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"Green Consumption" At The 5Th China International Import Expo

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Import Expo


In order to implement the national dual carbon development strategy, achieve the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and steadily promote the control of plastic pollution, the 5th China International Import Expo implements the concept of "green, environmental protection and sustainable" and actively creates a zero carbon Expo.

At the 5th China International Import Expo, the organizers comprehensively promoted the zero plastic standard. The outer packaging and handbag of cultural and creative products used degradable and recyclable materials, and the use of non degradable woven bags and plastic adhesive tape was also prohibited in logistics transportation packaging; Many exhibitors pay more attention to the promotion and implementation of green, circular and low-carbon concepts and technologies. Green new products, new technologies and new services can be seen everywhere.


   01. Promote "green consumption"

To achieve green and low-carbon development has become the consensus of enterprises participating in the Expo. In addition, many enterprises have begun to explore the path of green production.

  3M ™ Thinsulate ™ Cloud fiber thermal insulation material

Containing 80% recycled environmental protection materials

ICIF has always been a stage for 3m to enter the Chinese market to show its international innovation achievements. As the "veteran of the Five Dynasties", 3M, the world's leading diversified scientific and technological innovation enterprise, appeared in the 5th ICIF with all the cutting-edge innovative products of its four business divisions. Focusing on the exhibition theme of "science and technology enabling green future", it displayed a number of innovative products integrating recycling concept and enabling green future, and deeply interpreted 3M's brand concept of "science and technology improving life".


3M, the world's first 3M ™ Thinsulate ™ Cloud fiber thermal insulation material has the characteristics of high thermal insulation and lightweight, and contains up to 80% recycled environmental protection materials. It also adopts a new processing technology to optimize the product processing process, and reduce the carbon emissions in the product life cycle from the two-way approach of raw materials and energy. At the same time, the exhibition of sigo ™ Greener clean is made of 100% plant fiber and other recyclable materials, which not only has strong toughness and durability, but also greatly reduces the environmental footprint of the product.


In addition, 3M launched aura in the Chinese market during the Expo ™ 9321cn + particle protective mask.

"BBC fiber wadding paper" new product launch

App of Jinguang Group delivers the concept of "green cycle"

For five years in a row, golden light group launched its new product "BBC fiber wadding paper", which won everyone's attention. It is understood that this paper is extracted from natural materials, 100% compostable and can be biodegraded. At the same time, because of the special treatment, it can be used as a composite material into various biodegradable plastics to improve the physical strength and heat resistance of the products.

It is understood that the environmental protection and environmental protection goals of China will be further promoted by the environmental protection and environmental protection of China.


In addition to the first new products, the foopak bio natura biodegradable tableware and cup set, which attracted much attention in the past fairs, has also been continuously upgraded, which not only optimizes the technology, but also extends the life application scenarios, so as to build a green, safe and high-quality paper world in an all-round way.

Independent exhibition area for sustainable development

Canada geese show for the first time

At this fair, Canada goose, the first down jacket brand, specially set up an independent exhibition area for sustainable development, covering an area of 200 square meters and displaying more than 120 products. These include a number of products built on the promise of sustainable development.


King fleece wool fleece series is soft, comfortable and functional, suitable for wearing in different climate conditions and environments throughout the year; Humanature capsule series is a classic work of the brand trying to integrate more environmental friendly materials into coats, clothing and accessories products; Both the cypress and Crofton collections are made of sustainable fabrics, including 100% sustainable nylon, which is easy to store and carry.

New Gore-Tex products debut in the Expo

Reducing the carbon footprint and reducing the impact of the whole life cycle of products on the environment

At the 5th China International Import Expo, Adidas terrex xploric Gore-Tex hiking suit, which uses the new Gore-Tex film, was officially unveiled. This product is one of the first batch of new Gore-Tex products with innovative expanded polyethylene EPE film. It is an ideal equipment for outdoor explorers and environmental advocates, whether urban commuting or outdoor sports, Can be fearless of wind and rain.


This product is an important practice of the brand in sustainable development. Through the use of lightweight, thin and strong Gore-Tex film covering and mesh lining, the product has durable waterproof, windproof and breathable high-quality and durable performance, and the product does not contain PFC (perfluorinated compounds), which can reduce the carbon footprint and provide more lasting protection for the wearer, Reduce the impact of the whole life cycle of products on the environment, so as to achieve green low-carbon production mode and green consumption.

The Zara stand is constructed with recyclable lightweight structure

Help reduce carbon emissions

At this fair, Zara booth design shows originality. In 544 square meters of exhibition area, a huge magic cube is visible. All the new products are made up of high-definition display panels, and each of them can be recycled.


At present, Zara is achieving and promoting the goals set out in the "sustainable development roadmap", including that all the energy directly operated by the brand will come from renewable energy by 2022; Plastic will be completely eliminated in 2023; Achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

P & G "air capsule" world first show

Promote the recycling of packaging materials

At this Expo, P & G's newly upgraded "air capsule" ushered in the world's first show. It continued to innovate in materials, structure, size and other aspects to provide consumers with more excellent logistics experience and sustainable lifestyle.


According to reports, the newly upgraded "air capsule" uses 100% polyethylene material, so it does not have to go to the incineration plant after use, but can return to the recycling plant to make new plastic packaging or fillers. At present, the product has obtained the "double easy" (easy recycling, easy recycling) certification, and is the first express packaging product to obtain this certification in China.

  02. Unlock "green password"

It is an important mission to implement the national "double carbon" development strategy, adhere to the direction of "green, environmental protection and sustainable" and continuously create "Zero Carbon Expo". At this fair, the conferences, forums and various activities focusing on sustainable development were carried out in turn, which made the integration of green and low-carbon ideas throughout the exhibition and everywhere.

The 5th Hongqiao International Economic Forum held

On November 5, the 5th Hongqiao International Economic Forum, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of industry and information technology, was successfully held during the Expo. The Forum gathered representatives of government officials, international organizations, enterprise executives, experts and scholars to discuss how to practice corporate social responsibility, promote the sustainable development of industrial chain and maintain the security and stability of global industrial chain supply chain through "Online + offline" participation mode.


The forum released the Chinese version of 2022 report on sustainable development of China's industry and informatization, 2022 report on green and low carbon development of China's industry and informatization, Chinese version of net zero standard for scientific carbon emission reduction target enterprises, report on promoting sustainable development of industrial chain by practicing social responsibility cooperation in China's textile and garment industry, and "Electronic information industry social responsibility construction development report" and other professional reports.

"New energy, new infrastructure, new industry" alliance and Shanghai green low carbon city industry alliance established

On November 7, the "new energy, new infrastructure, new industry" Alliance (referred to as the "three new" alliance) and the establishment meeting of Shanghai green low carbon city industry alliance were held during the Expo.

It is a non-profit organization initiated by "new energy industry association" and "China new energy infrastructure construction group". The alliance focuses on the integrated development of "new energy, new infrastructure and new industry", and takes "energy + infrastructure + industry" as the link to gather the industry advantage industrial clusters, so as to gather the wisdom of the Alliance for the country, local government and various industries and contribute to the alliance.


Shanghai will seize the opportunity of low-carbon production and low-carbon technology, promote the development of new low-carbon technologies and low-carbon technologies in Shanghai, Efforts should be made to open up a new front of world-class green and low-carbon industries.

Annual sustainable development progress report issued by kedebao group

On November 8, the innovation and technology summit of kedebao group was held during the Expo. The summit focused on the sustainable development of the transportation industry, aiming to gather the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to jointly explore the target path of emission reduction and carbon reduction, and build a green and efficient ecological mode of the industrial chain.


On the spot of the summit, kodebol group made public its sustainable development strategy and roadmap for the first time, and released the annual sustainable development progress report. According to the report, the group will strive to become a climate neutral enterprise by 2045, and achieve carbon neutrality through four steps: emission reduction, electrification, green energy and carbon compensation. In China, kedebao's factories in Nantong, Shunde, Taicang, Chongqing and other places have also used innovative technologies to improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce carbon emissions to the greatest extent.

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