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Popular Color Release: Autumn Forest Group Green, You Win A Lot!

2019/10/12 16:47:00 0

Forest Group GreenPopular Color

The green butter is a fire that has been burning all summer, and now enters the autumn. This kind of light color is not suitable for the strong atmosphere of autumn. And one of the 2019 autumn and winter fashionable colors released by Pantone is "Forest Biome".

"Urban forest" can not only make people feel the vitality of wearing, but also remind people of nature. Many female stars have a special liking for it. How does the "urban forest" that will occupy the autumn C occupy a better place? What is the best way to start a single product? Watch it!

The color of the city forest skirt, this dark colored skirt shows a calm breath.

The city forest color sports pants, when it comes to comfortable clothes in the autumn, certainly can't reduce the forest color sports pants. The trunks, especially the striped elements, are also popular products this autumn.

The city forest color coat, the dark green coat is low-key, implicitly, wears the obvious temperament in the autumn, but does not lose the time, the key point is the male and female all can relax hold to live!

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