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Macao Fashion Festival 2019:CPTTM Fashion Design And Production 2018/2019 Diploma Course Graduation Performance

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Macao Fashion FestivalCPTTM

CPTTM is a new hatching plan for fashion design and production launched by the Macao productivity and technology transfer center. Today is the CPTTM Diploma in fashion design and production 2018/2019 diploma course.
The Macao SAR government has been committed to promoting the development of cultural and creative industries, among which the clothing industry is one of the major sections. Since its establishment, CPTTM has trained more than 100 professional designers.

As we all know, fashion design is one of the fastest changing industries in the world. Every season, we constantly update the trend and style, pay attention to new ideas and changes, and cooperate with human pursuit of aesthetics. Therefore, the fashion industry needs more new elite to join in and inject more vitality.

The graduating performance of the diploma course in CPTTM fashion design and production once a year enables us to see the unremitting efforts of Macao productivity and technology transfer center to continuously improve the local design standard and the industrialization of Macao fashion.

This evening, seventeen students carried their graduation works on the T stage of the Macao clothing festival. The judges scored on the spot and after fierce competition, they finally won the title of the second runner up.

Vice President Guan Zhiping presents his diploma to his classmates.

Best model performance award Jessica

Best color matching Award: Huang Zhi Yong

Fashion style award: Chen pin Cun

Academic Excellence Award: Ding Zhen

Ding Zhen Second runner up

Runner up: Zhao Less charming

Champion Chen Shuxian

Sun Jiaxiong, director of Macao productivity and technology transfer center, took photos with award-winning students.

CPTTM fashion incubation plan
The purpose and purpose of the Macao productivity and technology transfer centre is to help enhance productivity and industrial development in Macao, and encourage working people to enhance their knowledge and skills in order to achieve sustained self added value.
Through the technical training and technology extension, the garment technology sinks under the Macao productivity and technology transfer center help garment workers improve their production skills, clothing and image design, supervision and management, comprador and other skills. At the same time, it provides a number of technical support and ancillary services to the industry, and has a fashion information station to provide fashion and fabric trend information for Macao apparel producers and designers. In addition, we should actively support the industry in changing the brand line and enhancing its competitiveness in the international market.

The CPTTM fashion incubation project, which represents the original design concept of Macao, is co ordinated by the Clothing Technology Department of the Macao productivity and technology transfer division. In order to implement the plan of the Macao SAR government to promote and support the development of cultural and creative industries, every year, the participants of the "fashion design and Production Diploma Course" sponsored by the center are invited to participate. Under the co ordination of the center, participants are invited to create the theme and design concept of the students, and lead the students to carry out a series of simulation business platforms of about 30 sets of clothing design, production, production management, sales and display, so that the students can understand the fashion design from the concept to the production process from the plan, so that more young people in Macao can join in the fashion design ranks and exert their creative potential to jointly promote and develop the Macao fashion design industry. " In order to broaden students' thinking development, the center also regularly leads students to go out to exchange and visit.
Each student has been elected for two years. In the future, the design team will continue to be updated to cultivate more young designers.
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