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September Foreign Trade Index: Export Transformation Accelerated, Foreign Trade Price Rise

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Foreign Trade Textile

As shown in the figure, the foreign trade prosperity index in September 2019 closed at 754.29 points, up 3.26%, up 8.58% from the beginning of the year, down 1.23% from the same period last year. The foreign trade price index closed at 167.65 points, rising 2.08%, rising 6.80% compared with the beginning of the year, rising 2.11% year on year, and the confidence index of foreign trade at 1214.80 points, rising by 6.07%.


In September, the export volume of textile and clothing in Keqiao District of Shaoxing increased, and the textile exports showed a trend of ring growth. With the active innovation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises and overseas layout, China's textile and garment industry will remain competitive in the international market for a long time. Export textile enterprises have further accelerated their transformation and upgrading, and the bonus of "one belt and one road" has helped boost the development of textile and foreign trade in Keqiao. The 20180925 phase of the foreign trade prosperity index rose, and the foreign trade price index rose.

Overseas markets continue to expand

Foreign trade boom index rising

In September, the prosperity index of foreign textile enterprises in Keqiao District of Shaoxing increased, the international market actively explored, and the overseas buyers' stocking and procurement were partially promoted. Among them: the foreign trade prosperity index of cotton and its blended fabrics increased by 8.63%; the foreign trade prosperity index of chemical fiber and filament fabrics increased by 5.33%; the foreign trade prosperity index of embroidery category increased by 19.58%; the curtain curtain foreign trade prosperity index increased by 14.66%; the index of stimulating foreign trade prosperity rose.

   1, the central bank will drop its trade disputes and ease trade disputes. The people's Bank of China decided to reduce the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points in September 16, 2019. In September, there was a news of the call from China and the United States. China and the United States will conduct consultations, and the thirteenth round of Sino US economic and trade consultations will strive for substantial progress. To a certain extent, it can always alleviate the mood of macro deviation. Textile market welcomed "strong stimulation". In September, textile and clothing trade orders increased.

   2, Sino US trade has been good! The United States announced 437 tariff increases to exclude commodities (including textiles). In September 17th, the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced the notice of excluding the list of tariff items to China (including textiles). And the exemption notice indicates that 100% of the polyester woven microfiber fabrics and polyester products in the textiles are excluded from the list. This is good news for China and the United States. The United States no longer has the infrastructure to manufacture clothing, textiles and other related products. For the US textile industry, the lifting of the ban on Chinese textiles at least eased the urgent need. Many industry insiders say that the announcement of the exclusion list is good news for Chinese export enterprises in related fields, especially the enterprises that are currently striving for Christmas orders.

   3, the Sino US deficit is rising, and the orders issued will continue to be issued. Many textile bosses this year worry that orders may be transferred or cancelled in Sino US trade. Entering the September, some enterprises' foreign trade orders are still increasing. According to a foreign trade enterprise feedback, the company's orders are indeed increasing, and it seems to be more sustainable. The Sino US trade war has been taking too long. Some American clothing companies have consumed almost the same stock of raw materials. The demand for Christmas can still be released. On the basis of unadjusted trade deficits, the trade deficit, which is more affected by the trade situation, has risen the highest level since January. It can be seen that the United States still can not do without Chinese products, and the market demand still exists.

   4, the exhibition hall of the textile city shows up in Shanghai, and the exhibition hall is full of popularity. In September 25th, the Intertextile autumn and winter exhibition in Shanghai opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. The global textile network high quality fabric exhibition hall carried 20 exhibitors in this exhibition. It exhibited more than 10000 kinds of cotton, flax, Korean velvet, embroidery, chiffon, Tencel and knitted and woven fabrics. The first day of the exhibition hall was popular, and more than 3000 passengers were received. In addition to the fabric display, the global textile exhibition hall has brought features such as flower drawing platform, weaving road cloud intelligent flower design platform, easy to spin smart clothes, 3D clothing intelligent personalized design system, and enterprise ERP business management system. Among them, the launch of the multi lingual website of the global textile network international station is attracting many enterprises to come to the consultation experience. The multi station function of the international station enables the product to be uploaded at once, literally translated into 16 languages, and the 16 country sites are displayed in the same period, so that overseas customers can quickly understand the fabric product information in their native language and improve their communication efficiency in the overseas market.

   5, special fabrics have opened the door to international high-end market. In the light textile city, every 3 to 5 days, new fabrics will be put on the shelves. In the textile industry, the special fabrics will be opened to the door of the international high-end market. On the international stage, the colorful felt hat of the Keqiao designer is the eye of the fashion world. Silk is intertwined and creative intertwined. A fashion show is being staged in Keqiao. Nowadays, with the rapid change of market demand and the aggravation of the final elimination of the industry, more and more fabric enterprises realize that if we want to "live" in the fierce market competition, we must enhance our R & D capability and produce our own fist products. Green environmental protection raw materials research and development, flower design, new fabric weaving, post process treatment... In Zhejiang van chase Textiles Co., Ltd., R & D personnel account for 2/3 of the total staff, invest tens of millions of yuan each year to develop new products, and spend 5 million yuan to build the textile inspection center, and finally win the trust of international brands such as POLO, CK and ZARA. About 70% of the profits of enterprises come from about 40% of the brand supply orders.

The price of innovative products is rising.

Foreign trade price index rose

In September, the foreign trade price index showed a rising trend. Among them, the foreign trade price index of chemical fiber filament fabrics increased by 2%; the price index of embroidery and foreign trade increased by 3.16%; the daily price index of household textiles and fabrics increased by 9.09%; the curtain foreign trade price index increased by 1.89%; the total price index of foreign trade increased.

   1, turn from "world factory" to "Oriental Milan". In the creative design base of Keqiao's textile industry, there are 399 textile design enterprises like "Bai Si", of which 1246 are design talents, who serve 2/3 of the textile industry and trade enterprises in the whole region. At present, the fashion creative industry has been included in the training plan of Keqiao billion industry. In the implementation of the specific development, Keqiao District invested 20 million of its annual financial funds for fashion projects and design talents, the support platform for fashion industry, the cultivation of local fashion brands, and the creation of fashion and creative activities, with remarkable results. "Monthly exhibitions and daily fashion" normalization activities, instead of small-scale, irregular painting fairs; China Europe fashion dream factory, "Oriental Milan" international fashion publishing center and many other international fashion projects settled in Keqiao; local designer Ma Jinxing Wang Huifen promoted the top ten textile fabric designers in China; Hau Hua, Shi Ji, Zola and a number of Keqiao independent brands successfully hatched, attracting market attention. With the upgrading of textile fabrics and the extension of the textile industry chain, Keqiao is building a high growth and sustainable fashion industry system, which is turning from "world factory" to "Oriental Milan".

   2, Keqiao textile enterprises actively develop innovative products. In order to develop Keqiao's textile industry, we must have a company and a brand. Some Shaoxing scale textile companies invest a lot of energy every year to research and develop new products, send designers to Italy, Hongkong and other places, so that every month there are new fabrics to market, and become the preferred products in many industries. Not only in the domestic sales situation is ideal, in the "along the way" overseas markets are very popular, innovative products added value has been boosted, stimulating foreign trade price index rose.

   3, promote the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry. Keqiao is a large and strong textile area. The textile and dyeing industry is the mother industry and pillar industry in Keqiao district. Printing and dyeing industry in Keqiao, weaving and opening clothing home textiles is a crucial link in the entire textile industry chain. The traditional printing and dyeing industry is characterized by high pollution, high energy consumption and high emissions, and environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent. In the face of difficulties, printing and dyeing and related industries in the constant self-renewal and technological iteration, let this traditional industry shine new opportunities. In order to promote the development of printing and dyeing enterprises to high, intelligent and green industries, the Keqiao district government has made great efforts to push ahead with the provincial and provincial pilot projects in the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry, and strive to create a "green high-end, world leading" modern industrial cluster, which has made remarkable achievements. The export orders of the active environmental protection printing and dyeing products increased, the price chain ratio increased, and the price index of foreign trade increased.

Forecast of next stage foreign trade index

For the export situation in October 2019, textile and garment exports are expected to show a slight growth trend. October is the traditional peak season for textile industry. Textile enterprises prepare for "silver ten", and export orders will increase in the earlier stage.

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