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Fashion Trend: Reference For Adolescent Fashion Design

2023/4/17 15:26:00 180

Teenager Clothes

The dark subversive theme and more sophisticated design drive the development of youth trend this season.

Color Autumn/Winter/Sweet Pink/

#SweetPink's sweet pink color has evolved into # GenderInclusive gender inclusive color, adding youth and vitality to categories from casual tannins to high-class evening dresses and dresses, and interpreting the theme of # RedefiningMasculinity reshaping masculinity.

Stine Goya  

Autumn and Winter Sunshine Yellow/

#SunnyYellow and eye-catching # WinterBrights winter bright colors continue to be popular, bringing the seasonal color theme to boost the mood. This colorway is very versatile, suitable for # Leather leather and knits.


Autumn and Winter Colorful green/

All kinds of green can be seen everywhere, including quiet healing green, deep emerald, bright # AstroGreens astronomical green. Promote gender inclusive green.


Autumn and Winter /Neutral/

#Neutrals neutral color is becoming more and more important for young consumers because it is both versatile and classic. It can be used to simplify the whole body color modeling, or break the visual effect of # WinterBrights winter bright colors.


Prints and patterns

Autumn and Winter Animal charm/

#AnimalMagic animal charm printing is still an important theme, especially the animals related to # ParkLife Park life and # TheGreatOutdoors outdoor time. Burberry combines ducks and swans with bold prints and graphics# Y2K millennium style butterfly continues to be popular.


Autumn and Winter Surrealism/

Consumers are moving towards an era of multiple crises with anxiety. Designers combine surrealist prints and patterns in their designs to create an anti utopian style. To deal with the photo printing design of the body and face in a distorted way, the wrong image texture printing is also the key.


Autumn and Winter Abstract camouflage/

The abstract interpretation makes the design different from the traditional camouflage printing, and the inspiration comes from the # NaturesTexture natural texture that matches the theme of swamp wetland printing. This # GenderInclusive gender inclusive print is seasonal and can be used to update the # Utility utility look.


Autumn and Winter Dark romance/

In line with the subversive trends such as # Gothlite Light Gothic, which has increased in development momentum, romantic flowers have a bit more dark feeling# FlashFlorals and # StencilledBlooms screen flowers are designed with dark background color, injected with rich colors such as # PurpleHaze purple fog.


Autumn and Winter Checker pattern/

Checkers are very attractive patterns in the market, from # WinterBrights' personalized large size patterns with bright colors in winter to # ArtfulChecks' artistic patterns used to update # NotSoClassic's classic innovation. Attracting young consumers with vibrant color matching.


Tannin Autumn and Winter Straight skirt/

Designers prefer the # Modest conservative long version. Wave splicing, deconstruction of details and burrs are used to inject new ideas into the design. It's reminiscent of # 90sMinimalistThe extremely simple version of the 90s is still the key.

Alessandra Rich  

Autumn and Winter Raw edge/

Deconstructed tannins use # RawEdge raw edge details to create geometry and stitching design. We emphasized in the charming texture theme that raw edges can enrich the surface texture effect and enhance # AgedAppeal's old look charm.

Philipp Plein  

Autumn and Winter Tannin with tannin/

#The # MatchingSets set with DenimOnDenim tannins and tannins is still popular. For the young men's market, the main styles such as tannin jacket and wide leg pants can be updated with ultra light pickling effect or broken stripes, which confirms our irregular effect theme.


Autumn and Winter Wide leg pants/

Although a more slim version appeared on the runway, # WideLegTrouser wide leg pants continued to dominate the market. The bag shaped low waist style is emphasized, which is consistent with # 90sGrunge's grubby rock style in the 1990s.


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