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The New Series Of ASTLEY NEON Skateboard Shoes Of The Cutting-Edge Skateboard Brand Odd CIRKUS Are Officially Launched!

2023/4/13 14:05:00 38

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All kinds of human beings in modern society, dressed in costumes representing all kinds of officials, shuttle through the jungle like steel cities, like a circus with various roles, while many free souls under the mask still follow the wind with their original intentions. The odd continues the skateboarding spirit of the 1960s CIRKUS was born from this wild adventure. The streamlined logo comes from the skateboard props, and the unique skull pattern symbolizes the free soul under each mask, wearing all kinds of clothes and walking through all kinds of scenes, but also adhering to the spirit of flying steeds.   

With the Footwear design Design team with more than 25 years of experience, odd CIRKUS combines 7 trendy employees from Tokyo and Taiwan in different fields such as design, manufacturing and skateboarding, and shares the common belief that "employees are ingenious and work hard". Odd always adheres to the spirit of traditional craftsmanship, and each product is dedicated to the foot sense revolution of shoe experience. It observes the 100 day trial wear experience of more than 300 professional skaters, and creates an odd for skateboarding CIRKUS raw rubber canvas skateboard shoes. As a skateboard street brand, odd CIRKUS adheres to the original design and traditional vulcanized shoe manufacturing process, in addition to the innovative use of materials, and strengthens every detail related to skateboards. With the continuous testing of skaters, odd products are more and more suitable for skateboarding and urban life.  

Not only is it pure in the "shoe" system, but also in the shoe making process, ODD also pays attention to the feelings of each individual. Each pair of odds CIRKUS skateboard shoes all come from vulcanized shoes with more than 40 years of experience Shoemaking Experienced Taiwanese production and R&D units make every pair of skateboard shoes with ingenuity. Constantly focused on and tried to develop more novel and comfortable materials, creating PRO SERIES-ASTLEY PRO and SEESAW CVO are two classic shoes. Astley co branded with VISION STREET WEAR Many color matching styles in the Special series are more successful and popular. Shoes series landed in buyers' stores in China, Japan, South Korea and other places.   


Returning to the skateboard shoe itself again, Odd has created a new skateboard shoe ASTLEY in the continuous research and development and progress The NEON series, with six color combinations, will be launched at 20:00 on April 13. On the basis of profound craftsmanship, create a raw rubber skateboard shoe with skateboard professionalism and wearability attributes - racing neon street, enjoy NEON PARTY。   

The high-density top layer cow reverse fur shoe head and heel mudguard plate are spliced with the super wear-resistant military canvas shoe body to sew solid pearl light and extend the life of the shoe. The natural rubber sole is spliced with tire grade rubber and matched with hexagonal honeycomb pattern to enhance the traction and wear resistance of the sole.

Three layers of rubber fence wrap, side curve decoration and side logo support the overall shoe shape, and the upper cover design, closely wrap in all directions, and fit the foot shape.

Upgraded PU perfusion insole provides good support, cushioning and rebound for every movement. Combined with the printed logo fabric material, it is dry, breathable, antibacterial and odor resistant. odd Made by CIRKUS, it pays attention to comfort and foot feeling while focusing on modeling and professionalism.   

It is worth mentioning that the heel logo of the whole ASTLEY NEON series of shoes has adopted the luminous technology effect, which points to the name of the shoe series and is highly recognizable.

23 S/S clothing series is released synchronously as odd CIRKUS's first clothing The series adopts the basic classic style, which reflects the street style with high weight fabrics and wide patterns. The color matching and styling style of Japanese continue the brand's skateboard DNA, creating an odd CIRKUS's adventurism.

Interested fans can go to the WeChat official account: odd CIRKUS to learn more.

Distribution channel:

First sale at 20:00 on April 12


20:00, April 13

Tmall: ODdCIRKUS flagship store

Dithering: ODdCIRKUS flagship store of sports shoes and clothing

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