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Market: The Aging Products Industry Has Become A New Growth Point.

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Textile And Clothing For The Elderly

In order to provide a solid material guarantee for the aging of the population, guide the development of the quality of the elderly products industry and cultivate new growth points and new kinetic energy of the old products industry, the Ministry of industry and Commerce has drafted the guiding opinions on the promotion of the development of the elderly products industry (draft), and recently began soliciting opinions.

According to this guidance, products with functional, convenience, comfort and fashion will become the focus of development in the elderly textile and clothing products. In addition, focusing on the special needs of elderly clothing for new materials, speeding up the application of functional textile materials technology will become a priority task.

The relevant contents of the draft on textile and garment industry development are as follows:

development direction

Drugs and medical devices

Combined with the characteristics of the elderly diseases and rehabilitation needs, we should speed up the integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, brain science and virtual reality in rehabilitation assistive devices, enhance the auxiliary treatment and rehabilitation ability of the products, and focus on developing exoskeleton robots, biomimetic prostheses, cognitive rehabilitation rehabilitation equipment, artificial joints and spine, 3D Printing Department of orthopedics implants, tissue organ induced regeneration and repair materials, implantable left ventricular assist devices, pacemakers, cochlear implant, dental implant, ophthalmic IOL, hemodialysis membrane and other rehabilitation aids and medical materials.

Health management products

Aiming at the needs of health care for families, communities and institutions, we develop health management products such as health management wearable devices, portable health monitoring equipment, self-service health testing equipment, intelligent pension monitoring devices, family service robots and other intelligent health management products. We should focus on developing healthy bracelet, smart watch, wearable monitoring equipment, etc. to monitor the blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen, ECG, sleep and other physiological parameters and health status in real time and continuously, so as to realize on-line immediate management and early warning.

Clothing and accessories

In view of the physiological characteristics, psychological needs, health conditions and living environment of the elderly, we should strengthen the design of functionality, convenience, comfort and fashion for the elderly clothing and textile products, focusing on the improvement of clothing material, style structure, exterior color and auxiliary devices. It is necessary to strengthen the functional design of elderly clothing, such as hygroscopic, quick drying, easy care, stretch springback, and the design of suitable old structure. The application of sensitive materials, anti ultraviolet materials and high performance fibers in clothing for elderly people is developed. Clothing and accessories with safety protection, heat storage and warmth retention function are developed. Through intelligent design and intelligent material application, we can increase the sensing auxiliary function of clothing and clothing, and vigorously develop wearable smart clothing with interactive, perceptible and automatic alarm functions. We should develop comfortable and functional home textile products to enhance the performance of products in such aspects as water repellency, bacteriostasis, odor elimination, and health care. The development of personalized clothing for elderly patients and other specific groups and urine care pants, nursing pad, nursing wet towel, ulcer rehabilitation textiles and other nursing textiles.

Key tasks

Clothing and accessories


Key core technologies

Focusing on the special needs of elderly clothing for new materials, we will speed up the application of functional textile materials technology. In particular, the industrialization and application of high performance fiber and composite materials, bio based fibers, gel anti knock materials, super absorbent resin materials, flexible wearable intelligent textile materials and other technologies.


Constructing standard system

We should improve the standards of key products, focus on promoting the identification and evaluation standards of the safety and functionality of clothing fabrics and products, and encourage the third party organizations to carry out the publicity of relevant standards.


Improving quality assurance level

Support enterprises to adopt advanced technology and equipment to organize production, improve the design ability and comfort of elderly clothing products, and establish intelligent production processes including body design, fitting and production. Improve the quality of flexible wearable textiles, new fibers and other materials, and standardize functional requirements such as sensor, thermal insulation and antibacterial.

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