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Market Dynamics: Cotton Textile Enterprises Are Busy With Production And Riveting To Catch Up With Orders

2023/5/17 3:07:00 0

Order; Cotton Spinning

"Our current order has been placed until July, and the main products are sold to Nantong, Foshan, Guangzhou, Jinjiang, Fujian, and Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang," said Chen Zhiqin, general manager of Hutubi Wanwei Textile Co., Ltd. In May, Fongcaohu Farm Hutubi County Wanwei Textile Co., Ltd. started the "rush" mode. It worked hard to catch up with orders, seize every minute to catch up with construction and expand production capacity. Each production line was fully powered, and workers were processing and producing in a tight and orderly manner, presenting a hot production scene everywhere.

Workers work overtime

After entering the warehouse of Hutubi Wanwei Textile Co., Ltd. in Fangcaohu Farm, piles of cotton yarn were transported to trucks with the help of forklifts, and then workers stacked bags of cotton yarn neatly. This batch of more than 30 tons of cotton yarn will be transported to Jiangsu to be produced into clothes. In the production workshop, rows of spinning machines roared, the spindles rotated at high speed, and the workers skillfully operated the equipment. Cleaning, drawing and spinning were a busy scene in full swing. The person in charge of the enterprise told us that the monthly production capacity is now about 145 tons. As the quality of cotton yarn is guaranteed and trusted by mainland customers, the cotton yarn produced every month can basically be sold out. Now the company's orders have been scheduled to July, and workers are working overtime to catch up with orders.

Workers work hard to catch up with orders

If the company has more orders, the production task will be heavier and the wages of workers will be higher. Yimamu Yusen and his wife are migrant workers from South Xinjiang. They have been working in the enterprise for half a year, and they have earned thousands of yuan each month. In one month, they earn 10000 yuan, which makes them energetic and confident in life.

It is understood that in 2023, with the continuous growth of domestic sales and export orders in the textile industry, the demand of the cotton yarn industry is strong. In order to meet the growing demand for orders, the enterprise plans to expand its production scale in the second half of the year, strengthen management, optimize processes in all aspects, increase scientific and technological investment, and strive to build a small giant enterprise with "expertise, specialty, and novelty", To provide our customers with the best quality products and services, and drive more people to work in Fangcaohu Farm.

The workers are loading the truck

Chen Zhiqin, the general manager of Hutubi Wanwei Textile Co., Ltd., said: "In the second half of the year, we may need to increase the investment to about 100 million, plus the plant construction to about 150 million, by which time the number of new migrant workers will reach about 150." (Fangcaohu Farm)

(Source: Xinhuanet)

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