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Hot Discussion On Industrial Upgrading: Accelerating The Transformation Of High-End, Digital And Green Industries

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   In order to implement the notice of the State Council on a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy, promote the implementation of the three product strategy of the textile and garment industry, accelerate the transformation of high-end, digital and green industries, boost confidence in the development of the industry, and promote the high-quality development of the textile industry, The Ministry of industry and information technology has decided to carry out "2022 textile and clothing" series activities of "optimizing supply and promoting upgrading" in the textile and garment industry from October to December.
   China Textile Industry Federation has selected 34 high-level and high-quality industrial activities around the theme of "optimizing supply and promoting upgrading", Strive to promote the high-quality development of the industry from the following five aspects: "Strengthen the cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, maintain the toughness and stability of the supply system; organize the docking and exchange within the industry to promote industrial upgrading and product upgrading; promote the intelligent and green development, accelerate the application of new technology and new equipment; enhance the creative design ability of enterprises, enhance the leading role of brand consumption; carry out characteristic product promotion activities to expand textile and clothing consumption".
   The special column of "excellent supply promotes upgrading" will be set up in this journal, which will deeply report the relevant practices of industrial enterprises and track the positive role of these boutique activities in promoting the upgrading of textile and garment industry.

   The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to organically combine the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand with deepening the structural reform of the supply side with the theme of promoting high-quality development. This provides guidelines for the textile industry to consolidate the leading position of the dominant industry and deeply integrate into the new pattern of dual cycle development.
   On November 17, 2022 China textile fashion brand innovation and development forum was held in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. As one of the series of 2022 textile and garment activities "optimizing supply and promoting upgrading" jointly carried out by the Ministry of industry and information technology and China Textile Industry Federation and the heavyweight composition of the fifth world cloth merchants conference in 2022, this forum focuses on the theme of "brand innovation, consumption upgrading and breakthrough development", analyzes the environment of industrial development, looks forward to the direction of scientific and technological innovation, and insight into the logic of fashion trends, This paper discusses the essence of green transformation and explores the road of industrial upgrading in the era of digital economy. The award ceremony of "ten categories of innovative textile products in 2022" was held at the meeting, and the selected products were displayed at Keqiao Textile Expo "2022 Keqiao fashion design exhibition".
   Sun Ruizhe, President of the International Federation of textile manufacturers and President of the China Textile Industry Federation, Cao Xuejun, first-class inspector of the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Xia Lingmin, Secretary General of the China Textile Industry Federation, Qiao Yanjin, director of the productivity promotion department and director of the China Textile Information Center, and Li Binhong, director of the national textile product development center, Zhu Xiaohong, President of China Household Textile Industry Association, Li Bo, deputy director of China Textile Information Center, Qi Mei, vice president of China Fashion Color Association, Chen Lihua, deputy secretary of Keqiao District Committee of Shaoxing City, attended the forum. Chen Baojian, chief engineer of national textile product development center, presided over the meeting.
   High quality development of "three products" strategy enabling industry
   In the past 30 years, Keqiao has risen from "riverside cloth Street" to "global" international textile capital. In his speech, Chen Lihua said that it was Keqiao, known as "a city supported by cloth", which has been deeply cultivated in textile industry for a long time, successfully ranked among the top ten regions of China's comprehensive strength. Taking this forum as a new starting point, Keqiao district will focus on building "fabric trading center, fashion innovation center, and material science and technology center", promote the fashion, digitization and greening of textile industry, lead the global textile fashion creative trend, and promote new development by opening up, activate new kinetic energy by digitization, build a new highland with innovation, and continuously optimize the fashion industry ecology, Consolidate the position of the world's first professional market and compose a new future of digital textile city.
   Xia Lingmin pointed out in his speech that the "three products" special action of consumer goods industry has attracted the active participation of textile and garment enterprises for many years, which has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of enterprises to increase the supply of medium and high-end consumer goods. China Textile Federation has thoroughly implemented the requirements of 2022 textile and clothing "optimizing supply and promoting upgrading". It has selected more than 30 activities from nearly 100 activities to be held by CFA and its member units in the near future, covering five major sectors of "stable supply, technical equipment upgrading, product upgrading, brand upgrading and consumption upgrading". "Cultivation and promotion of ten categories of innovative textile products" is one of them. He said that the series of activities are aimed at promoting the linkage between production and sales, the interaction between production and consumption, accelerating the cultivation of new growth points, and promoting the effective improvement of quality and reasonable growth of quantity in the industry.
   Cao Xuejun delivered a speech at the meeting. She pointed out that since the launch of the "three products" special action of consumer goods industry in 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology, together with various localities and industry organizations, has made great efforts to promote the textile industry to improve its R & D and design capabilities, and to build an industrial ecology for the coordinated development of the industrial chain, which has provided clear innovation guidance and platform support for improving the effective supply capacity and supply system quality of the industry. The textile industry should take the opportunity of studying and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as an opportunity to deepen the implementation of the "three products" strategy, reconstruct competitive advantages through digital innovation, enable brand development through cultural innovation, and lead low-carbon consumption through green innovation, and contribute industry wisdom and strength to meet the needs of people's better life and realize Chinese style modernization.
   Fashion brand's innovation
   Since 2017, "ten categories of textile innovative products cultivation and promotion special work" has explored and promoted many industry innovation models. In this activity, pioneer representatives of the selected enterprises in 2022 were invited to share their experiences.
   Focusing on the main channel, focusing on the main brand, bosden has been making continuous efforts in the middle and high-end market in recent years to reshape its brand power, channel power and product force, and now it has developed into a Chinese brand leading the global down wear market. Mr. Wang Chenhua, vice president of bosden Co., Ltd., said in his speech "brand leading: the road of innovation of fashion functional clothing", being in China, the most dynamic and resilient market in the world, is the biggest dividend of the times for China's brand innovation and development. In the face of consumption expansion and upgrading in the field of fashion functional clothing, bosden aims at down jacket, a high prosperity track in the functional field of fashion clothing. It has continued to deepen its cultivation from four aspects: brand leading, product leading, retail "breaking circle" and digital intelligence management, focusing on making a down jacket to the extreme and consolidating the foundation of brand development.
   Yuan Qiong, vice president of winner fashion group, shared her insight into fashion trends of women's clothing brands. She pointed out that the global women's wear consumer market is gradually out of the impact of the epidemic. In 2021, the year-on-year growth rate of the women's clothing market has reached 19.3%, and the recovery has accelerated significantly, leading the global clothing market. Under the guidance of "she" power and under the influence of new trends, new concepts and new technologies, women's wear consumption has shown great inclusiveness. While breaking the stereotype, women's wear consumption emphasizes diversified styles and conveys a good attitude towards life.
   Pan Na, general manager of Boyang Seven Star Co., Ltd. of Ningbo Boyang Home Textile Group Co., Ltd., combined with the context of cultural innovation and brand cooperation cases, brought the sharing of "cultural innovation of home textile brand leads to high-end consumption". She said that Boyang home textile not only selects the world's top raw materials, draws design inspiration from all over the world, but also solicits high-quality partners around the world, which promotes the leapfrog development of new products and adds brand cultural connotation and details. In the future, the brand will continue to deepen the development of high-end luxury products, committed to leading high-end consumption with cultural innovation and creating products with a sense of social responsibility.
   Green materials lead low carbon transformation from the source
   In the changing situation full of challenges, the innovation path of enterprises not only focuses on the improvement of their own R & D strength, but also the innovation promotion starting from the source of industrial chain.
   In August this year, Jiangsu Baijiali New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was selected into the fourth batch of national specialized and special new "small giant enterprises". Zuo Hongyun, chairman of the board of directors, made a multi-dimensional analysis on the feasible path and innovation scheme of brand upgrading in the speech of "activating brand driven innovation: the innovation and upgrading road of industrial brand". He said that in recent years, the state has attached great importance to guiding small and medium-sized enterprises to develop in a "specialized, refined, special and new" way. For enterprises, brand innovation should not only focus on applied research, but also pay more attention to basic research. It should also enhance the cultural connotation of cultivation as a whole. By practicing the development concept of "science and technology, green and fashion", the world can find the beauty of Chinese textile.
   Dai Fuqiang, senior commercial director of China Textile Business Department of Lanjing group and general manager of Lanjing fiber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., made a detailed analysis on the sustainable practice of Lanjing group for a long time, focusing on decarbonization, circular economy, raw material safety and water resources management. With sustainability and functional benefits, zero carbon Tencel, he said ™ Fiber is recognized by the market and consumers. In the first three quarters of 2022, 35 brands have been launched, including zero carbon Tencel ™ Fiber products. He said that green and low-carbon development has become a global consensus. Under the "3060" carbon peak carbon neutral target, Lanjing group will continue to work with industrial chain partners, uphold the determination of zero carbon, jointly create green fashion and embrace green life.
   Duan Yujing, chairman of China Science and Technology Co., Ltd., shared the topic of "industrial collaboration: new material innovation helps brand development". Focusing on the self-developed "sycore-tex" lightweight thermal insulation material, she mainly shared the characteristics, application scope, technological innovation, development prospects and competitive advantages of the material. She said that sycore-tex material has seven characteristics, such as intelligent temperature memory function, high pressure resistance (shrinkage) performance, light and soft, windproof and warm keeping, easy to clean and manage, easy to sew, and multi adaptability. It has overturned the current situation of heavy cotton padded clothes and down coats occupying the winter clothing market, and created a comfortable experience of intelligent clothing of "light clothes, thin clothes, spring clothes and winter wear".
   178 selected innovative products
   Since the "ten categories of innovative textile products cultivation and promotion of special work" was carried out, through enterprise participation, association selection, central media publicity, e-commerce promotion, the development and supply capacity of scientific, functional and fashion textile and clothing new products has been increasingly enhanced, effectively promoting and meeting the market consumption demand.
   This year, in order to further promote the textile industry to "increase varieties, improve quality and create brands", guide enterprises to pay attention to product innovation, serve enterprises to open up markets, promote the in-depth implementation of the "three products" strategy of digital empowerment, cultivate and promote the work of fashion and creative products, intangible cultural heritage innovative products, digital technology products, consumer scene innovative products, comfortable function products, etc Sports functional products, easy care products, safety protection products, health and health products, ecological and environmental protection products were launched.  
   The selection work mainly focused on clothing, home textile and industrial end consumer goods, mainly from the design innovation, technology innovation, quality innovation, market innovation, ecological innovation and other dimensions. Finally, 178 products won the title of "top ten categories of textile innovative products in 2022". The selected product collection showed the strong innovation power, vitality and strength of China's textile industry. At the meeting, sun Ruizhe, Qiao Yanjin, Li Binhong, Zhu Xiaohong and Li Bo jointly presented awards to the selected enterprises.  
   Those who work hard are the first and the innovators are strong. This forum focuses on innovation and development, and provides suggestions and suggestions for promoting the in-depth implementation of the "three products" strategy of textile and clothing, and opening up multiple Innovation Paths for creating a better life for the people. In the new journey towards the second centenary goal, the industry will accelerate the construction of a modern textile economic system and contribute to the modernization of China.
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