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Renewable Plant Based Biodegradable Polymer Solutions

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With Sorona ® The business is transferred to covation biomaterials, Ruixun biomaterials Co., Ltd. to become the world's leading biomaterial company providing bio based solutions. Sorona ® The design of the tag has been comprehensively updated and upgraded by the global team, including minor wording changes.

  SORONA ® The global team is committed to our brand value, and invites downstream customer partners to strengthen and adhere to the only genuine Sorona ® Hangtag, cooperation, help textile market more regular and orderly. The move is also aimed at curbing the current counterfeiting of Sorona ® The phenomenon that hangtag overflows in the market.


It should be noted that all soronas with DuPont brand name are available ® Tags, marketing materials and co branded tags will cease to be distributed after March 31, 2023, and will be discontinued from December 2023 and will no longer be recognized.

At the same time, sona ® "5 + 1" brand new hangtag image, officially meet with you!


Review Sorona ® The evolution of hangtag is also a witness to Sorona ® Growing step by step!


Online hangtag application system and process

New Sorona ® The application for hangtag has been launched on November 1, 2022. Original Sorona ® The certification fabric and tag application process remains unchanged. You can still visit cert.sorona Www.com.

The following documents are required for the application process

  1. SORONA ® Fabric certification certificate or material composition test email.

  2. SORONA ® Yarn purchase certificate / invoice.

  3. SORONA ® Tag use, brand contact person and product listing information.

The specific application steps are as follows:

Step 1: register users

Registered address: http://cert.sorona.com/Register

New user registration, Sorona ® The tag team will complete the audit within 1-2 working days and inform you of the audit results by email.

Step 2: apply for hang tag Online

1) online application

In the certification system, you can click my application to query the fabric you have completed the certification, and click the application tag to jump directly to Sorona ® Hang tag system to apply for tag.

  2)SORONA ® After approving your application, Sorona ® The tag team will review your application within 1-2 working days and inform you of the application result by email.

3) PI sending and payment after your application is passed, the professional business team of tag factory will review the order and send PI online within 1-2 working days. You pay according to the PI sent by the tag factory business team. If the payment is not made within 24 hours, the system will send an email notifying the payment.

4) after the receipt is uploaded and delivered, please upload it to the system. After receiving the invoice, the system will arrange the delivery within 5-7 working days.

* all processes are available in Sorona ® The tag system is used to query and trace online.


If you have any questions

Contact us at any time

Consult Sorona ® Tag information


  SORONA ® Will continue to help maintain the textile market order

Provide more convenient service for customers!

About us

  SORONA ® It is a breakthrough new bio based polymer solution with the core raw materials from plants that can grow repeatedly every year. SORONA ® It not only has the theme of sustainable development and environmental protection in line with the international trend, but also can bring a variety of functions to the fiber. With Sorona ® The "versatility" of fibers made from raw materials provides a wider range of design freedom for fabric and fashion designers!


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