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Anhui Int'L Intelligent Manufacturing And Sewing Equipment Exhibition

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   First, the time and place of the exhibition

Time: 12-14 December 2019

Venue: Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 272, Fan Hua Avenue, Hefei economic and Technological Development Zone.

   Two. Organization

Sponsor: Anhui Garment Industry Association

Support units: textile and apparel industry associations

Sponsor: Qingdao international sourcing Promotion Center Co., Ltd.

  Three, industry background

Textile and garment industry is the traditional pillar industry and important livelihood industry of China's national economy. In recent years, the cost of the eastern coastal areas, which accounts for 85% of the scale of China's textile industry, has risen rapidly, and its competitive advantage has weakened. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council promulgated the "textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan". The Ministry of industry and Commerce issued the "guiding opinions on advancing the textile industry transfer". The state attaches great importance to the textile industry transfer, promotes the textile structure adjustment and optimizes the industrial layout, and the central region has ushered in a rare strategic opportunity to undertake the nationwide textile and garment industry transfer.

Anhui province is located in the economic zone of central China. It has a deep textile industry foundation. It has formed Anqing, Lu'an, Fuyang, Suzhou, Xuancheng, Wangjiang, Fanchang County, Yuexi County, Susong County, Nanling County, Sixian Chang Gou Town, Wuhe County and other textile and garment industrial gathering areas.

Four, exhibition introduction

Anhui international intelligent manufacturing and sewing equipment exhibition is a major move to push forward the shift of textile and garment industry, optimize the industrial structure, and give full play to the industrial advantages of the central and western regions. The exhibition will further integrate the quality resources of the industry, reduce manufacturing costs and improve the production level of the industry. The exhibition is expected to show more than 600 merchants and 20000 square slots. 23000 invitations and buyers from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other regions will be invited to attend the exhibition. The exhibition will become the largest and most extensive professional exhibition of textile and garment industry in the Midwest of China.

Five, exhibition advantages

(1) regional advantages

Anhui is located in the link between the traditional textile base of the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai coastal areas and the strategic transfer base of the central and western regions. The logistics and transportation facilities are convenient, the radiation range is wide, the textile industry foundation is good, and it is easy to undertake the textile and garment manufacturing industry in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Anhui has 5 airports, 4500 kilometers of highways and more than 1400 kilometers of high-speed railways. Hefei plans 8 subway lines, 1 hours from Nanjing, 2 hours from Hangzhou, 2 hours from Shanghai, 2 hours from Wuhan, 4 hours from Nanchang, 4 hours from Zhengzhou, 4 hours from Nanchang, and has become a "sub center city" of the Yangtze River Delta city group.

(two) investment promotion advantages

1, according to the advantages of the organization, the textile and Garment Association of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other places will hold a special meeting to purchase the conference and buyers, and jointly build the strongest meeting of the textile and garment industry in the central and western regions. Provide 1 years of free buyer's introduction and negotiation service.

2, special subsidies, strongly invited buyers at home and abroad

Use overseas chamber of Commerce and 400 thousand overseas buyers for global promotion. Inviting foreign buyers from the European Union, the United States, ASEAN, Southeast Asia, and other brands, such as Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian and Guangzhou coastal areas, will come to the meeting to negotiate. Buyers provide special grants, free accommodation and pick-up service.

3, covering the whole country, especially in the central and western regions, 200 thousand clothing, home textiles, clothing, bags, shoes and hats and other downstream industries factories, foreign trade companies, procurement offices, invited 1.2 million enterprises to visit the procurement. The invited purchasers offer free accommodation for 1 nights to fully cover the domestic market for you.

4, make full use of the advantages of the government to promote the spread effect of fusion exhibition.

Invest 1 million 200 thousand in all aspects of publicity, through more than 300 newspapers, magazines, buildings, outdoor, Internet, radio, television, new media, etc., to ensure that the industry knows the event in depth.

The major industrial and textile markets in China are widely publicized, and 150 thousand tickets are distributed. Mailing 1 million letters and tickets for home textile and garment factories, sending 300 million SMS notification.

5. Continuous order service after exhibition.

Chinese and English corporate profiles and product information are released on the official website of the exhibition, and 1 years of free media promotion services are available. Use official platform and background to win the trust of buyers at home and abroad and reduce the cost of expanding business.

Six, exhibition area and scope of recruitment

Before sewing: cloth cutting, design system, CAD/CAM, 3D body measurement, detection / pre shrinking, and management system.

Machine: sewing machine, embroidery equipment, quilting / quilting embroidery, laser equipment, filling machine, template machine, medium thick material equipment, special industrial sewing machine, automatic sewing unit, leather luggage sewing equipment, sewing packaging equipment, ultrasonic equipment;

After sewing: ironing equipment, hanging system / automatic storage, shearing equipment, cutting machine, packaging equipment, washing equipment, raw material transmission equipment, finishing equipment;

Auxiliary products: spare parts, clothing oil, platform, motor, bus slot, refrigeration system, etc.

Matching: factory solution

In the same period, there are four major exhibition areas, including home textile and garment area, accessories exhibition area, printing industry exhibition area, shoe machine shoe material exhibition area, covering the upstream and downstream industries of textile and clothing, providing you more opportunities for cooperation.

Seven. Participation fee

* pre booked price concessions.

Eight. Journal advertising (RMB)

Cover: 18000 yuan, bottom cover: 15000 yuan, seal 2: 12000 yuan.

Seal 3: 9000 yuan color full page: 5000 yuan black and white full page: 2800 yuan.

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