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Grey Nike Air Force 1 Must Not Be Missed!

2019/10/12 16:47:00 16


The Nike Air Force 1 series has been giving us too many good memories from the market and has been affecting the trend lovers. Nike has also been adhering to the idea of innovation, constantly bringing us new products, and bringing new ideas to some classic shoes, which is what we have been looking forward to.

A new Air Force 1 is coming soon. The whole shoe is made of grey and the details of the shoelaces are bright yellow. The upper is made of high quality leather with suede, and finally carries a raw rubber color outsole. The texture is very outstanding. The biggest highlight of this shoe is that the Swoosh Logo on the side of the shoe is enlarged, and the Swoosh material inside and outside of the shoe is completely different, and the design sense is complete. It is reported that this pair of shoes will be on sale in the near future.

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