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39 Enterprises Have Signed Contracts, And The Construction Of Changning 100 Billion Textile "Aircraft Carrier" Is In Full Swing

2020/7/21 19:42:00 2

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More than 1.2 billion textile factories have been built in Changning, a textile industry base with more than 1.2 billion workers.

Speed: advance capping of workshop in assembly area

In the assembly area of the clothing production Park, 12 capped workshops are arranged in order, and the construction of 34 workshops in plot B and C in the south of the assembly area is fully started. Since the resumption of work on February 24, the remaining six workshops in the assembly area have been rapidly pushed forward at the speed of one and a half buildings a month, and all of them were capped in advance on June 12.

Behind the "new speed" of project construction is the embodiment of Changning's "nanny style" service. "Hengyang is striving to be the leading goose to undertake industrial transfer. In this array of geese, Changning should strive to be the leading goose." Liu Daxiang, Secretary of Changning municipal Party committee, sounded the bugle.

Since the beginning of this year, Changning has set up a special service class led by the top leaders of the party and government and composed of various functional departments to consolidate the responsibility, provide all-weather "nanny" service, and do a good job in fund and other security, so as to promote the project construction on schedule and steadily.

On April 22 this year, Liu Daxiang took the initiative to connect with Tan Huchuan, executive director of CITIC Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., to further reach a consensus and comprehensively start the first phase construction of environmental protection facilities Park, so as to let the contracted enterprises take "reassurance". Wu Lesheng, deputy secretary of the CPC Changning Municipal Committee and mayor, led the team to run banks and fight for funds. He paid close attention to financial support and fully guaranteed the project construction. The project has won 750 million yuan of financing loan from Agricultural Development Bank of China, and 500 million yuan has been invested; 400 million yuan financing loan agreement has been reached with China Development Bank, and the funds are being put in; the first phase project of environmental protection facility park will be packaged as a whole, and the fund gap will be solved by financing policy banks such as China Development Bank and agricultural development bank.

Temperature -- let enterprises have the happiness of "going home"

"Our investment in Changning is just like going home. This kind of" mother like "care makes us feel more cordial." Wang Ning, senior vice president of CITIC's environmental technology division, said. Changning focuses on deepening the reform of "release, management and service" and implements the operation mode of "one window acceptance, one-time notification, one-stop service, one-time charging and time limit completion", so that enterprises can truly feel the happiness of "going home" and play a "first hand game" for the whole industry chain.

In the face of the sudden impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Changning timely adjusted the way of attracting investment. Adopt the combination of "Online + offline" mode, actively connect the self built factory building enterprises signed in phase I of the project and synchronous construction of the first phase of the environmental protection facility Park project, and vigorously promote the enterprises signed and settled in the first phase of the project to put into operation before and after the Spring Festival.

Up to now, enterprises from Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Huizhou and other places hope to set up groups to settle in. More than 300 relevant enterprise leaders from all over the country are going to Changning for docking talks. In the first phase of the whole project, 39 enterprises have signed contracts, among which 22 have settled in the clothing production Park, and 227000 square meters of standard factory buildings have been purchased in advance; 17 enterprises have settled in the environmental protection facilities park with 874.8 mu of land in advance. The 100 billion level industrial park of southern Hunan textile industry base has begun to take shape, and the "100 billion level" green textile "aircraft carrier" is heading for a new blue sea.

Strength: reverse the construction period and grasp the time node

"The resident epidemic prevention liaison officers provide full guidance, free distribution of masks, traditional Chinese medicine and other anti epidemic materials, and thoughtful service, so that the project can achieve both epidemic prevention and construction Wang Ning, who guides the construction on site, is confident about the construction progress. Since the resumption of construction, the construction party has inverted the construction period, grasped the time node, increased mechanical equipment and construction workers, ensured the safety and quality of the project, and completed the construction task ahead of schedule.

In terms of project service, special personnel shall be arranged to connect with each construction section and construction unit, make a plan, conduct all-round supervision, and regularly supervise the construction unit to ensure that the project construction is carried out on schedule, in terms of quality and quantity. Local villages and towns, village groups and local police stations form special teams to ensure the order of the project, mediate and resolve construction conflicts, and fully protect the convoy.

"From May 1 to now, the project leaders and project managers of all teams and groups are all on duty, and they have to work until about 11 o'clock every night." Hu Lisheng, the person in charge of Yiyang Industrial Park Investment Co., Ltd., said with full confidence, "with this kind of drive, we will strive to complete the construction of the whole clothing production Park factory before the Spring Festival, and let enterprises move in."

Start up log

On December 29, 2017, Changning municipal government successfully signed a contract with haijingyi Environmental Protection Industrial Park Co., Ltd., and Xiangnan textile industrial base officially settled in Changning.

On February 12, 2018, the South Hunan textile industry base project officially started, and the "100 billion level" textile industry aircraft carrier set sail.

On March 13, 2018, Changning Hengda Garment Co., Ltd., the first enterprise in Xiangnan textile industry project chain, was officially established in Yiyang industrial corridor.

On March 8, 2019, the first batch of 16 enterprises entering the park formally signed contracts to settle in.

The relocation of the environmental protection clothing park will be completed in January and October of 2019.

On December 13, 2019, the sewage treatment plant and cogeneration plant of Xiangnan textile industry base project started at the same time, which is a key step in the construction of Xiangnan textile industry base.

On December 22, 2019, our city held a forum on investment promotion in Dongguan, and 10 projects were signed on site, with a contract capital of 600 million yuan.

In June 2020, the sewage treatment plant and cogeneration phase I central heating project in cooperation with CITIC environment company were launched.

On June 12, 2020, all 12 factories in the assembly area of the clothing production park will be capped.

Project archives

The project plans to build a world-class textile industry base integrating design, R & D, theme culture, production, exhibition and network platform, sales, export and logistics. The total investment of the project is 10 billion yuan, with an annual output of 1.5 billion pieces of clothing, an annual output value of 100 billion yuan and an annual export trade volume of 30 billion yuan. The long-term employment of at least 10 thousand old people living in the coastal areas of Hunan Province can solve the problem of employment and employment of at least 10 thousands of left behind children in their hometown.

radiation effect

According to the superior geographical position of Changning, the industrial chain of the textile base in southern Hunan will radiate to the surrounding areas of Yongzhou, Chenzhou, Hengyang and other counties (cities) and districts, so as to effectively develop the export-oriented economy of processing trade into a propeller of "innovation, opening up and rise".

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