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Fashion Contest: "Gift Clothing Huaxia" Global Hanfu Model Contest Was Successfully Held In The Northeast Division

2023/2/22 18:00:00 2

HanfuModel Contest

"Chinese Etiquette State for a Thousand Years, Splendid Clothing Collection." In order to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, on February 18, the fourth "Chinese Etiquette" Global Hanfu Model Competition Northeast Final was successfully held in Jilin Provincial Cultural Museum.

The contestants wore beautiful Han suits, with gentle posture and amazing talent, which fully demonstrated the beauty of Chinese costumes and brought a wonderful visual feast to the audience. After fierce competition, eight outstanding players, namely Xiaoshui, Yiyun, Lanxiuer, Cao Fangyuan, Gou Eating People, Zhizhi, Chishao and Xiyao, will participate in the national finals in Guangdong on behalf of the Northeast Division.

Let the Chinese aesthetic lead the fashion of the runway, and let the Chinese clothing culture return to the public's vision. "Costume Huaxia" Global Hanfu Model Competition is the most influential Hanfu competition in China at present, and this "Costume Huaxia" is also the first time to open the Northeast Competition Area.

The final of the 2022 "Ritual Costume China" Global Hanfu Model Contest in Northeast China was hosted by Jilin Provincial Cultural Center and Jilin Youth Huafu Association, and received strong support from Hanfu Tongpao, Hanfu enthusiast groups and Hanfu related enterprises in the three northeastern provinces.

The 36 contestants in the final of the "Costume Huaxia" Northeast Regional Competition were all outstanding contestants selected by Jilin Province and Liaoning Province, representing the level of Han costume models in Northeast China, as well as the good mental outlook of Han costume youth in the new era.

The final is composed of three parts, namely, the walk show of the selected dynasty style, the walk show of the selected theme, and the talent show of the Han style clothes. The players wearing different Han style clothes step onto the stage in turn, or wear high hats and hats, or praise clothes, or be elegant and smart, or dignified and grand. Finally, through multiple assessments of etiquette, form, typhoon, makeup, etc., the performance was wonderful and perfect. Xiaoshui won the championship, Yiyun and Lanxiuer won the runner up, and Cao Fangyuan, the melon eaters, and Zhizhi won the runner up. Kong Ming and Lin won the Best Image Award, Shizizhou and Wenzhu won the Best Stage Performance Award, Haoting and Mengmeng won the Best Cultural Heritage Award, Chishao and Xiyao won the Best Talent Award, and Leng Lan and Nuan Nuan won the Best Popularity Award.

In addition, the whole competition was also broadcast live on the network, showing the charm of Changchun in an all-round way in the form of online and offline combination, helping the construction of Changchun Creative Culture City. (Jin Xun)

(Source: Xinhuanet)

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