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National Seminar On Improving And Monitoring The Quality Of School Uniform Held In Nanjing

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School Uniform

In order to build a platform for multi-party communication, exchange and cooperation in the field of school uniform, further create a good school uniform market environment, and promote the high-quality development of the school uniform industry, from China fiber inspection magazine host, "China school uniform industry research center" Co sponsored "2022 National Symposium on quality improvement and monitoring of school uniform" It was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on August 3. More than 50 industry experts, scholars and enterprise representatives were invited to attend the seminar, including director Li of the consumer goods division of the product quality supervision department of the State Administration of market supervision and administration, Peng director of China fiber quality monitoring center, Feng chief engineer of Jiangsu market supervision administration bureau, and other industry experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from other school uniform product monitoring units and institutions. The meeting was presided over by Wang Fang, executive director of China school uniform industry research center.

Li, director of the quality supervision department, said in his opening speech that school uniform, as a kind of clothing for students' daily wear, is a livelihood product of national concern, social concern and people's concern. According to the National Education Development Statistics Bulletin of the Ministry of education in 2020, there are 197 million primary and secondary school students in our country, and the enrollment number is 49.61 million. According to the calculation that each student has at least 2 sets of 4 school uniforms, the demand for school uniforms in China is at least 400 million sets, and the school uniform industry has huge consumption potential and market. We will work together to promote the quality and safety of school uniform, and strengthen the quality and safety management of school uniform.
Peng, director of China fiber quality monitoring center, said in his speech that the quality monitoring of student clothing is a specific measure centering on the implementation of the guiding spirit of the series of documents on quality improvement and high quality development issued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and is an extension of the quality supervision of student clothing. China fiber quality monitoring center has been carrying out the quality monitoring of student clothing for seven consecutive years. Taking the management of the quality supervision department of the General Administration of China as the direction, China fiber quality monitoring center has made joint efforts from policy guidance, standard formulation, industry supervision, production management and other aspects to promote the high-quality development of student service industry.
Mr. Feng, chief engineer of Jiangsu market supervision and Administration Bureau, delivered a welcome speech. He extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests from all over the country. He said that the seminar was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, which not only provides a platform for exchanges and communication of school uniform products, but also provides opportunities for the development of school uniform industry in Jiangsu Province. Quality and safety is related to the physical and mental health of tens of millions of primary and secondary school students, so it is of great significance to pay attention to and strengthen the quality improvement and monitoring of school uniform products.
How to let the "small school uniform" play a big energy, do well in the school uniform this "article" is worthy of social attention. At the seminar, many experts interpreted the quality of school uniform, the prospect of school uniform industry and the aesthetics of school uniform.

Du Yanbing, Deputy Secretary General of China Garment Association and deputy director of school uniform industry research center In the speech of "development opportunities and challenges in subdivided fields", it was pointed out that China's clothing industry has entered a new period of important strategic opportunities. The development of school uniform industry and market scale have attracted the attention of all parties in the society. The consumption demand of school uniform from the basic quality and safety to the attention of beauty and comfort has been upgraded. Du Yanbing called for the industry to be untied from the price limit documents ten or twenty years ago, to build a transparent and fair market environment under the requirements of the "unified big market" document, so as to reduce the transaction costs of enterprises; At the same time, it is suggested that in view of the current situation of large regional differences, low industrial concentration and small enterprise scale, it is necessary to move towards large-scale and brand management, so as to effectively guarantee the upstream and downstream quality of school uniform production, edify students' spiritual temperament with aesthetic care, and reflect the educational significance of school uniform.

Wang Yang, director of the monitoring department of China Fiber Quality Monitoring Center "Introduction to the quality monitoring and analysis of student clothing products" was made for product quality. Firstly, it was affirmed that the safety index of school uniform and the adoption rate of GB / T 31888-2015 in China had been improved year by year since 2016, however, there were still differences in the branding and quality compliance rate of student clothing between the East and the West; Among them, small and micro enterprises accounted for more than 90% of the sample, and the product conformity rate was lower than that of large and medium-sized and brand enterprises. The demand was huge and the demand was unbalanced and diversified, and the supply level of school uniform was uneven. In view of the problems found in the above investigation, Wang Yang believes that school uniforms need to be designed according to local conditions from the aspects of raw materials, procurement, design, acceptance, etc.

Zhao Bin, director of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of fiber inspection Based on the actual situation of regional school uniform in Sichuan Province, the speech shared the four measures taken by Sichuan Province to build a school uniform quality co governance system, strengthen policy guarantee, strengthen supervision and management, strengthen driving guidance and strengthen quality service, The paper also introduces the institutional innovation of "opinions on Further Strengthening the management of school uniforms for primary and secondary school students" in Sichuan Province. The "combination boxing" mainly includes clarifying the "five party responsibilities", establishing a more democratic and more operational procurement process for school uniform selection, improving the school uniform suppliers who fail to meet the mandatory standards for two consecutive years to be listed in the "blacklist" We will carry out pilot projects of notarization and inspection.
Wang Ping, director of Ma'anshan Fiber Inspection Institute How to trace the quality and safety supervision of school uniform. Based on the two-dimensional code of Ma'anshan, the information of the student's identity card can be scanned through the platform.
Yi Xiaoming, Professor of Nanjing Normal University and deputy director of the aesthetic education Academic Committee of Chinese aesthetic society, has made great progress in quality control Besides the professional perspective, the school uniform should be viewed from the aesthetic point of view. A beautiful, appropriate, textured and cultural school uniform can not only give students the experience of beauty, but also bring a sense of identity and pride. Professor Yi proposed that the school uniform manufacturers should integrate the historical and cultural elements into the school uniform, highlight the traditional Chinese aesthetic culture, and show the Chinese color with more humanistic feelings on the Chinese school uniform, so that the school uniform worn by students every day can truly become a part of the school aesthetic education situation.

The conference also held a seminar on "school uniform quality improvement, monitoring and testing under the new situation", which discussed and drafted the working procedures for the quality monitoring of students' uniforms. As part of improving the quality management and monitoring system of school uniforms for primary and secondary school students, it is expected to be released and implemented in September this year.
This time, by "China fiber inspection" Magazine The "2022 national school uniform quality improvement and monitoring seminar" sponsored by China school uniform industry research center and co organized by China school uniform industry research center has effectively promoted the improvement of China's school uniform quality management level and monitoring ability, promoted the high-quality supply of school uniform industry, and effectively guaranteed the safety of school uniforms for primary and secondary school students and aesthetic education.

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