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The Mayor'S Live Broadcast Of "China Leisure Clothing City" Helps Enterprises Sell.

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In February 22nd, Huang Chunhui, mayor of Shishi in Quanzhou, Fujian, became the anchor of "net red".  

Shishi Shishi, February 22 (Sun Hong Xu Xiaocheng) "wear this dress to see the person you want to see..." On the 22 day, Huang Chunhui, mayor of Shishi in Quanzhou, Fujian, became the anchor of "net red". In the studio, he recommended the product with his wit, and interacted with netizens. He invited netizens to take part in Shishi's entrepreneurship, work, life and enjoy food.

"At present, we must work together to overcome the epidemic situation, and to restore the industry and restore production in a strong and orderly way." Huang Chunhui told reporters that in order to help enterprises cope with the marketing difficulties after resumption of production, we pressed the accelerator to build the "net red" city, hoping to help enterprises develop new retail markets, while letting people stay indoors, move their fingers and enjoy the fun of fashion shopping.

As a famous Chinese leisure clothing city, Shishi's private economy has been developed. After 30 years of development, it has more than 8000 textile and garment upstream and downstream enterprises, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. Earlier, in order to further support the resumption of production, Shishi has launched a number of policies to support the production and operation of small and medium enterprises.

On the same day, Shishi brand clothing online live monopoly Festival and net red selection festival was officially launched, bringing together more than 100 brands of Shishi textile and garment industry, more than 1000 items, about 6000000 good source goods, attracting more than ten million fans of "net red big coffee" and more than 200 domestic live agencies to live in selected goods, and will last for a month.

"I hope you can all choose your favorite clothes and become the most beautiful and beautiful Fairies in the street." Huang Chunhui said.

As the lions are listed as low risk areas by the Fujian provincial government, the fashion capital is making every effort to co-ordinate the epidemic prevention and control and resume production.

"It took three days to plan this live webcast sale." Huang Chunhui said that we should build an interactive platform of local brands and network red anchors, and guide local brand clothing enterprises to move the traditional offline sales to the online live room, hatch the local "explosion" net red brand, help enterprises resume work and resume production, and accelerate the formation of post industrial competitive advantage.

According to statistics, on the morning of 22, five enterprises of three skillful clothes making, Jeep jeep, Thai King dress, San GIO, jiden dress and so on signed the intention contract with the direct seeding agency at the scene, and the purchase amount amounted to 36 million 430 thousand yuan.

In recent years, Shishi, relying on the advantages of the textile and apparel industry chain, has actively constructed an integrated online and offline marketing system and built the largest professional clothing market in Asia. Among them, e-commerce has also become a new business card of Shishi City. There are 7 Taobao towns and 32 Taobao villages in the city. The electricity supplier development index ranks third among the top 100 counties in the country, and the first in Fujian Province, with an average daily delivery volume of over 1 million 200 thousand electricity suppliers.

Next, the stone lions will normalize the live broadcast of brand clothing online, and launch the two seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter every year.

Source: China News Network

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