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Korean Fashion Brand We11done 2023 Spring And Summer Series Design

2022/11/24 0:27:00 0


We11done, a popular fashion brand from Seoul, South Korea, recently released its own spring and summer 2023 series, which is slightly different from the previous season in style and more "fashionable".

Inspired by the famous Manet's paintings, the spring and summer 2023 series extracts the essence of classical art with the contemporary taste popular in the fashion industry. It combines the 19th century "playboy style" clothing cutting and the romance of pleated skirt dresses with the punk style of we11done. The pure white MANET flowers, leopard print, and Red lace and other elements echo Manet's beautiful paintings.

There are also silk ribbon skirt, balloon shaped hem sleeve, silhouette stitched leather sleeve motorcycle jacket, oversize asymmetric tassel drape dress, draped leather "dumpling" shoes, and foldable handbag, etc. in addition, interesting clothing silhouettes are created through a series of pleated fabrics.

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