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"I Haven'T Been So Happy For Many Years!" See How Honghe Stirred Up The "Initial Heart" Of The Sweater.

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Hung HoSweater

In recent days, Mr. Lu and Mr. Zhu, who are engaged in the production and sale of sweaters in Honghe, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, have changed their feelings of helplessness and suddenly become "sunshine". It seems that after a summer's rain, the sunshine of autumn has been ushered in for a long time.

"I haven't been so happy for many years." Zhu said to reporters, "in 2012, I bought several pavements in Honghe's" Jiaxing international sweater city ", but the woolen sweater city was busy for a long time, but it was gradually depressed because of poor management, which made us owners miserable for several years. Recently, Honghe relevant authorities have told us that a professional capital team and operation team have taken over the project, and will soon start reorganizing the acquisition, capital injection and re planning operation of the project. How can this be exciting?

Market shutting down

But it can't shut down the "sweater heart" of "sweater".

It is understood that the project mentioned by Zhu is built in 2012. "Jiaxing international sweater city" 。 This project is located at A famous sweater Town, Honghe Town, Jiaxing, Zhejiang It covers an area of 105 mu, with an area of about 150 thousand square meters and more than 3000 berths. It was the largest single sweater market in the Yangtze River Delta region.

But it didn't last long. Soon after its opening, the project declined because of the fragmentation of capital chain and poor management.

"At the end of 2014, there was a problem in the whole company level, the capital chain was broken, and the company couldn't go on, so the project was stagnant." Mr. Zhu said, "all businesses are stuck in this project."

"It was hoped that with this project, we could upgrade ourselves to the shop in Honghe old market and upgrade our products, so as to result in the shop that we invested heavily in buying, we have to close down in a short time." Mr. Lu, who had the same experience with Mr. Zhu, told reporters that "I had paved the way in the old market of Honghe, but the old market is very backward in both the hardware environment and property management. The" greenhouse market "in the 70s and 80s of the last century has already lagged behind the times. I bought the new shops after I sold the old shops, but the final result was that the new market is now on the mend, and the old pavements have been increasing in value over the past few years, and have increased from hundreds of thousands to millions. How can it balance people's hearts? "

According to Mr. Zhu and Mr. Lu, in Honghe, such a situation is not a minority. These businesses initially saw the scale and grade of the new market, and at the same time they saw the future trend of the sweater industry, so they would be determined to invest in the new market. But the eventual failure of the project has kept these merchants locked up for many years.

Transformation and upgrading

Industrial upgrading is needed.

Honghe's sweater industry can be traced back to the beginning of reform and opening up. 1975 At that time, a group of Shanghai educated youth relied on the advantage of crossing the Honghe town with the 320 National Road, and arranged the stalls on the roadside to sell the woollen knitted sweaters with low price and good quality to the whole country through the rest drivers. Zhou Jianping, director of Honghe town enterprise service center Introduced to reporters.

After more than 40 years of development, Honghe sweater industry has formed a complete wool knitting industrial chain, which integrates raw materials supply, design proofing, production and processing, printing and dyeing, ironing, specialized market transactions, and operation of electronic business platforms. It is a processing base for wool products, which is fully integrated with the surrounding industries. The sweater distribution center, export base and supplier base are also the most influential trading platform and value realization platform for wool knitting industry in China.

Nowadays, In the Honghe 110 thousand permanent resident population, there are about 80 thousand wool knitting industry practitioners, 38 thousand computerized flat knitting machines, the annual output of sweaters is about 400 million, and the annual turnover is over 15 billion yuan. "Among the 110 thousand permanent residents, the floating population accounts for seven or eight of the total population. These people are gathered here because of Honghe's sweater industry." Zhou Jianping said.

There is no doubt that the strength of Honghe sweater industry should not be underestimated. But in some industry circles, the image of Honghe sweater is far away from its perfect industrial chain and overall strength. Many people still regard Honghe as synonymous with "low end".

"To give the HONGPU sweater the" low end "hat, just because they see the market of Honghe is relatively old, and that is because they do not understand the Honghe sweater industry very well. Lu said to reporters, "maybe people think that there are many high-end markets and shopping malls in the surrounding counties and cities, and the products inside are really good high-end products, but they do not know that some of the sweaters in those areas are from Honghe."

It is understood that Honghe woolen sweater market was built in 1880s. After decades of development, it has become a comprehensive market with more than 4000 stores. However, compared with some new markets, the hardware facilities still stay in the last century 80s, not only traffic congestion, but also the business environment is lagging behind the periphery, so it has become an old market with serious security risks and labelled "dirty and messy". This not only left the world with a "low end" stereotype of HONGPU sweater, which restricted the further development of Honghe sweater industry, but also brought great pressure to the management of the government.

Obviously, the old market has been unable to meet the development of Honghe sweater industry. It is against this background that some sweater practitioners chose to buy their own business in the newly built sweater City, hoping to make their business go up to a higher level. The only thing that these businessmen did not expect was that the new market opened by the poor management of sweater city soon "defeated Huarong".

"A market from planning and construction, strategic positioning to investment, to opening up, to flourishing, this is not accomplished overnight. This needs to be carried out in many aspects, such as capital operation, business mode / operation and management, etc. it needs market to do a good job for merchants, in-depth understanding of the industry, planning and implementation of future development. The development of the market has its natural law. Any "opportunistic" and "spoil" behavior will make the market unable to catch up with the pace of development. Assistant to Chairman of China Textile union branch, Ye Liang, chairman of China Textile Business Association. To reporters, "to put it simply, the market needs to let fish grow."

Revitalize the market

Let merchants smile

It is true that if the sweater city had a long-term plan and managed and operated according to market rules, it would probably not fail.

"In April 2018, the project applied to the court for bankruptcy reorganization according to the actual situation. In June this year, the court ruled that "Jiaxing international sweater city" project bankruptcy reorganization, Zhongzhi group formally received the disk, and renamed the project "Jiaxing Le Fu Fashion Plaza." Ye Liang introduced, "Jiaxing Lok Fu Fashion Plaza" a total of four storey, including one shop 601, two storey 569, three floors 319, can accommodate nearly 2000 merchants. In planning, 1F-2F will absorb the original factory shop, 3F will build a brand and boutique exhibition hall, and 4F will attract research and development design studio, live space, exhibition space, catering and related supporting services.

In the product category, it is not limited to sweaters. With the help of national industry organizations, it will cooperate with Haining leather, Hangzhou women's wear, Changshu men's clothing, etc. to create four seasons products of the whole category, to get out of the predicament of a single market and really revitalize the market.

For the introduction of Honghe origin merchants, the "Jiaxing Le Fu Fashion Plaza" will also follow the strict standards of identity authentication, and select the quality merchants who have made many years of production and sales in Honghe to issue certificates of identity, invite them to enter the industrial park, realize the real sense of origin / original creation, and realize the comprehensive optimization and upgrading of Jiaxing Le Fu Fashion Plaza.

"Jiaxing Lok Fu Fashion Plaza" will create a differentiated quality platform which is different from the "dirty, messy" environment in the old market from the space structure, business atmosphere and services. Using clean, comfortable space planning and original design services, create brand concept, fundamentally break down the "low end" stereotype of Honghe sweater, truly reveal the quality advantages of Honghe sweater products; introduce the third party live broadcast platform and e-commerce platform, help merchants transform, increase the performance level in the "electric shock"; introduce logistics services, shorten the "time gap" with competitors, further promote industrial upgrading, and provide more employment opportunities for Honghe local, drive the development of Honghe economy, and improve the living standard of Honghe people.

Besides, Zhongzhi group Relevant responsible person also said, "Le Fu Fashion Industrial Park" in the future will rely on the Zhongzhi group in Urumqi, Chengdu and many other places have 6 mature high-quality large property main body advantage, carry out channel resource docking strategic investment, help Hong He sweater enterprise docking "along the road" along the country, truly sharing resources, coordinated development, radiation the whole world.

In addition, ye Liang also said that "Jiaxing Lok Fu Fashion Plaza" is not just a property provider, but will become a core platform for "helping merchants transform", "pulling and upgrading the sweater industry optimization and upgrading", and "promoting the social and economic development of Honghe". Based on the advantages of Honghe sweater industry and relying on the support of the local government, Jiaxing Le Fu Fashion Plaza is confident that the Honghe sweater industry will become a key industry in the triangular economy of integration. "Jiaxing Le Fu Fashion Plaza" is also determined to become the benchmark market for the textile and garment circulation industry in the Yangtze River Delta integrated planning.

Top-level design

Bring new vitality to industry

As for the re integration of the sweater City, a few years ago, the merchants who had already bought their homes here showed unprecedented enthusiasm. Their depressed mood for many years was finally released, and their business also had a new hope. "We are all businessmen who are HONGPU's" old sweater people ". They all hope that our industry can get better and better, the market can revitalize, and we have new opportunities. Honghe's sweater industry has also got room for improvement. Mr Lu said.

In fact, it is not just Mr. Lu and Zhu's household, but also not only the Zhongzhi group, but also the relevant competent departments of Honghe town have placed high expectations on this project.

Today, the "one belt and one road" initiative, and the introduction of the Yangtze River economic belt and the Yangtze River Delta economic circle have brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of Honghe's sweater industry. Honghe needs to take advantage of natural geographical advantages to make efforts in many aspects such as intelligent processing and manufacturing, high quality printing and dyeing finishing, domestic market trading, intelligent logistics distribution, and so on. By constantly improving quality and enhancing efficiency, Hongtong will expand the share and opportunities of Honghe's domestic market by improving the quality of enterprises, improving the quality of talents, improving the efficiency of industrial chain synergy development, enhancing brand influence and integrating production and city. Zhou Jianping introduced.

It is understood that held in August 8th this year. China (Honghe) sweater Cultural Festival Up, "Honghe town wool knitting industry development plan" (2019-2023) officially released Honghe town has officially launched a new leap forward development in the new era.

Pointed out in the development plan of Honghe wool knitting industry ,洪合镇需要充分利用从当下到2023年的五年时间,紧抓“一带一路”倡议和长三角一体化发展战略机遇,积极践行《浙江省加快传统制造业改造提升行动计划(2018-2022)》与《浙江省推动批发零售业改造提升行动方案(2018-2022年)》,牢固树立创新发展理念,聚焦高质量发展,以“科技、时尚、绿色”的行业新定位为发展指引,以供给侧结构性改革和“三品”战略为主线,以品牌化、时尚化、专业化、数字化、绿色化、国际化为路径,构建洪合毛针织产业发展的新基础、新战略、新模式、新动能,促进洪合毛针织产业流通资源品质提升、效率提升、业态融合、功能完善,实现产销互动、产城融合,使洪合能以毛针织产业为抓手,在5G时代走上转型升级发展快车道,实现新时期跨跃式发展。

Also pointed out in the development plan of Honghe wool knitting industry. We must persist in the combination of the development of wool knitting industry and the construction of small towns, grasp the realistic foundation of industrial and town construction, accurately judge the trend of industrial development, take the new consumption concept and new consumption demand as the guidance, and give full play to the role of Honghe wool knitting industry in leading consumption, promoting employment, enriching the people and protecting the people, so as to realize the effective integration of industry and small town construction. We should give full play to the comparative advantages of Honghe wool knitting industry, strengthen our thinking innovation, and continuously push forward the coordinated development of new demands, new formats, new culture, new models, new channels, new technologies and other fields, break through the bondage of industrial development, and promote the integration of industry and regional economic, cultural, management, technology and other upgrading and development, and create a new ecosystem for the development of Hongmao knitting industry.

In the future, Honghe town government will guide and support the "Le Fu Fashion Industrial Park" to join hands in the west market and create a joint effort to build up the image quality of "Honghe sweater" and create a cluster of Hongxi West fashion industry chain.

In addition, Honghe will make full use of the natural neighbouring advantages to carry out full cooperation and coordinated development with Pu Yuan town in such aspects as intelligent processing and manufacturing, high quality printing and dyeing finishing, domestic market trading, and intelligent logistics distribution. And by constantly upgrading and enhancing efficiency, we should expand the share and opportunities of Honghe in the domestic market in terms of improving the quality of enterprises, improving the quality of talents, improving the efficiency of collaborative development of industrial chains, enhancing brand influence and integrating the cities and towns.

In Honghe, more and more two generations have taken over the industry from their parents' hands. Mr. Lu's daughter has begun developing online sales by direct seeding, and the effect is obvious. These young people are pouring new ideas and new vitality into the Honghe sweater industry, and Honghe's sweater industry also needs to understand young people in the young market, actively cooperate with them from top to bottom, and keep pace with the transformation and upgrading of Honghe sweater industry.

In the future, a brand new Honghe will show its unique charm of the sweater industry in a completely new way.

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