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7 Fashion Trends Of 2020 Spring Women'S Wear In New York Fashion Week

2019/9/21 12:37:00 16

2020 Spring And Summer Women'S Wear TrendNew York Fashion Week2020 Spring Fashion Trend

Sweater and down jacket are not ready yet? Turn your attention away from the coming temperature drop. Look at the dress forecast in the spring of 2020. From the waist bellies to the smooth leather skirts and bottoms, New York fashion week's fashion show has spawned a new trend. As usual, it is not too early to adopt any future trend. This is also the reason why we provide the "get the look" option. Wear fashionable clothes before others.

Michael Kors 2020 spring summer series

1. shoulder width

But when it comes to exaggerated shoulder width, it reminds us of 80s, when mom's clothes were exaggerated shoulders, I don't know if you still remember, the larger the shoulders, the bigger the temperament. Later, the broad shoulders were once seen in the cold palace, and more and more shoulder down suits began to appear. This year, the bold shoulder design has returned to the stage of fashion.

Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors

2. bra

The only way to wear a suit next season is to wear a bra. Of course, it will stay until you leave work. )

The designer's idea is to show your belly and make you feel covered up. According to Kors's suggestion, choose a high waist lower garment so that it can cover more.

Michael Kors, Jonathan Simhaki, Jason Wu3. soft leather

There is no doubt that leather is the material that everyone will be happy to use next season. Although some brands are actually built on this appearance, more and more designers are looking for new ways to integrate this soft material into their works.

Khaite, Kate Spade, Sally LaPointe, Coach 1941

4. extremely high side seam

In the spring of 2020, the side seam was higher than ever, so hugged and showed your long legs. This effortless tailoring brings a new sexy trend to your skirt, and it keeps you cool when the temperature starts to rise. If you want more cover effects, you can wear large jeans or linen pants.

Jason Wu, Dion Lee, Prabal Gurung, Brandon Maxwell

5. chiffon and gauze

Designers have accepted the idea of "less is more" next season, creating a lightweight appearance with chiffon and veil. Because this material is basically transparent, it's time to show your most beautiful bra.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

6. fluffy sleeves

This 70s style is not to be missed in this year's fashion show. The tiny inflated sleeves, coupled with the 60s mini skirt or printed dress, look lovely and not boring.

Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors

7. sequins

Sequins are the logo designs that show the characteristics of beauty. They were popular in 60s and 80s, and now they come back in another form. In this year's fashion week, the sequins have been able to hold up great scenes under the playing of big designers. Many designs can see sequins.

Ralph Lauren, Adam Lippes, Sally LaPointe, Cynthia Rowle

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