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Kapok Road: Women In Tang Costumes Are People In Paintings

2020/12/7 10:35:00 1

KapokTang CostumeWomanMan In Painting

Among the traditional Chinese costumes still popular in modern times,

In addition to the Hanfu and Qipao, the most well-known is the Tang costume.

If we say that Hanfu is the source of Chinese clothing,

Cheongsam is a poem written by Chinese costumes for women,

Then Tang costume is the declaration of Chinese clothing to show itself to the world.

Leader's dress of APEC summit held in China in 2014

There is no lack of Tang costume elements.

The concept of "Tang costume" originally had two meanings,

One is the clothing of Tang Dynasty people;

The other is "Chinese style clothing" in general sense.

The Tang costume we are talking about today has been since the Republic of China,

It's popular all over the world,

And decorated with stand collar, buckle elements of Chinese style jacket.

It is based on the development of mandarin jacket from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China.

The difference lies in the fact that the mandarin jacket belongs to the Chinese style,

The sleeves and body are integrated,

The Tang costume is western cut,

The body is separated from the sleeve.

Although modern fashion has brought us a lot of convenience,

But the beauty of traditional fashion is more lasting.

The women who performed in the drama of the Republic of China wore Tang costumes,

It naturally exudes elegant charm,

As if they were of that era

A lady or an official's wife.

Although the prosperity of the Republic of China has come to an end,

But our love for Tang costume is still deep.

The woman in Tang costume should be the person in the painting.

They are cool, gorgeous, fragrant and sexy,

There's playfulness in elegance,

It's the fit of clothes and body and mind.

The quiet virtuous lady who raised her hand and turned around,

Thousands of amorous feelings,

Like sandalwood for years,

Wisps and strands of the red dust in the years.

With the popularity of national fashion,

The design of Tang costumes is gradually bringing forth new ideas,

The Tang costume of kapok road is the designer's ingenious improvement,

They are all made of simple cotton and hemp,

It makes you feel as if you are bathed in the natural vegetation breath,

Forget the dust in the world,

Back to my memory of a peaceful and beautiful day.

In the design of Tang costume, kapok road has been inherited

The traditional design of lapel, button and stand collar,

It integrates classic aesthetic elements such as hand painting, wax painting and embroidery,

And with modern expressions,

Interpretation of a more simple contemporary aesthetic fashion.

Blue improved Tang costume

In the bleak season,

A touch of warm elegance.

Natural fabrics carry the temperature of the sun,

Take you to walk in the leisurely time.

In a trance, it was like the woman next door to the town,

Facing the fragrance of flowers, listen to the pace of the years.

It's the right kind of heart,

Exquisite stand collar and buckle are classic footnotes.

The embroidery on the cuff is like a beautiful work of art,

Embroider the garden where the grass grows and the Orioles fly into the fragrance sleeves,

It's a sight you can't get tired of.

Noble and romantic purple,

Give the improved Tang costume a gentle feminine flavor.

The complicated design of large area is omitted,

Only stand collar and buckle are used to decorate the oriental charm,

So it's more fashionable and versatile,

Easy to wear in daily life.

The embroidery on the cuff is poetic,

Make the clothes more delicate and elegant.

In the vivid garden,

The butterfly dances and the flowers are blooming,

When the gusts of fragrance fill the sleeves,

Rippling, is a peach land song.

A Tang suit, years of fragrance.

With the rise of the country,

It's not only the quiet rooms of Tang Lan,

It can also be a fashion trendsetter on the street,

All kinds of items meet the Tang suit,

It can deduce the classical and fashionable modeling.

When tradition meets fashion,

The beauty of Tang costume is more and more unforgettable.

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