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Shanxi Jingwei Chemical Fiber Machinery: Refinement Is Still The Key To Success

2023/5/18 15:53:00 103

Shanxi Jingwei Chemical Fiber Machinery Co.Ltd

   Innovation is more than new equipment demand
   In 2022, Shanxi Jingwei Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. will face more complicated business conditions and social events than in previous years. It is gratifying that employees have burst out more tenacious forces on their respective fronts, realizing the healthy development of the enterprise.
   The performance of Shanxi Jingwei Chemical Fiber Machinery in 2022 increased by 45% compared with that in 2021, which was mainly driven by the performance of new fiber material pilot test equipment, thanks to the system attempt of rotating supervisor of the technical department from the beginning of 2022. Wang Kun, the general manager of the enterprise, said that the new rotating supervisor had adopted more aggressive policies and mobilized more enthusiasm, so that customers' technical needs were more timely and proactive support, which further promoted the formation of orders. In the case of extremely abnormal overall market, the performance breakthrough was completed against the trend.
   At present, the enterprise is promoting carbon fiber melt blown large production plant, water-soluble fiber pilot plant, aramid fiber 1414 mass production spinning plant and ceramic fiber pilot plant, which have made major breakthroughs, leading the international advanced level. The next step will actively promote the large-scale delivery of corresponding equipment, help the enterprise to regain lost time, and achieve greater breakthroughs and development.
   The big customer era of "strong and strong" in the chemical fiber market, which has gradually formed since 2018, is still an irresistible trend in the future. How to make products better is the key to success for textile machinery enterprises in the future. Jingwei always adheres to the business philosophy of continuous R&D and innovation. Faced with the arrival of the era of chemical fiber process and scientific and technological change, enterprises will focus more on serving customers' new equipment needs, support the development of China's chemical industry unchanged for 70 years, and make due efforts for China to move from a big chemical fiber country to a strong chemical fiber country.
   In 2023, Jingwei Chemical Fiber Machinery Association will try to do two things well. First, the growth of the R&D team and the further improvement of R&D capability. Continue to increase R&D investment around the key parts and devices of the "choke" that customers urgently need to break through, and provide good equipment and customer service. The second is to focus on "Jingwei", a century old brand of textile machinery, to do a good job in mining the enterprise's history and spirit, to find the future path from the past experience, to explore the future of the industry with the development of the enterprise, and to carry forward the "Chinese Dream" of generations of chemical fiber people in R&D and innovation.
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