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China Customs Seized Several Cross-Border Counterfeit Goods Last Year

2021/5/19 11:44:00 0

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          The State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China released the "typical cases of intellectual property protection of China Customs". This report outlines 10 typical cases of infringement and counterfeit goods seized by Chinese customs in 2020. Luxury brands such as Gucci (Gucci), Chanel (Chanel), Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton), Rolex (Rolex), Cartier (Cartier) and other luxury brands were the main counterfeiting objects.
The cases also involved counterfeit shoes and clothing accessories of Air Jordan, champion, SKECHERS, ray ban, and counterfeit personal care products and medicines of P & G, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. In addition, it also involves some infringement of titanium dioxide, motorcycles, tape, rice vinegar, Chinese patent medicine and other import and export commodities.
——Beijing and Fuzhou Customs seized counterfeit Gucci, ray ban, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel
On September 30, 2020, Beijing Customs received the declaration form of 9 items of goods, including "storage bag, switch box, women's jacket" declared by a company in Linyi city. Through open box inspection, it was found that the actual goods were glasses with "Gucci", "ray ban", leather bags with "Lv", "Chanel" and sports shoes with "Prada" and "Air Jordan", etc., involving 18 trademark rights of more than 10 brands.
Due to the large increase in the number of goods sent to the United States by small batch mail (different from bulk goods sent by air or sea), Fuzhou Customs strengthened its inspection during the same period. A total of 1379 batches of various kinds of infringing goods were seized and 1612 pieces of infringing goods, such as earphones, sunglasses, bracelets, watches, backpacks and thermos cups, were seized, with a value of 146000 yuan. The above infringing goods use "beats", "Bose", "Cartier", "Rolex", "Lv", "Gucci" and other marks, which infringe the relevant trademark rights.
——Qingdao Customs seized infringement champion Pullover
In April 2020, when Qingdao Customs inspected the import declaration products of a science and technology company in Fujian Province, it was found that a batch of garments with "champion" logo were suspected of infringement. After confirmation by the obligee, a total of 9118 infringing goods with a value of 319100 yuan were seized.
Due to the large amount of money involved in the case and suspected of committing a crime, Qingdao Customs immediately reported the clues of the case to the public security organ. On this basis, the public security organs cracked down a series of extraordinary cases involving the sale of counterfeit registered trademark goods, including the Technology Co., Ltd., smashed 5 fake sales outlets, arrested more than 20 criminal suspects, and seized more than 300000 counterfeit international well-known brand clothing including "champion", with the involved amount of nearly 200 million yuan.
——Guangzhou and Shenzhen Customs cracked down on the export and transshipment of infringing goods and seized counterfeit ray ban, Porsche Design and SKECHERS
In March 2020, Shenzhen customs found that a batch of cross-border goods declared for export by an e-commerce company in Hunan Province had a greater risk of infringement. This batch of goods planned to declare for export in the form of cross-border e-commerce direct purchase trade, and would be transferred to Singapore through Hong Kong. After key inspection, 42083 infringing goods such as glasses and watches were found in the normally declared goods, involving 8 trademark rights such as "ray ban" and "Porsche Design", which were confirmed by the obligee as infringing goods with a value of more than 1.953 million yuan.
In October 2020, Dachan customs, affiliated to Guangzhou Customs, found that a batch of container footwear goods to be exported to South America by international transit mode had high risk of infringement. After inspection, it was found that there were a large number of suspected infringement of cloth shoes and sports shoes in the container, involving famous sports brands such as "SKECHERS", with a total value of 419000 yuan, which were confirmed by the obligee as infringing goods.
——Ningbo Customs seized export infringement Johnson & Johnson plasters
In mid October 2020, Ningbo Customs received infringement clues, and a batch of plasters infringing the trademark rights of Johnson & Johnson will be exported from Ningbo port. As the trademark of Johnson & Johnson company has been registered in China, but has not been put on record in the customs, Ningbo customs actively explained to Johnson & Johnson the mode of Customs Protection of intellectual property rights, and guided enterprises to timely file intellectual property rights with the General Administration of customs.
On November 5, Ningbo Customs conducted a thorough inspection on a batch of goods declared to be exported to Yemen by a company in Yiwu, and found 129456 plasters containing 75 cases of plaster stickers infringing the trademark right of "Johnson & Johnson" at the bottom of the container.
——Xiamen Customs seized export infringing P & G sanitary products
On August 16, 2020, Xiamen Customs found that a container cargo declared by a Qingdao import and Export Co., Ltd. for export to South America was suspected of infringement. After inspection, it was found that 1.51 million sanitary napkins were marked with "alluays" and "alvivays". The visual effect of the packaging was very similar to that of "always" registered by P & G in the General Administration of customs. Within the next two months, the Customs seized 7 batches of 4.81 million pieces of sanitary products, including sanitary napkins and diapers, worth 6 million yuan.
——Hangzhou Customs seized pirated Pfizer drugs
On July 7, 2020, an import and export company in Yiwu declared to Hangzhou Customs a batch of "pillow core, carton" and other small commodities to be exported to Iraq. After initial inspection by customs officers, a batch of drug packaging boxes and instructions marked with "Pfizer" were found in the container. Customs inspectors revealed that they suspected that the exporter had transported the capsule separately from the package to avoid detection and confiscation.
After further investigation, the Customs seized 690200 drug capsules, 96000 drug packaging boxes and 71400 drug inserts marked with "Pfizer". Pfizer Products Co., Ltd., the owner of the trademark, confirmed that the drug capsules, packaging boxes and instructions were all infringing products.
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