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Market Warming: The Mainstream Price Of Seed Cotton In Cangzhou Area Is 3.10-3.23 Yuan / Jin.

2020/1/7 15:46:00 0

Hebei MarketLint Cotton

Recently, prices of seed cotton and lint in Cangzhou, Hengshui and other places in Hebei have increased significantly. The industry's bullish confidence has been strengthened, and some enterprises have hoarding cotton for gambling.

As of January 7th, the mainstream price of seed cotton in Cangzhou area was 3.10-3.23 yuan / Jin, the lint percentage was generally 38%-40%, the color was mainly light cotton, and the price center of gravity increased by 0.02 yuan / Jin compared with last Friday (January 2nd). Market feedback, since the end of December, local cotton seed rose 0.05-0.06 yuan / Jin.

Hengshui seed cotton showed a "quality price rise" state, the seed cotton purchase price of 35%-36% yuan at 2.90-2.95 yuan / Jin, the seed cotton purchase price of 40% lint reached 3.3 yuan / Jin, compared to the price in December 31st has risen 0.07 yuan / Jin. According to the person in charge of processing plants in Cangzhou and Hengshui, the acquisition of seed cotton is becoming more and more difficult at the end of the year.

The spot price of lint rose considerably. On the 7 day, a person in charge of a 400 type ginning plant in Cangzhou said that their factory had stopped collecting, but actively sold lint. The sale price of grade three bales was 13700-13800 yuan / kg (pick up, gross weight and tax). The four level price was near 13400 yuan / ton, and the price center of gravity rose by 500 yuan / ton compared with the end of December.

In addition, Xinjiang cotton in Hebei Treasury point delivery price increase of 500-700 yuan / ton. 7, a factory official said, "double 29" hand picked cotton Hengshui pick up price in 14000 yuan / ton (gross weight, pick up), "double 28" pick up price in 13500 yuan / ton, at present, Hebei Xinjiang cotton mainly cotton, 300-400 cotton / cotton price lower 300-400 yuan / ton line.

Most manufacturers said that the main body of all market players increased their lint quotations significantly, thanks to the sharp rise of Zheng cotton. However, the actual turnover is relatively small. Individual manufacturers say that the price of the single transaction can be negotiated.

Recently, the cotton seed price in Hebei province is stable. As of 7 days, the price of cotton seed in Dongguang County of Cangzhou is 1.22-1.24 yuan / Jin, and the price of cottonseed in Hengshui area is about 1.20 yuan / Jin. The oil mills usually set the holiday time around twenty-three in the twelfth lunar month.

To sum up, Hebei market is gradually warming up due to the influence of upstream and downstream and external environment. Cotton and cottonseed are expected to be stable in the near future. But remind the industry, in recent years, most of the hoarding cotton gambling market ended in a fiasco.

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