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2019 Cherry Blossom Fashion Show Closing Ceremony And Awards Ceremony Held In Beijing

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On the evening of October 17, 2019, 2019 Cherry Blossom Fashion Festival Closing Ceremony It was held at the Guan Tang Art Museum in Beijing. The event is organized by Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology Host, School of fashion communication, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology It is co sponsored by the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology Youth League Committee, Beijing Normal University art and Media College and the Guan Tang Art Museum.

The chairman of the Organizing Committee of the film festival, Vice Minister of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Ni Sai Li, the founder of Guan Tang art district and Li Baogang, co founder of the public welfare foundation of the Tang Dynasty, delivered a speech.

Speech by Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Film Festival and vice secretary of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

  Films and TV programs that care for young people and fashion

In order to integrate the quality resources of the fashion industry and integrate the development of the new movie industry and enrich the fashionable culture life of the capital, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology renamed the "Cherry Blossom movie show" in the first half of 2019 in the first half of 2019, and successfully held the launching ceremony of the "70 years China Film and fashion contests and collusion" seminar and cherry blossom Fashion Festival.

Wang Wenyan, teacher of Fashion Communication Institute, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the film festival and the teacher of Fashion Communication Institute, Huguan, officiate at the presentation ceremony.

This cherry blossom fashion show is an active participation of all walks of life, and the display of creativity by young creators. The film festival is divided into three parts: movie shows, youth fashion video clips and the northern dress people's fashion stories.

The 2019 Cherry Blossom fashion exhibition held in October 9th to October 17th provides a platform for the display and promotion of original film and television works for young film creators and film institutions nationwide and even internationally. During the exhibition, the 6 homepages of "Homecoming Day", "shadow", "shadow", "animal world", "naming men" and "speeding life" were selected by the jury to select the best fashion movie debut, the best fashion design, the best fashion art exploration, the most fashionable charm actors, the best fashion movie and the organizing committee award 6 Awards.

The youth fashion video competition has been actively responded by various colleges and universities, and has received hundreds of short films from all over the country. The Cherry Blossom Festival, with the theme of "fashion and film culture" as its theme, with different fashion perspectives as its way of expression, and genre films with diverse fashion elements as film and television genre, is more diversified and enriching, leaving us with more creative space and reverie.

The North clothing people's fashion story develops from the perspective of northern dress, giving full play to creativity and imagination, and integrating the topic of "what is fashion" to create. It is also an important force for the integration and development of fashion industry and cultural creative industry. The participation of the northern clothing people will create a fresh and powerful blue blood for the Cherry Blossom Festival, and create a platform for young film makers to display, share and exchange, so as to promote the growth of young Chinese filmmakers and greatly promote the development of image culture and creative industries.

   List of winning entries:

Finalists for the 2019 Cherry Blossom fashion show exhibition unit:

"Shadow follows heart" (director Huo Jianqi)

Shadow (director Zhang Yimou)

"Speeding life" (director Han Han)

"Animal world" (director Han Yan)

Namesake man (director He Li)

Homecoming Day (director Pu Yingjie)


2019 Cherry Blossom fashion show best fashion movie debut works: He Li, director of the same name.

2019 Cherry Blossom fashion show best fashion design award: Director of animal world, Han Yan

2019 cherry blossoms fashion show Cherry Blossom fashion show best fashion art exploration Award: shadow director Zhang Yimou

2019 Cherry Blossom fashion show the most fashionable charm actor: Wangjia

2019 Cherry Blossom fashion show Award for best fashion movie: Director Huo Jianqi

2019 Cherry Blossom Fashion Festival Organizing Committee Award: Director of Homecoming Day, Pu Yingjie

2019 Cherry Blossom fashion show first prize for youth fashion video competition: "outside the gate", Xu Zhehan, University of the Arts, Taipei

2019 Cherry Blossom fashion show two award for youth fashion video awards: "south and gun" Beijing Film Academy Li Yuxing, Qi Lu father and son, Beijing Film Academy, Wang Bolun.

2019 Cherry Blossom fashion show three youth fashion video contest three prize: "track" Beijing Film Academy Wu Haiyi, "Da" Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, Ma Chunxin, Qian Minghui, Gang Hui, "Honey cheese" Jinan University Tang Ningzi.

2019 Cherry Blossom Fashion Festival Excellence Award:

Invaders Zhang Xueying, Beijing Film Academy

Octopus, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Zhang Yu

Yang Guomin, Central Academy of Drama

Tara, Communication University of China, Communication University of China

Crocodile bird Beijing Film Academy Wang Bolun

"Birds lead the way ahead": Liu Hanwen, Wan Li ou, Yan Jin, Nanjing Arts Institute

"No substitute" Zhao Luhang, Beijing City University

Zhang Haoyu Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

60 years North dress fashion figures: Fang Jinghui, Chen Yehuai, Li Bing

Collection of excellent works from the short story of the North clothing people's fashion story: "non ink and ink", "welcome home", "car", "export".

The Cherry Blossom Festival aims to inspire people's enthusiasm for creation, to build platforms for young creators, to provide better communication space for the originators, and to provide better opportunities for display. The Beijing fashion and Fashion College is a pioneer in fashion and is China's fashion and beauty company.

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