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Adidas Terrex X And Wander Outdoor Co Branding Series Focuses On Exploring The Connection Between Human And Nature

2022/10/28 16:15:00 398

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Mountain aesthetics of the unity of mountains and man and the unity of all things Terrex and wander, the representative of three mountain outdoor brands in Japan, launched joint brand series to encourage people to embrace the outdoors and feel the natural rhythm. This time, Adidas terrex X and Wander co name series, originated from both sides' love and understanding of nature and outdoor sports, blurred the boundary between urban roaming and outdoor exploration, and skillfully integrated urban trend with mountain outdoor. The co branding series combines avant-garde aesthetic concepts with practical functional elements, and this co branding contains the brand-new terrex Free hiker 2 and wander adidas TERREX XPLORIC and wander Cold.rdy outdoor Technology Down Jackets , as well as other hiking and outdoor standing items. Despite the rapid changes of the world, human love for exploring nature has always been the same. This autumn, in line with the innate instinct to explore nature, Adidas Terrex and Japanese functional pioneer outdoor brand and Wander worked hand in hand to launch the mountain aesthetics co branded series under the common vision of both sides for outdoor, leading outdoor enthusiasts to freely shuttle between the city and the mountains.

Adidas terrex X and wander co branded the iconic mountain aesthetic pattern, Japanese avant garde outdoor brand and wander was jointly signed by two Tokyo designers Keita Ikeuchi and mihoko Mori, founded in 2011, aims to inject more interesting fashion elements into outdoor clothing. They will be advanced latest fashion Combined with the actual needs of outdoor exploration and modern design methods, a series of single products are introduced, which can take into account both urban and outdoor scenes. Since its inception, Adidas Terrex has always focused on providing professional outdoor footwear and clothing equipment for consumers, aiming to help them achieve their personal goals outdoors and feel the charm of nature.

Yoshiko mori, co-founder of the co branded Series logo and wander, said: "Our inspiration came from a short film from the 1970s, which explored the relationship between man and nature, and inspired us to outline the concept and style of this season's series." "Although both sides brand The way of doing things is so different, but with the same enthusiasm for nature, this experience of cooperation is amazing. " "Like terrex, we are passionate about nature and outdoor experience, and this collaboration is about and The organic extension of wander's brand mission. "

"Adidas" is a perfect combination of the outdoor scenes of the mountain series Terrex not only has the advanced innovative ideas and technologies in the outdoor industry, but also the team has rich industry experience. We hope to make full use of these valuable assets in this cooperation, and also show the and to consumers Wander's own brand concept and love of the outdoors. " Terrex free hiker with new and upgraded appearance The 2andwander series of outdoor hiking shoes are eye-catching. With lightweight design, the shoes have excellent ground holding performance and can adapt to a variety of ground conditions; The use of boost technology can provide outstanding energy feedback and create a surging walking experience; Parley in shoe body Ocean plastic material is comfortable and breathable; What's more, the one-piece sock structure easily adapts to the foot shape changes in sports, helping you explore more outdoor corners.

Terrex free hiker 2andwander series Outdoor walking shoes In addition to terrex free hiker 2. In addition to the outdoor walking shoes, there is a functional jacket terrex xploric and wander Cold.rdy cold technology down jacket, the product is equipped with cold RDY technology insulation layer, warm the coming winter; The surface of down jacket is decorated with terrex × and Stand out from the crowd with a reflective print and detachable hood. The design of multiple pockets and the adjustable "careful machine" can be adjusted according to the body shape to cope with a variety of outdoor environments and scenes. The product also contains recycled materials, adhere to the environmental protection of the brand.

Terrex xploric and wander cold RDY cold proof technology down jacket Adidas terrex X and The wander pattern and reflective details also run through other pieces in this outdoor co branded collection: terrex outdoor cashmere jacket, terrex loose printed Unisex Hoodie and terrex garments covering the legs 。 In addition, the joint brand series also launched comfortable Merino wool walking socks, also equipped with cold.rdy cold technology, breathable and warm; Quilted winter outdoor fisherman's hat and lightweight aero RDY hiking backpack, a variety of product series, with multi-functional design, easy to meet your diverse outdoor needs.

Birgit, senior design director, Adidas terrex "Terrex has been committed to Design Both functional and forward-looking outdoor products help consumers better explore the outdoors, which is also just and The two founders of wander, keitai Ikeuchi and Sumiko Mori share a common vision. And wander, which is under the helm of them, has now become a leader in the ranks of global outdoor brands. adidas The core of terrex is functionality Wander hopes to reshape outdoor products and help hiking in creative ways, which is the original intention of promoting the cooperation between the two sides. From urban streets to outdoor trails, the co branded series is suitable for a variety of occasions, and it also implements the brand's environmental claims through more sustainable material solutions. " From November 1, 2022, Adidas Terex X and wander co branded series will be officially launched Adidas confirmed app, Adidas terrex tmall flagship store, Adidas App, Adidas official website, or go to some Adidas retail stores and Adidas terrex stores in various cities. Welcome to pay close attention to Adidas Terex small red book, microblog, wechat, video number, official accounts of twitter platform, to learn the latest information of Adidas terrex X and wander co branding series.

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