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Autumn Exhibition Of China Textile Federation In 2019

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On the 27th anniversary of the founding of China's textile industry, China's textile industry will take on the responsibility of "green textile industry".

At that time, China International Textile yarn (autumn and winter) exhibition, China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) Expo, China International Clothing and apparel Expo 2019 (Autumn) and China International Knitting (autumn and winter) Expo 2019 will bloom the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) with a display area of nearly 340000 square meters and a strong industrial matrix of nearly 6000 exhibitors, Write a brilliant chapter of China's textile industry in 2019.

Grand scale reflects the high profile of China's textile industry

Since 2019, in the face of the complex and changeable world economic situation, China's textile industry has experienced a year of solid development with concentrated efforts and steady progress. In this golden autumn, the autumn joint exhibition, as a barometer of the industry, has also stepped out of a steady and vigorous pace.

1. China International Textile yarn Exhibition (autumn and winter) 2019

The 2019 China International Textile yarn (autumn and winter) exhibition is building a one-stop purchasing platform based on the source and leading the fashion of all kinds of Asian fiber yarns. The exhibition area of this exhibition is 26500 square meters. The exhibitors come from 14 countries and regions, and the total number of exhibitors is more than 542, which is the largest ever.

The exhibition area is divided into creative fancy yarn area, quality wool yarn area, green linen yarn area, functional chemical fiber area, natural cotton yarn area and overseas yarn area including India exhibition group and Pakistan area.

2. China international textile fabrics and Accessories Expo 2019

This year, China international textile fabrics and Accessories Expo ushered in its 25th year. After 25 years of development, Intertextile has become the world's largest high-quality flour accessories exhibition and an annual event for textile workers. This year, with an exhibition area of more than 236000 square meters and a lineup of over 4400 exhibitors, the exhibition shows the new face of China's textile industry.

The exhibition will be divided into fashion women's wear, formal wear, casual wear, functional / sports wear, shirts, underwear / swimsuit and other fabric categories. There will be special exhibition areas for leaping jeans, accessories, pattern design, sustainable development and so on, bringing together the latest products from 33 countries and regions. The 25th anniversary of textile industry will be held together with the 25th anniversary of textile industry.

3. China Fashion Fair 2019

China International Fashion Fair (Autumn) is the most valuable and leading professional exhibition platform in the field of Chinese clothing and apparel.

With a scale of 62000 square meters, 675 exhibitors and 718 brands, the exhibition will join hands with men's fashion, the most beautiful women's wear, ingenious leather and feather, design power, global fashion, ODM intelligent manufacturing, fashion accessories, bags and shoes, linking nine future professional categories exhibition areas and four in exhibition Exhibitions - chic trend brand exhibition, Shanghai International Children's fashion exhibition, China clothing customization exhibition and Korea preview in China, bringing fashion trends from 11 countries and regions.

4. China International Knitting (autumn and winter) Expo 2019

With an exhibition area of 12000 square meters and the number of nearly 300 exhibitors, the 2019 China International Knitting (autumn and winter) Expo has built a knitwear exhibition area, a knitted fancy yarn exhibition area, a underwear home exhibition area, a fashionable socks area, a knitted fashion exhibition area, a fashion movement exhibition area, and a functional knitwear exhibition area.

The sea embraces all kinds of rivers, gathering fine products, famous enterprises and clusters at home and abroad

The "joint exhibition" held by China Textile Industry Federation in two quarters a year is a grand gathering of China's textile industry with the widest area, the largest scale, the most complete category and the latest technology. It attracts the attention of relevant enterprises, institutions, markets and clusters in the national and even global textile industry. It has become an inevitable choice to show new products, build image, receive orders, seek cooperation and look at trends.

This year's exhibition also attracted a large number of large enterprises, famous enterprises and tide enterprises gathered here. There are yarn enterprises that provide textile energy and environmental protection assistance at the source, providing more possibilities for the downstream; there are also a large number of benchmark textile enterprises leading the global textile direction, pointing out the future with the latest technological achievements; As a result, more and more fashion and innovation enterprises will be attracted by the fashion and fashion brands in China.

As the representative of breeding competitive advantage and innovation ability of China's textile industry, cluster has never been absent from this grand event. They show their unique industrial strength and cultural characteristics in a centralized way. In addition to seeking cooperation, they also strive to create the image of regional brands. Peixian Exhibition Group in the natural cotton yarn area of the yarn exhibition has been participating in the exhibition in groups for many years. With the most distinctive Chinese viscose yarn and other textile products, they have shown Peixian's textile industry advantages and the achievements of cohesion development to the whole country and even the world.

In depth communication, the future trend should be grasped

"Autumn joint exhibition" is not only exhibition and transaction, but also forward-looking and layout. At each autumn joint exhibition, scientific and technological innovation, vanguard trend of thought, trend prediction and trend analysis of textile industry gather here, which makes the industry get a lot of harvest.

The textile industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. At this yarnexpo autumn and winter yarn exhibition, "China fiber fashion trend theme area" focuses on the new fibers selected for China fiber trend 2019 / 2020; For the first time, professors and experts from the textile industry will be invited to release the latest development trend of textile fiber products. "Fancy yarn vision fancy yarn theme area" collects and selects innovative fancy yarn new products and downstream application products from exhibitors, and presents the latest trends of cutting-edge popular yarns in a variety of display forms.

Intertextile autumn and winter noodles and accessories exhibition adheres to the concept of serving the industry, combines the industry trend and key points, and holds the "Lancang Mekong dialogue mechanism expert group meeting" around hot topics to guide enterprises to take the national policy development express, take advantage of the situation and lay out the world. There is also "space for new technology innovation" to show the new progress in the preparation technology of high-performance composite functional materials and flexible structural materials in China's textile industry in recent years. And "2019 smart factory textile industry application trend forum", "Intertextile consumer and lifestyle trends", "Intertextile" More than 40 seminars, such as analysis of fashion trend in autumn and winter 2020-21, digital opportunities and challenges brought by practice sustainable development, etc., brought forward forward-looking and guiding significance of fabric design application and technical guidance for enterprises, effectively LED industry enterprises to explore the future and promote collaborative innovation of industrial chain.

There will also be many wonderful activities in chic 2019 (Autumn), such as "Zhongshan Dachong jeans industry development plan (2019-2023) release", "2019 China Textile and clothing industry social responsibility and production integration conference", "2019 smart clothing fashion innovation forum" and other large-scale activities, chic business forum with the theme of "insight into business trends, focus on retail future" and "digital" Leading and reshaping retailing "- the wonderful performance of the forum of Omni channel digital innovation, the conference of China Clothing Industry Park and the new kinetic energy Summit Forum of textile and garment development in Yangtze River Delta, and the women's wear and buyer trend guide in autumn and winter 2020 / 21, bring a double feast of visual and ideological potential.

2019 PH Value autumn and winter knitting Expo has prepared "Henan Huaibin textile and garment industry promotion meeting", "Pearl life science and technology innovation Art Museum promotion meeting", "celwarm hot granulated Underwear New Trend Forum (tmall underwear home group) promotion meeting", "Datang socks Art Museum opening ceremony & 2020 China socks fashion trend release show", "Puyuan fashion conference - Puyuan Exhibition Group release show" and "ingenuity design" The "Jiangxi Qingshanhu" knitting clothing brand release show, "Li Ning Cup" China fashion sportswear design competition launching ceremony, functional fashion trend exhibition and other activities.

"Autumn joint exhibition" not only contains broad business opportunities, combs the upstream and downstream industrial chain boutiques and accurately serves enterprises; it also focuses on popular, marketing, marketing, technology and other hot topics to empower enterprises in the future; through three days, it links thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors to present the status quo of China's textile industry in an all-round way, strengthen the confidence of textile development, and promote industrial synergy.

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