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The 7Th Canadian Apparel & Textile Fair Opens

2022/11/8 22:47:00 0

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Due to the epidemic situation, the apparel textile sourcing Canada (ATSC), which was held online in the past two years, has finally returned to Toronto to hold a physical exhibition this year. This is the seventh session of the exhibition, which will be held in Toronto Convention Center from November 7 to 9. Founded in 2016, the exhibition was hosted by China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, hosted by JPC company of the United States, and co organized by CAF and Canada Lantang international.

As the only specialized international textile and garment purchasing exhibition in Canada, more than 150 garment, fabric and home textile enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions, including China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam, participated in the exhibition. The physical exhibition, which has been separated from Canada for two years, has attracted more than 3000 pre registered purchasers, and the number of visitors is expected to exceed 2000 during the exhibition.

As the largest national exhibition group, China Pavilion has 60 offline exhibitors, including 59 mainland enterprises and 1 Taiwan Province enterprise. "China brand" brand area, Hubei exhibition area and Zhejiang exhibition area have been set up in China exhibition area. The "China brand" exhibition area aims to enhance the influence of Chinese high-quality clothing and textile brands in the Canadian market and make local consumers more familiar with Chinese brands. Ten Chinese brands, such as aparso, V ROC V, Bella fitness, rion sports, Tian Thai sports, evergreen, beyond garments, Mizuda, wanshen, Changshu garments town and other Chinese brands are fully prepared. The latest R & D and design products of Guochao design, zero carbon raw materials and three proofing fabrics are exhibited on the spot. It is believed that this exhibition can bring a refreshing experience to the professional buyers who come to the exhibition. In addition, 20 high-quality textile and clothing suppliers were displayed in Hubei exhibition area. They all attended the exhibition in the mode of "offline sample display and online trade negotiation". In addition to the participation of 20 enterprises in the exhibition, there are more than 20 enterprises participating in the exhibition.

The first consul general of commercial affairs of Canada in Toronto, Mr. kirvad, the first commercial counselor General of Canada in Toronto, the first commercial counselor of Canada's embassy in Toronto, India Sohail Raza dodhy, Secretary of Pakistan knitwear manufacturers and Exporters Association, and other guests attended the exhibition. Besides visiting the exhibition, guests from all over the world also fully exchanged views with the organizers on further relying on the Canadian exhibition to develop the Canadian market.

According to the data, from January to September 2022, China's textile and garment exports to Canada reached 3.852 billion US dollars, which fully shows that Chinese textile and garment enterprises are still actively seeking diversified channels to reach customers in the economic and trade situation of global economic tightening. A number of enterprise leaders said that in the context of the global epidemic, the exhibition is still one of the indispensable and efficient means for enterprises to enter the Canadian market.

The exhibition will also bring more than 10 professional speeches and forums for the industry, invite well-known industry experts to discuss the sustainable development, supply chain security, digital marketing and other hot topics of the textile and clothing industry, bring the world's most cutting-edge color and fabric trends for the Canadian textile and clothing market, and provide ideas and inspiration for the development of the industry.

After the exhibition, some of the exhibits of China Pavilion will be stationed in the permanent sample exhibition hall in Toronto. Welcome to visit and discuss cooperation.

Permanent sample Gallery address: unit 20-160 East Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, on, l4b 3j6, Canada

Contact information: ryan.wang@landtowninternational.com

ATS exhibition website: www.apprelttextilesourcing.com

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