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"2019 Changan CS75 PLUS" China Chongqing International Fashion Week Opens.

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Changan CS75PLUS

Time: September 20, 2019 evening

Venue: Shi Guangchang, marbles of Nanbin Road, Chongqing.

In September 20th, the opening ceremony of "2019 Changan CS75 PLUS" China Chongqing international fashion week was held at the marble square of Nanbin Road, Nan'an District, Chongqing. The theme of this fashion week is "landscape city, fashion capital". The 70th anniversary day, 25 to six day event in People's Republic of China is a collection of Chinese top costume designers, new generation outstanding designers and famous brands. The fashion and creative design of Chinese excellent costumes shows the idea of praising the motherland and loving the motherland.

"2019 Changan CS75PLUS" China Chongqing international fashion week opening ceremony is held in the "overseas Chinese town Happy Valley" Chongqing International Children's fashion week and the Chinese Super kid model Elite Award winning Tong Mo, Chongqing Binjiang experimental school, Chongqing City South Longmen Longmen Hao school students' children's Chorus "the best future".

Chongqing International Women's half marathon's most beautiful partner, champion partner (badminton world champion Zhang Yawen), vigor baby (China super boy model elite contest) is wearing 2019 new match suit on T stage to interact with audience.

Participating in the opening ceremony of the 2019 FIBA World Cup, the sparkle cheerleading team in Chongqing twenty-nine brings wonderful performances, which fully demonstrates the beautiful image of contemporary Chongqing children's youthful beauty, vigor and vitality, and sports fashion.

Zhang Yichao, chief executive of China's top ten fashion designer and art director of Chongqing international fashion week, is specially designed and displayed for Changan CS75 PLUS car. Fashion and automobile cooperate again in fashion.

China's outstanding and most influential fashion designer, Zhang Zhaoda, the winner of Chinese Fashion Design Gold Award, brings the fashion show of "China's beautiful mother making", which is drawn from the Chinese multi-ethnic fine art elements, and meticulously polished and creative design. Nearly 100 supermodels and famous models are on the same stage.

Zhang Zhaoda fashion show of "China's beautiful mother making", with the creation pursuit of East West integration, the designer gives the oriental culture characteristics to the international and fashionable vocabulary, carries on the visual reconstruction to the handicraft art such as Beijing embroidery, batik, plate embroidery, Li Jin, Wu embroidery, and summer cloth, and so on, and designs the dragon pattern with soft and fine gold thread embroidered with the traditional embroidery pieces with strong texture and national characteristics, and reflects the various layers of texture in the glossy and thick heavy forging. The deep red tone lock embroidery is composed of fish road flowers, bird flowers and sawtooth flowers. It symbolizes many sons and sons. The red tail of the horse tail is embroidered, the middle white circular pattern symbolizes the sun's illumination of all things, the green arc is the symbol of the fish tail, and the middle purple pattern of the sunflower is the altar cover. The flower symbolizes the harvest. The symmetrical yellow pattern is the butterfly symbolizing the Miao people's pursuit of the beautiful things.

Zhang Zhaoda distilled the essence of Chinese traditional civilization and made use of modern design language and Western classical division to express the Chinese nation's auspicious and beautiful imagination with a new fashion visual expression in a fashionable expression way, showing the Chinese beauty in the new era.

The creative team based on the artistic director of Chongqing international fashion week, Zhang Yichao, the top ten fashion designer of China and the famous fashion show guide Wang Weiping, make full use of the location advantages of the best viewing points of Chongqing river scenery in marble square, integrate landscape beauty with colorful show and patriotic feelings, highlight the fashionable muscles of Chongqing's "vigorous" fashion, and strive to enhance national pride and firm cultural confidence through the superb skills and excellent cultural essence of the creative people.

Sponsored by the Chongqing textile and garment Federation, the general name of Chongqing Changan automobile Limited by Share Ltd, China Textile Industry Federation, China clothing association and China Clothing Designer Association, jointly set up and (Hangzhou) cultural and creative limited company, "2019 Changan CS75 PLUS" China Chongqing international fashion week, and the Chongqing City of Liangjiang New Area, Nanan District again deep cooperation, and join hands in Rongchang District, innovation to promote the integration and development of the culture and business and fashion industry, continue to cross boundary integration of automobile industry, cultural tourism, education sports, market trade and other industries, accelerate Chongqing consumption center city and quality international center city construction. They will be held in the south shore District, Nanbin Road, marble square, Sheraton Hotel, etc., two rivers New District Neptune university guest space; Yubei District Rui Cheng group; Rongchang District of China's shrub town; Jiulongpo District Uptown City musicals Art Center and other Chongqing landmark fashion venues to hold a series of activities.

As the only municipality directly under the central government and central city in the central and western regions of China, Chongqing is playing a more supporting role in "the western development, building the" one belt along the way "and promoting the" green development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt ". The China Chongqing international fashion week, based on the title of Ford new Mondeo in 2014, has become the most large-scale, most influential and unique platform for fashion and creative culture, and a beautiful business card to publicize Chongqing's city and fashion culture in the Midwest of China. The continuous success of fashion week has not only promoted the upgrading and upgrading of the clothing and apparel industry in Chongqing, but also promoted the development of Chongqing's fashion and creative culture industry. It has played a very positive role in displaying the beautiful image of Chongqing's landscape city and beautiful place, leading to the upgrading of green fashion consumption, enhancing the quality of urban fashion culture, and creating a better life for the public.

Before the end of the ceremony, "my motherland and I" sang together to the motherland, bringing the opening ceremony to a climax.

Chongqing billiard Shi Guangchang It's a sea of joy!

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