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2019 The Third China Customized Economic Summit (Expo) Will Be Held In Beijing.

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from Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology lifestyle design and Research Institute of China , China Business Economics Institute customized economic branch Co sponsored by the Beijing Academy of Arts and crafts 2019 the third China customized economic summit (Expo) It will be held in from October 13 to 15, 2019 at the art building of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology.

Since the first China customized economic summit forum was held in 2017, the organizers set the goal of promoting the development of China's customized economy as the goal of building a customized new high-end economic think tank. All previous forums (fairs) have been successful and have been highly valued by all sectors of society. 2019 the third China customized economic summit (Expo) takes the theme of "smart and customized life" as the theme. It includes the round table summit, dynamic fashion show, awards ceremony, 3 days of static display and green lifestyle index research results, and from the necessities of life, many other aspects of life, to experience the activation of customized ecology, display and interaction to experience the latest customized life. Scientific and technological achievements.

This forum, as an important part of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology's science, art and Fashion Festival, invites guests to reunite the government and enterprises to explore the change of lifestyle and the rapid development of new business models from the perspective of national policies, academic research and business practices. More exciting, upcoming!

   Excellent one: round table Summit (13:30 p.m. on October 15th)

The round table summit will be held in the round table conference room of the innovation park of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology. The conference invited government leaders, professors and professors, well-known entrepreneurs and media people to attend the forum and keynote speech. The government, industry, academia and custom organizations are working together to build up a platform for cooperation and sharing among designers, brands, markets, and consumers, helping to promote the sustainable development of brand enterprises and designers.

   Wonderful two: static display (October 13th -15 day)

This forum will hold a 3 day static display at the silver Hall of the art building of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology. Clothing, equipment, cultural products, clothing and other 3 exhibition areas, more than 20 enterprises, many designers, a presentation! Multi-directional interactive display, on-site experience!

   Wonderful three: awards ceremony (October 15th 09:00 a.m.)

The dynamic fashion show and the China customized economic pioneer list award ceremony will be held at Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology No. 1 show ground. The event not only brought fashion show, but also invited a number of heavyweight guests to award the 2019 China custom economic pioneer annual award and the 2019 China custom product creative design competition award. The double award relay is about to be announced.

  Wonderful four: index release

At the round table summit, the "green lifestyle index" research team led by Vice President of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology Zhan Binghong will publish the pioneer research results of "green lifestyle index" for the first time. On the basis of consulting and in-depth study of a large number of documents related to lifestyle and green lifestyle, the team combed and clearly defined the connotation and elements of life style and green lifestyle, and put forward for the first time the connotation, elements and index system of the green lifestyle index. Based on the index of green clothing consumption and the definition of green clothing consumption and the index of green clothing consumption index, the paper makes on-the-spot investigation, calculation and analysis, and forms a research report.

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