B:5-7 people (limited time 4); combined C:8-10 people (limited time 5).

Note: the exhibition time of each combination is allowed to + 30 "; 1 sets of clothing including optional living (leisure), sports (vigor), dress, and Qipao. Music is on its own.

C. super model personal Games: 1-3 sets of optional garments (reflecting all kinds of clothing (cheongsam, evening wear, casual wear, home furnishing, professional wear, sportswear, sportswear, swimsuit, underwear and other garments) that reflect the fashion of various countries, nationalities and regions, and the designated music of leisure, vigor, dress (Qipao) competition is provided in each exhibition limit of 1 '40. Participants can choose single item, double item and full item (three items).

D. dress model exhibition competition: each team is restricted to a collective program, more than 12 people, men and women are not limited, time limit is within 7 minutes, clothing props music self provided.

3.: the super model team competition and the costume show team competition will limit the number of teams.

The individual competition defines the number of competitors in each age group to decide the number of competitors and then complete the finals.

4. Music: super model group competition, super modular competition and dress show competition music are self selected;

The supermodel individual competition music is provided by the conference with the designated original music.

5. stage: Fashion Model Exhibition: the stage is a horizontal rectangular stage with a width of more than 12 meters and a depth of about 8 meters.

Supermodel A, B and C competitions: the same as above, it is recommended to use the I-shaped open platform, the front stage is 4 meters long, 6 meters wide, the bridge is 6 meters long, the width is 4 meters, and the background is 5 meters long * 10 meters wide. The booth height is 0.8 meters. The deck should be paved with grey and white canvas or velvet carpets.

(below: the scene of the Chinese cheongsam performance in the Qipao performance class held in Chongqing)

Eleven, the selection requirements: group competition:

1, the theme is bright, healthy and sunny, traditional / fashion can be (original program added appropriately).

2, music image, selection and application is appropriate;

3, the clothing is novel and the design is well matched.

4, choreographer is good, rehearsal and scheduling innovation;

5, the team members are neat, well-trained, skillful and tactful; team competition should pay attention to the cooperative principle in the arrangement, the overall effect is unified, and the flow is unified before and after, with a tacit understanding, fully displays the team's style, characteristics and characteristics.

6, display the true, the good and the beautiful of the art of clothing reasonably, correctly, richness and elegantly, and endow clothing with new life. The expression of spirit, rhyme and emotion is unified with theme style.

7, dress beauty, music beauty and performance beauty accurately reflect the life form, spiritual outlook and artistic style of the Contemporary Middle-aged and old people in a harmonious society.

Combination and individual competition.

Twelve, the jury set up: 1, expert group: International Model judge / model mentor / CCTV Director / state level Director / college professors;

2, professional group: 5-7 professional judges who have won the judges of the Chinese sunset model assessment class.

Note: before the competition, the jury will review the Chinese beautiful sunset model contest and the super model contest selection method, unified the grading requirements and grading methods, and can be evaluated after passing the examination or passing the examination.

Thirteen. Age grouping: when the number of participants in individual teams or individual competitions is larger, they will be grouped by age.

A. Young and middle-aged group (below 50 years old) B. middle-aged group (under 55 years old),

C. elderly group (under 60 years old) D. elderly group (under 65 years old),

E. age group two (below 70 years old)

F. Shou Xing group (aged 70 or above and above 70 years old must have health certificates and accompanying persons).

Note: if the number of groups participating in the program is larger, they are grouped by age (based on the average age of the players).

Fourteen, welcome all kinds of programs to participate in the congratulation performance competition! Welcome photographers photographers to participate in filming and provide works to participate in the selection!

A. "revolutionary songs are sung by people in red memory."

Chorus, chorus, chorus, duet, solo. The singing method is not limited, and the number of chorus is unlimited.

B., "singing and dancing, praising the spirit of the party's long march" -- variety show.

Dance: National Dance / Fitness Dance / Sports Dance / Ballet / classical dance / square dance / Nuo dance, horse.

Knife dance and other local dance. Group dance, double dance, three dance, solo dance and other forms are not limited.

Instrumental music: the ensemble, Concerto, duet, ensemble and solo of all kinds of national instrumental music and Western instrumental music.

Performances and operas: poetry recitation / hosting / Magic / cross talk / sketch / Allegro / digital treasure / three / half / unique skills / /

Peking Opera / Drama / Kunqu Opera / Huangmei Opera / Tea Picking Opera and other local opera, lion Lantern / lantern lantern and so on.

C. "the Republic is coming from here -- my motherland and me" - calligraphy and painting exhibition.

All over the country, middle-aged and elderly people (male 45 years old and female above 40 years old) can contribute to the competition.

The scope of soliciting contributions: all kinds of brush calligraphy; all kinds of painting; handicrafts, knitting, paper cutting and so on.

Fifteen, reward and promotion: 1, costume show competitions and supermodel groups, combinations and individual competitions, as well as congratulations on performances (singing, dancing, instrumental music, performance and drama, calligraphy and painting), will be selected for the special gold and gold, silver, copper and excellent programs (works) award, awarding awards or prizes and trophies medal certificates;

2. Award the prize or medal to the organizer and organizer of the organization and the outstanding individuals.

3. Special honorary medals and model certificates will be presented to the guests and the top runner up models.

4, to each player participating in the competition to issue a competition certificate and a valuable skin care product worth several hundred yuan; to issue the certificate to the expert judges who are holding the competition site and the professional judges of the Chinese fashion sunset fashion model.

5, the excellent programs and individual winners of the teams are specially publicized in the news media; the video of the program shows up on the Internet all the year round;

6, the professional advertising portraits of photographers to participate in the supermodel individual competition free shooting album photos;

7, edit an album of paintings, publicize excellent programs and teams (including team name / Team Introduction / Team Leader / choreographer / participant in the contest's team name list, photo / team's main honor, etc.); excellent programs or paintings and calligraphy works will be selected for unified exhibition, and the album will be displayed or selected in the later stage.

8, invites the team model director and participates in the individual competition's athlete to participate in the modeling Olympic new skill training activity in Nanchang in October 22nd afternoon free.

9. * invites team representatives to participate in public service training and free 5 day tours held in Xiamen in November 13th.

* inviting outstanding programs to attend the opening ceremony of the 2019 China senior industry expo and the China senior industry cooperation summit held in Yiwu in December 1st.

* inviting outstanding programs and individuals to participate in the healthy Chinese Wanli tour and festival condolences throughout the year.

10. Recommend excellent programs or works to participate in the recording or TV broadcast of the national mid aged and elderly TV Spring Festival Gala in Beijing in January 2020.

(below: a review of the national mid aged TV Spring Festival Gala)

Sixteen. Red tour itinerary: (6 days, 5 nights, whichever is the travel schedule).

Nanchang Jiangxi provincial capital, "red, green, ancient color", "heaven and earth treasures", "outstanding people" historical and cultural city and "Oriental water city", because of the "Bayi Nanchang uprising" has become the people's army from here to the veritable hero city. New China

China's aviation industry is the birthplace of the world's photovoltaic industry base. In August 1, 1927, the "Nanchang uprising" declared that the Chinese people's Liberation Army under the leadership of the Communist Party was born ever since! Nanchang is the first batch of historical and cultural cities in the country and an excellent tourist city in China. Visiting the Bayi Square, known as the "little Tiananmen square", or the largest musical fountain group in Asia, visiting the memorial hall of the August 1 Uprising in Nanchang, [former military headquarters of the Fourth Army,] [Nanchang military theme park].

The cradle of the people's Republic of Ruijin, the residence of the central government in the Central Soviet Area and the birthplace of the Provisional Central Government of the Soviet Republic of China is one of the starting points of the Central Red Army's twenty-five thousand mile long march. 参加3千人现场的《“我和我的祖国”全国红色旅游主题活动——中国(江西)红色红色旅游博览会开幕式》;参观【二苏大景区】,这是中华苏维埃临时中央政府大礼堂,1934年1月中华苏维埃第二次全国代表大会在这里召开,是北京人民大会堂的前身;参观中华苏维埃纪念园、国家一级馆【中央革命根据地历史博物馆】或“人民共和国从这里走来”纪念馆;参观【云石山】这座红军长征的第一山,体验当年红军不怕远征难的精神;参观【沙洲坝红井革命旧址群】,“寻根问祖”游36个部委,红军井和七百多年大樟树旁的毛主席故居等(下图为:八一南昌起义纪念塔,中华苏维埃共和国临时中央政府礼堂,人民共和国从这里走来纪念馆,“长征从这里出发”火炬纪念碑)。

Ride to the 5A level holy mountain water / Jue paradise, known as the "ecological Kingdom, Huaxia jadeite", visit the ancient town of Da Jue Shan (the shooting base of "heaven and earth"), and experience the first Chinese head hanging on the cliffs of the cliff.

A high altitude glass bridge is situated in the sea of space clouds. It can also burn incense and pray to the sacred place of Chinese Buddhism (DA Jue Yan SI); go to [Da Jue Xi] to experience the Jiangnan flavor of "small bridges and flowing water"; the luxurious auditorium of the five star international Conference Center.

The standard stage and T show is the selection site for this talent show competition and the 2020 national mid aged Spring Festival TV Gala. You can win the grand prize of talent and talent. Your program may also be selected to take part in the recording of the rat TV Spring Festival Gala in January 2020 on the avenue of stars and CCTV Star Media base in Beijing.

Fuzhou: go to Zixi [Truth village], walk into Wushi Town, four families in a valley. Experience the folk custom of she Township, feel the culture of the old form, enjoy the strong rural flavor, and feel the pure Zixi. Simple customs, beautiful scenery, a village, a scene, a string of beads, Ancient Rhymes, ancient lawn, ancient remote crescent, ancient and long yuan, the truth of the countryside, the scenery here is good. How can the tourists living in the city feel unrelieved, like a crane in the wilderness? 5A class can't miss it! Go to the "bread town of China" in Zixi County, enter the "bread building", appreciate the resource bread phenomenon of the people's daily, CCTV special programs and other national mainstream media, and feel the tremendous energy of the bread and spirit of the resources people.

Yingtan City: [Mount Longhu] - the founder of Taoism in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Ling, in this alchemy, Dan Cheng and Dragon Tiger now, hence the name of mountain. Mount Longhu has become the birthplace of Taoism in China. It is known as "the first mountain of Chinese Taoism". It is now a world natural heritage and a national 5A scenic spot. General secretary Xi Jinping praised "dragon and tiger all over the world" when inspecting the 108 landscapes. Take a sightseeing bus to visit the blessed land of Taoist Zhang Tianshi - Tianshi Fu and the Millennium town (upper Qing ancient town); experience the bamboo raft rafting of Luxi River; watch the ancient antiquity, the thrilling imitation of the ancient coffin performance; visit the road raising town / ancient Yue Shui street. Visit the latest development [high altitude plank road scenic spot] or have the reputation of "the first drought in the world". In the evening, you can watch the large-scale landscape real performance "dream seeking Mount Longhu" at night at the expense of the chairman of the sunshine media group, the famous Chinese host Yang Lan, the deputy director general of the opening ceremony of the 08 Beijing Olympic Games, the director general of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and the head of the East Song and dance troupe. The exhibition focuses on the fairyland scenery of "eternal mountains and Dudu mountain" and highlights "new, strange, special, emotional, interesting and beautiful".

Seventeen, special cooperation projects: A. participating in the events of the event organization and team, and capable individuals, can be used as liaison officers, propagandist and business representatives of the event, deputy director of the "red Expo activities" recruitment and investment work, the organizing committee will give certain awards. This project calls for the naming, sponsoring and acknowledgement units. Welcome cooperation!

The B. team can help and support your team to attend this model event in Jiangxi. The team can be named as the name of the love enterprise, and can also perform relevant advertising performances for the enterprise. The organizing committee will also advertise the company on the spot LED screen, together with leaders, guests and stars, and host's oral English. The organizing committee can also recommend enterprises to participate in the 2019 China (Yiwu) senior industry expo and China senior industry cooperation high peak forum sponsored by the national Aging office / Ministry of health / Health Committee / Ministry of Commerce.

The C. organizing committee is recruiting and collecting cultural programs on behalf of the 2020 China National elderly TV Spring Festival Gala. At the same time, it recruits and recruits: Party naming units, Party sponsoring units, Party acknowledgement units, and welcome cooperation.

D.'s excellent team (program) will be recruited as a member of the "healthy China Wanli music Troupe" and invited to participate in various activities such as health China's Wanli tour, publicity and performance, and condolences. Responsible persons and choreographers of competent teams can apply for the establishment of the Chinese beautiful sunset art training base or the international model Olympics in the local teaching and research base. They will work together to expand the culture and cultural activities of the Kang culture brigade, and make new contributions to the development and prosperity of the socialist culture.

Eighteen, enrolment notes: 1. registration: local institutions, middle-aged and elderly cultural and artistic teams and individuals, as well as travel enthusiasts, calligraphy and painting and photography enthusiasts and accompanying visitors can sign up. Upon completion of the application, the registration form is received. The application form is filled out by the person in charge and a list of the members is added (with the name / gender / age / telephone / identity card number). And provide team or program presentation / program performance video, advance deposit.

2. traffic: after paying the advance payment, you can handle the air ticket or train ticket to and from Nanchang. Registration date: October 17th (the same day); the return ticket can be arranged after 14 p.m. (after the afternoon of 19 p.m., the return tickets for the model Olympic training will be arranged for the afternoon).

3. group fee: A. group participation in the model contest or talent show will not be charged for the competition and the selection fee; the large transportation expenses to and from Nanchang will be taken care of; the trip will include accommodation, meals, attractions tickets, transportation, insurance, etc., 6 days, 5 nights, 1680 yuan / person, and each person will pay 680 yuan for the confirmation of the number and reservation of the room. If you want to stay alone, you need to pay for single bed or bed.

B. those who participate in supermode individual competitions or personal performances will have to pay 100 yuan / person / item separately. C. a team or individual who only participates in a model competition in Jiangxi can reduce some fees according to its participation (only participating in competitions and performances or not participating in a number of items in the trip). The total income of the whole activity will be 120 yuan per night in Nanchang.

4. insurance: Participants in the event are appointed by the organizing committee to arrange the "elderly insurance for Jia Le Hua" (the maximum insured amount is 500 thousand yuan). This insurance is designed according to the characteristics of the elderly, with multiple insurance and special agreements. No insurance age limit is available, and it is effective to stay at home or go out or leave the country for a year.

Nineteen. Contact: Office of Beijing Organizing Committee: room 1139, Jingchao building, 5 South Road, Nong exhibition hall, Tel: 010-6858 6806

Contact: Mr. Lu 153-00111887 Wang 189-10300351 (WeChat number)

Office of Nanchang Organizing Committee: room 1002, Tsui Lam tower, Fung Tan and Fung Tan Middle Road, Tel: 180-73167777 (Ms. Xing)

China Aging Network: wdzb.org telephone: 15201016955 (Xing Xiansheng) 133-02152751 (Mr. Wu)

Welcome to the red national capital. Welcome your rare opportunity. Welcome to your rat Spring Festival Gala.

(below): Qigihar Guanyin Dance Troupe and Beijing Changqing troupe Red Star military troupe in the TV Spring Festival Gala.

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