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Hunan Fashion Fair, Su Bai Is The Champion.

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Jointly sponsored by the China Textile Industry Federation, the Hunan provincial government, the Zhuzhou Municipal People's government, the Circulation Association of the China Textile Industry Federation and the people's Government of the Zhuzhou area, the 2019 Hunan apparel industry fair and the Lu Song dress festival were solemnly opened in Zhuzhou on 11. As the most professional and large-scale apparel industry exhibition in the central region, the opening ceremony of the Expo has attracted nearly 500 guests and leaders. The audience is expected to exceed 200 thousand.

As the only invited designer brand to appear at this exhibition, the white booth has attracted countless eyes with its elegant elegance and high decoration. At the beginning of the opening ceremony, the audience has stopped to take pictures. After the exhibition of plain white costumes, overseas suppliers and people from all walks of life have been seeking cooperation.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests walked into the white dress exhibition area, affirmed the work of plain white, and encouraged and supported this spirit to continue to play the role of the leader of fashion design in Hunan.

Above: Mao Tengfei, Secretary of the Zhuzhou municipal Party committee, highly appraised and recognized the show and exhibition hall of Bai Bai and its cultural heritage.

Chris and Varoti, director of the Chinese government representative office of Italy Marche, visited and enjoyed a group photo at the white booth.

On the afternoon of 11, the "new Ru song Cup" 2019 Hunan apparel industry fair and the Ru song costumes festival awards ceremony was successfully held in Hilton Hotel. Plain white dress is the only enterprise that has been invited to show up in the interior. It has brought a gourmet feast for on-site leaders and guests from all walks of life, and the effect of the scene is even more stirring.

Plain white displays its own clothing advantages and unique aesthetic concepts perfectly, integrating the costumes with performances and dance. The scene is grand and magnificent, and the Hunan dress design level has been upgraded to a higher level.

Awards scene

At the same time, plain white has won two awards: the most powerful brand in Hunan and the newest designer in Hunan. Plain white costumes are encouraged, and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, guests from all walks of life, and all the friends who support the white dress.

Sulema is always interviewed by the media.

She told you that the white dress brand was founded in 2017. It is an original designer brand that integrates costume design, production and sales with innovative ideas. Plain white advocates a natural outlook on life, and has always been pursuing natural environmental fabrics in design. Plain white is committed to making a clothing that has a temperature closer to the heart and a philosophy of design that seeks for a harmonious co-existence of clothing and nature. Based on the spirit of respecting the natural heritage of traditional culture as the base, combined with the design of simple pioneer and the pure natural environmental fabric, integrating culture, practicality and art, focusing on comfort, individuality and outstanding dressing experience, it creates a unique style of white culture for women.

President of Hongkong IFB international fashion group / Professor Wang Xiangsheng, a famous clothing industry expert (right 2), Chinese fashion education /EKOKO brand art director Directeur artistique small artist LITTLE ARTIST founder of youth fashion aesthetics education ECHO Chen Weiyi (left 1) image force brand management, image creativity Cultural Creativity Workshop chairman Cheng Cheng (left 2) was invited to participate in activities, and happy white horse good (right 1) happy group photo.

Plain white costumes will not forget the original heart, temper ahead, in a better posture to return the support of the leader, with a better product to repay the fans' love!

[remarks: friendship script; photo and plain white]

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