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Local Policy: Qingyuan Honored The "Eight Rules For Textile And Garment Industry" And Many Enterprises Won Relocation Awards And Subsidies

2023/5/17 2:47:00 0


In order to speed up the orderly transfer of industries, in February this year, our city officially issued the "Eight Rules for Qingyuan Textile and Clothing Industry" policy, including incentives for supporting enterprises' investment in fixed assets and rent free subsidies for supporting enterprises' relocation. Among them, the enterprise relocation subsidy is used to reward textile and clothing enterprises and their upstream and downstream enterprises registered in the Guangqing Textile and Clothing Industry Orderly Transfer Park. Recently, a number of enterprises passed the support award review and received relocation awards.

Zhong Guoying, Director of Qingyuan Production Headquarters of Guangdong Xifeng Garments Co., Ltd.: We have enjoyed the original registration policy of the park and it is in place. For example, the employee subsidies and relocation subsidies have been paid, which was 50000 yuan in the early stage. I am very satisfied. This is really satisfied, which is better than expected.

Xifeng Garment is the first company to start construction since the establishment of Guangqing Textile and Garment Industry Orderly Transfer Park, and also one of the three enterprises that won the relocation award of "Qingyuan Textile and Garment Industry Eight Rules". It is mainly engaged in garment production. At present, more than 50 sets of equipment have been put into production, and the order has been scheduled until June.

Zhong Guoying, Director of Qingyuan Production Headquarters of Guangdong Xifeng Garments Co., Ltd.: The orders are doubled compared with the previous years, and the production capacity is nearly doubled now.

Zhong Guoying said that the company plans to further expand production, and the number of workers is expected to reach 120-150 by the end of the year.

Zhong Guoying, Director of Qingyuan Production Headquarters of Guangdong Xifeng Garments Co., Ltd.: We have nearly 80 workers now, and we may have 120 to 150 workers in December. The government publicity is in place. Now many people know that it is good to find a job and a good environment here. There is a distance between here and Guangzhou. Considering the recruitment and consignment, the direct transportation has been solved.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, since the issuance and implementation of the "Eight Rules of Qingyuan Textile and Garment Industry", it has received the attention and recognition of textile and garment enterprises both inside and outside the province. A number of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain responded to the policy transfer and settled in our city for development, and actively applied for support and rewards. Among them, the first batch and the second batch of enterprises applying for relocation subsidy policy were 2 and 1 respectively, each of which received 50000 yuan of subsidy, and a total of 150000 yuan of bonus was cashed in.

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