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Turning Around In Danger! Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market "Live Broadcast" To Promote Transformation

2020/3/24 19:37:00 2

Guangzhou Wholesale Clothing MarketLive Broadcast

Affected by the epidemic, the wholesale market of clothing in Guangzhou has been officially resumed, but there is still a gap between the order volume and the volume of people. The clothing wholesale industry is trying to find a way out for "self rescue", while online live broadcasting does not require offline crowd gathering, which is a good way out.

On the thirteen road in Guangzhou, the sound of trolley trucks was heard again. The new China Building in the clothing market was lined up. The shop assistants wore their masks to live on the screen. 21, reporters visited the Guangzhou wholesale market after the resumption of thirteen lines of business.

Before entering the door, you need to check your ID card, check your health code and measure your body temperature. The inspection system gives a safe "insurance" to the wholesale market of new China building.

"This skirt is made of windbreaker fabric. It won't wrinkle and wash. Now it's 30 seconds countdown." Walk into new China mansion, the reporter sees a clothing stall employee new Xiao Qing (a pseudonym) is on the trembling sound carries on the direct seeding sale. Next, several employees wear masks to process orders, stocking and shipping.

The history of Guangzhou's thirteen line business circle can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. At the end of 1990s, the wholesale business of clothing was gradually rising around the thirteen rows of old sites. As one of the main places of operation in Guangzhou's thirteen row business circle, the new China mansion is a well-known wholesale market for women's clothing.

Before the outbreak, there was a busy market. The daily flow of people reached 100 thousand during the peak season. Although affected by the epidemic, the amount of orders and the flow of people were still different from the previous ones.

"Our company has more than 600 employees. There are many stores in Guangzhou's Shahe clothing market, the thirteen line business circle, and the railway station business circle. There are also company headquarters in Panyu District. Only a month's rent is worth tens of millions of yuan." Ying Meilong, chairman of Guangzhou city's Clothing Co., Ltd.

The clothing wholesale industry is trying to find a way out for "self rescue", while online live broadcasting does not require offline crowd gathering, which is a good way out. The company started arranging the new Xiaoqing to be stationed in the shaking platform for live broadcast. In March 18th, new Xiao Qing linked the other 10 stalls for the first time, and moved the mall into the live room.

Continuous live broadcast for 17 hours, with goods up to 200 pieces of goods, new Xiaoqing sales "war" of more than 6000 pieces, a single day sales reached 1 million 220 thousand yuan. "This figure is still very amazing, daily sales of only 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan." New Xiaoqing said.

From the past sent samples to wholesalers' customers, and directly to consumers, the company's online transformation has brought changes to the company.

"The workers who have gone back to work have been transformed into live helpers." Ying Mei Long said that although the epidemic had a certain impact on the wholesale industry of traditional clothing, it was also an opportunity, because the operation of the direct broadcast mode was not affected by the operation of the company.

It is reported that in order to promote the orderly resumption of production of small and medium enterprises and small businesses, Guangdong Jin Suifeng Industrial Co., Ltd., which is located in the building of new China, has implemented rent reduction and exemption.

Guangzhou Business Bureau official said, Guangzhou is helping the traditional wholesale market as a whole to move online, online and offline shops one by one, to help wholesalers wholesalers into "net goods suppliers".

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