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Intangible Cultural Heritage Office Of China Textile Federation: The Public Welfare Project Of Bobley Handicraft Designer Training Enters Jinbo

2022/11/11 0:00:00 0

Bobley; Craft Designer

In order to implement the important plan of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on promoting cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, and casting a new glory of socialist culture, the large-scale public welfare project of bobley craft designer training, jointly initiated by China Textile Industry Federation and China Women's development foundation and supported by bobley group, entered the 5th China International Import Expo. On November 6, 10 Miao, she and Yao students, dressed in ethnic costumes, became a beautiful scenic spot of the Expo, and the students' works in bobley booth attracted the attention of visitors.

Sun Huaibin, former vice president of China Textile Federation and one of China's top ten intangible cultural heritage figures, Jiang Weiwen, director of Shanghai Office of China Textile Federation, Lu Yin, deputy director of Intangible Cultural Heritage Office of China Textile Federation, Zhang Yunxin, President of bobley China region, Liu Wei, Ambassador of China textile intangible cultural heritage promotion, project public welfare ambassador and designer of Jinding award, Liu Yinfeng, executive vice president of Shanghai Textile Association, Professor of Donghua University Bian Xiangyang, curator of Shanghai textile and clothing Museum, Ren Wenwei, director of WWF and other leading guests, as well as 10 outstanding student representatives of Miao, she and Yao nationalities from the three phases of 2022 training attended the series of exchange activities.

As a representative of the project sponsor, sun Huaibin said in his speech that the fair is a high-end platform for the country to improve the level of opening up. Bobley Group actively participated in the fair and integrated the achievements of Arts and crafts designers' public welfare projects, which showed bobley's support and confidence in the employment of Chinese women and the cause of textile intangible cultural heritage. As a participant of the project in 2022, I feel that the docking of technology and design is in line with the needs of market-oriented development of textile intangible cultural heritage products. The public welfare action of the Expo is of great significance. I hope that the students can not only make use of the Expo platform to increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons, but also understand the market dynamics and demand in the process of exchange and learning, so as to open the way for the design and production of marketable intangible cultural heritage products, so as to help the high-quality development of traditional crafts and highlight the charm of Chinese culture.

In his speech, president Zhang Yunxin mentioned that in recent years, bobley group has been carrying on the tradition of being enthusiastic about public welfare in the Chinese market and actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. Since the implementation of the public welfare project of bobley handicraft designers training for one year, 60 female students of Miao, she and Yao ethnic groups have been trained, which has achieved good social repercussions, Bobley group will continue to fully support the implementation of the project to light up the dream of more female intangible cultural heritage artists and help them move forward.

At the scene of the event, president Zhang Yunxin and representatives of China Textile Industry Federation and China Women's development foundation jointly launched the 2023 activity plan of bobley craft designer training public welfare project. In the next two years, the project will continue to visit seven ethnic minorities, including Yi, Li, Tu, Mongolian, etc., and carry out training on design ability, aesthetic ability and skill upgrading for female practitioners with certain traditional skills of textile intangible cultural heritage. In addition to completing the goal of training 10 ethnic minority students within three years, the project will also carry out achievement transformation, exhibition, cultural popularization, etc Public welfare publicity and other series of activities continue to help Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and women entrepreneurship.

During the activity, Liu Wei, the public welfare ambassador and training instructor of the project, introduced the achievements of the three training sessions in the form of pictures, pictures and videos. What she was most gratified was that she saw the changes of the trainees and the obvious improvement of their design and aesthetic abilities through the student exchange Forum. Students are very excited to express their gratifying harvest when they talk about innovative attempts in product packaging, composition and color matching. Liu Wei encourages the students to break their inherent thinking, apply what they have learned and apply them flexibly. This is the original intention and direction of the "bobley arts and crafts designers training public welfare project".

At the event, 10 outstanding trainees dressed in national costumes displayed the textile intangible cultural heritage skills of Miao, she and Yao nationalities. The intangible cultural heritage transformation achievements on the spot were both artistic and practical, which narrowed the distance from modern fashion life and made the audience refreshing and unable to release their hands. When interacting with the audience, the trainees expressed their gratitude to the China Textile Industry Federation, the The high-level learning and exchange platform built by China Women's development foundation, bobley group and the project teaching team has seen many top-level designs of international brands, which has broadened our vision and increased our knowledge. We hope to translate what we have seen, heard and learned into practice, so as to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of national traditional handicrafts, The intangible cultural heritage will light up the dream of rural development.

(source: Intangible Cultural Heritage Office of China Textile Federation)

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