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"The Stall Economy" Exploded Overnight. Are You Ready For The Textile?

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"Stall economy, small shop economy is an important source of employment. It is the fireworks of the world. It is the vitality of China like" tall and tall ". With this statement, the "spread economy" directly took fire.

The clothing consumption demand caused by the epidemic is limited, and the textile and garment industry will only digest the stock through the webcast channel, and the pressure will be great. At present, the mass production capacity of the clothing industry needs to find new channels. "The stall economy" is more connected with the "live broadcast" floating on the cloud, and it can more effectively promote the clothing consumption of the general public.

Stall business, because it doesn't need to make big investment, can release vitality and open up in a short time and form a channel increment only by "opening up". The stall clothing supply chain is based on the already mature wholesale distribution market, so the stall business has a very high cost performance in terms of garment digestion capacity.

The "stall economy" has also brought the good days of webcast to the end. With the rise of the low stake economy of the families, the direct seeding merchants must make breakthroughs and not be able to compete with the price of the stall. Booth does not need rent, no labor and no traffic flow. It relies on entrepreneurs' affinity, and every entrepreneur is net red or anchor.

The day before yesterday, a friend who was fake for two months had called: "brother, I went to work. There is a small order, a little development sample. " He said, "I am now laying a stall, from 8 to 12 in the evening, and can sell 3-400 yuan a night. The main idea is to dispose of the shoes previously ordered by Middle East customers. It turned out that because of this year's epidemic factors, the state began to vigorously encourage the stall in order to spend the downturn.

"Stall is just to strike while the iron is hot, and I can sell more." Ye Ziwen, the children's clothing manufacturer from Zhili Town, told the interface news.

These days, because of the fire in the stall, many people began to look for Ye Ziwen to get the goods.

Children's clothing is the most common choice when we set up stalls. On micro-blog, there are still many parents preparing to take the children along with them. The purpose of this is to let children play the role of playing a model while allowing children to experience the experience and make the business difficult and joyful.

Since May, Ye Ziwen's children's clothing business has gradually improved. Her clothing factory therefore cancelled the summer production plan, and the workers in the factory continued to board, make clothes, produce and upgrade.

By June, the vendors of the stalls selling her children's clothes suddenly became more and more, so Ye Ziwen decided to find more stall wholesalers and open up outlets.

Ye Ziwen joined a nationwide exchange of WeChat exchanges. The group was founded only once a day. There were more than 200 members of the group.

These people have wholesalers who supply wholesalers for sale. There are also garment manufacturers like Ye Ziwen. There are vendors who want to get a share from the "stall economy". And the number of online booth exchanges increased sharply in a short time.

The sudden activity of stall vendors is due to the recent restrictions on the operation of the stall.

The formal deregulation of the central government has led to the gradual deregulation of the operation of several cities, and the "stall economy" has become a new business opportunity overnight.

Before a period of time is not good, friends circle has not been issued, recently better, are very busy.

If he is in Yiwu, he has stock in both hands and clothes. If the vendors buy goods from the valley, they are equivalent to a drop in the bucket.

Gu Ruohuai went from the upstream wholesale market to the goods and then sold to the vendors. Most clothing and children's stalls are bought through Gu Ruohuai, or directly to the local wholesale and tail cargo handling market.

In this way, the recovery of the stall economy is activating the vitality of wholesale channels for children's clothing market. Seeing this potential, Ye Ziwen, as a producer of children's clothing, chose to take the initiative to approach vendors' customers through the electricity supplier channel.

The revival of the stall mode means that manufacturers have added another wholesale channel. "Profit is the same for our manufacturers. I will give you five yuan (stall vendor), and I earn five yuan for old customers. Just a group of customers to get goods with me, a number of sales channels. "

There are also children's clothing manufacturers who choose not to be involved in the wave of "stall economy". Wei An runs a medium-sized children's clothing business in Zhili Town, Huzhou. As in previous years, her factory has ended the production and marketing work this summer, and now it has been on holiday. "We have no influence on us. After all, we are producers. No matter what way they sell, we are all the source," he said.

The revival of the stall economy can help solve the problem of children's stock. Feng Yong, a specialist in children's clothing industry near the Zhili town government, told the lady of the border that "if the stall economy comes, it will help some children's clothing enterprises, such as eliminating stock."

And this can help children's clothing industry to solve the problem of re employment. Some migrant workers have put up stalls in Zhili town. "There are people selling live goods during the day and setting up stalls in the evening. Everything. " Ye Ziwen said. (Ye Ziwen, Gu Leo, Wei An and Feng Yongjun are aliases. )

"Stall economy, small shop economy is an important source of employment. It is the fireworks of the world. It is the vitality of China like" tall and tall ".

On the first day of June, the praise from the prime minister made the "stall economy" a hot word.

For a time, the national carnival was changing in front of the stall. After all, we missed Taobao, missed the micro business, but caught up with the booth.

Stalls, night markets, stalls... At last, the "smoke and fire gas" that once had been annihilated in every corner of the city was finally returned in a righteous way.

"Stall economy" will bring new vitality to the garment industry.

What is the possible impact of the "stall economy" on physical clothing retailing? Li Leqian, chairman of the China Textile Business Association's clothing trade committee, replied.

"Stall economy" will accelerate the reduction of store rents.

For the physical industry, the arrival of the "stall economy" may not be bad news. Over the past few years, many of our physical stores have not done well in business. The rent of the shops is higher year by year, reducing the profit margins of the physical clothing shops. Now the State encourages the healthy development of the "stall economy", and many places also relax control. Placing a booth without paying rent means that the demand for shops in the future may decrease. Under this background, the rent of shops in all places may decrease.

"Stall economy" or will bring drainage to the entity store.

Generally, the street with "stall economy" will be more lively and prosperous. The low price booth can attract consumers to gather, causing consumers' desire to buy, to a certain extent, will drive the surrounding entity shops. The physical clothing retailers can consider extending the closing time and reasonably using the open space at the entrance of the shop to attract more people into the store.

How does the "stall economy" affect the low-end consumer goods?

The "stall economy" may have a greater impact on low-end consumer goods, clothing for middle-aged and elderly, shoes and hats shops, and the higher coincidence degree of the consumers of the stalls and the consumers of these shops means that the competition for low-end consumer goods will become increasingly fierce in the future. Under the dual influence of online shopping and "stall economy", entities engaged in fast fashion clothes or lower end running goods may have to consider whether product positioning needs to be adjusted.

Is the stall economy really an opportunity?

After the 1990s, they put up a stall for the clothing business, while doing the live broadcast, while doing the offline business, they could sell more than two thousand yuan of clothes a day. She added: "as long as customers choose clothes, they often choose to pick up a few of them. They don't need to try on clothes."

The reason why the graduates graduated from stalls was because they watched her doing nothing at home, and she found a shuttle bus from the warehouse to let her sell some miscellaneous things as a social practice. Half a month later, the poems sold not only a few pieces but also a thin circle of people, but she found another way out.

Learning new media, she strolls around the country every day. She finds interesting gadgets to shoot videos, snapped videos of new local snacks, and photographed the interesting situation of people bargaining.

As a result, these short videos brought amazing traffic to poetry, and also made several red booth. Poetry became the most popular person in the booth.

Poetry and poetry use these flows, sometimes do not go out to shoot the booth when doing the live broadcast goods, also has the income.

Jobless Xiao Liu was talking about the real situation of the stall, and there were many people who went out to eat around. Actually, there were not many individuals to buy things. The people passing by were just looking at the price, going home and opening up Taobao, and ordering more orders, knowing that the buyers were getting goods on the Internet and selling the price would be higher than that on the Internet, so people would still choose to place orders online.

What kind of people do the stall for?

I think the unemployed can try. After all, if we can't find a job, we can still consider this kind of low cost entrepreneurship.

The second is that the shops are rentable to the stall mode. Under the condition of reduced turnover, saving rent costs is an expedient measure.

White-collar workers have plenty of time to work. After 9 to 5 years, white-collar workers do nothing after work, so it is better to set up their own sideline, set up a stall, and increase their income.

But for those who have just a job and who do not have time to set up their stalls, they should not join in the excitement. Some people have heard that some people have heard that some people say that it is not advisable to set up a stall than to make money in work to quit the original job as a peddler. After all, both venture capital and venture capital are risky. The current policy of the state helps those who lose their jobs due to the epidemic and those who are difficult to maintain their livelihood.

Is the spring of clothing inventory coming?

Ma Yun once said: when the Internet age is coming, "pigs" can fly to the draught. But under the environment of economic downturn, I do not know if pigs can fly.

Stall, are you ready?

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