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The New Trend Of National Brand: Red Bean, The Night Of Fashion Release, Is Shining.

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New trend of national brand: Red bean Light fashion release night blittering magic all

From China to Italy, from Milan to Shanghai, the red bean fashion trend swept Milan, sweeping across Shanghai. Following the Milan conference of "red bean fashion peak" series, the red bean men's wear in September is another big show. The red bean men's new product show is shining with the bright night of Shanghai, shining the magic capital, bringing together the products of Inspiration Design and fashion technology, revealing the mysterious veil, the stunning beauty show, and ten thousand miles away.

In September 20th, the "red bean" fashion night was unveiled. "Red bean" (600400) under the red bean men's clothing held the 2020 new product conference and the first light goose 2 in Shanghai the Peace Hotel. The red bean men's clothing is insisting on the improvement of the product, while putting the introduction of the international design style and absorbing the advanced ideas of the international fashion industry in an important position. In this new product conference, the red bean men's light goose down 2 was debuted. The red bean men's clothing was upgraded on the basis of the light goose down 1, and the heavy lighter, more elastic and warmer light goose 2 was introduced. The light feather age was redefined. The Dengfeng series down jacket from Milan has been integrated into fashion and technology. Red bean clothing and blue dye series are "cultural heritage, environmental protection and health". Red bean men's clothing diversified new products bloom T platform, interpretation of the new era of ingenuity, leading the new trend of national brand.


Follow the concept of light fashion products and enhance the wearing comfort with high technology and high quality. Red bean Menswear To make a new interpretation and guidance for the current lifestyle and fashion trends, and to demonstrate the modern people's fashion attitude with the concept of "subtraction". Following the signing of Wu Jing as ambassador of the red bean, red beans also signed a joint signing with the famous European designer Fabio Del Bianco. The international forward looking design added more fashion elements to the red bean "light fashion". In September 13th, red bean men went out of the country to hold a fashion show at the Italy's grand Langer de la LOI palace. This Shanghai big show is the continuous voice of red bean fashion in China, and further strengthens the image of young and fashionable fashion of the national brand red bean men's clothing.


The 2 new conference of red bean and goose feather is not only a brand voice of red bean fashion, but also another milestone of red beans and Jingdong's unbounded retail cooperation. After the success of red beans and Jingdong and the successful completion of strategic cooperation, Jingdong has once again become the exclusive online starter platform for the red bean men's wear products.


Facing the rapid and iterative Internet era background, red bean men's clothing fully realizes that only by using the Internet thinking mode to integrate traditional industries, and constantly injecting "intelligent" blood for enterprises, can we serve users better. Under the new market environment, the red bean men's clothing will adhere to the innovative management mode, integrate brand resources, and promote the development of new retail with full channel construction through the same frequency resonance between online and offline, and transmit brand value with technology and fashion concept.

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