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SAUCONY Sokoni Feipeng 3 Generation Carbon Board Running Shoes, But Also Faster

2022/7/15 17:04:00 222

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Recently, 100 years of running Sports brand SAUCONY announced the official launch of endorphin Pro Feipeng 3. As SAUCONY The latest iterative improvement of its award-winning endorphin series, endorphin Pro 3 It continues the positioning of Feipeng series as the flagship full-length carbon board racing shoes, and optimizes its functions. It not only provides more comprehensive support for advanced runners, but also enables runners who want to be faster at all stages to experience endorphin The outstanding feeling of Pro Feipeng series stimulates every runner's potential of "still faster".

For every runner who wants to be faster, the SAUCONY endorphin Pro Feipeng 3 features the iconic full-length carbon fiber board and thicker pwrrun Pb Foam insole provides runners with the ultimate running experience of more speed and springback. Endorphin Pro 3 Vamp Endorphin is used for reference PRO + design, the upper adopts a unique large mesh upper, which enhances the air permeability and wrapping, which reflects the technical progress in the whole shoe design; 39.5mm pwrrun PB The foam material not only meets the IAAF regulations, but also has better cushioning and springback with pwrrun Pb insole. Meanwhile, endorphin Pro Feipeng 3 s The full-length spade type carbon board has the right rolling effect and propulsion feeling. The speedroll is more dynamic and balanced, and the front and back palms are more fluent.   

SAUCONY endorphin Pro More comprehensive functions allow more runners at different stages to feel the acceleration experience brought by full-length carbon board running shoes. The thick sole provides better stability and stability in all stages of running. PWRUN PB The design of the middle sole and insole not only neutralizes the conventional and radical boost of full-length carbon board shoes, but also brings significant improvement in cushioning and resilience, so that runners can better control the carbon board running shoes. The unique large mesh upper design provides a more breathable wearing experience, at the same time, better wrapping avoids unnecessary sliding, and once again enhances the stability and protection of the runner when running.   

SAUCONY endorphin Pro The powerful function can help more runners inspire the desire of "still faster", and then achieve the goal of "still faster", and lead each runner to run faster like a speeder. Saucony It is hoped that every runner who feels the energy from running will be immersed in the extraordinary experience brought by speed and listen to the unique echo brought by speed. SAUCONY invited musicians from peace and waves, who also love running Ricky and Dabao created theme music inspired by the sound of running, so that every runner who loves running can feel the charm of speed.

SAUCONY endorphin Pro Feipeng 3 has successively landed on the official platforms of SAUCONY brand with a retail price of 1699 yuan.


Founded in 1898, soconi is a world-famous runner Sports brand It has been loved by runners at home and abroad for its professional running shoes products, such as pwrrun Pb Mid bottom technology, pwrrun + mid bottom technology and speedroll fast rolling concept It is widely known that sokoni is constantly innovating in road running, cross-country and retro series, combining advanced technology and lifestyle shoes and clothing products, from entry-level runner to running God in various stages and scenes. In addition, the classic retro series, which pays homage to the history of the brand, also allows the runners who like sokoni to continue to feel the ultimate comfort in their daily life. In order to pursue the ultimate comfort of the products and let the runners feel the pleasant experience, soconi has made continuous breakthroughs, Create more possibilities in life. For more information, please visit soconi's official website.

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